"Secret Man" Platonov: a summary of the story

Andrei Platonov - author, who is an acknowledged master of Russian literature in the word.In this article, we will tell you about the work "Secret Man" Platonov.Summary acquaint you with this story.It was published in 1928.The story came out a separate edition ("Secret Man" Platonov).Summary of the work described in the following events.

Summary: Start events

Thomas Pukhov, the protagonist, was not gifted with sensitivity.For example, he cut boiled sausage on the coffin of his wife, as hungry because of lack of hostess.Namayalis after her burial Puchov put to bed.Someone pounding on his door.This watchman office of his boss, who brings the hero permit to clean the snow from the tracks.Pukhov station signs in this order - try not Prove time!

Pukhov clears the way from snowdrifts

Together with other workers, who serve two locomotives pulling a snowblower, the protagonist begins to clear the way from the snow drifts to the Red Army armored trains and the trains could pass.The 60 miles of this

place is the front.Snowplow on one snowdrifts dramatically slows down.Breaking the head, falling workers.Death is broken assistant engineer.Ambient operating cavalry detachment of Cossacks, ordering them to bring snow removing and locomotives on the station occupied by whites.Arrived at the place of the red train was shooting Cossacks, mired in the snow, and relieve comrades.

Camping station Liski

They rest on the station Liski three days.Pukhov on the wall of the barracks reads announcement that the Southern Front, in the technical part is being set mechanics.It offers Zvorychnomu, my friend, go to the south, explaining what to do in the snow removing already nothing: approaching spring.It will be a revolution, but workers will have no choice.Disagrees Zvorychny because they do not want to leave his wife and son.

The protagonist is sent to the Crimea

Pukhov a week along with five locksmiths sent to Novorossiysk.Three ships red equip troops, consisting of 500 people, the rear Wrangel in the Crimea.Pukhov sent to the boat called "Shan", it serves the steam engine.Troopers impenetrable night passes through the Strait of Kerch, but ships from the storm to lose each other.Raging elements prevents ashore Crimea.People are forced to return to the city of Novorossiysk.

Life Novorossiysk

Here comes the news that the Red Army took Simferopol.Pukhov spends four months in the city as a senior electrician framework related to the Azov-Black Sea Shipping Company.The lack of work he misses: small ships arrive, and the main character is engaged primarily in accounting reports of breakages mechanisms.He often walks around the neighborhood, enjoying nature.The main character, recalling the deceased spouse, sad, buried in the ground, heated his breath, his face.She wets her reluctantly few drops of tears Pukhov - "hidden people" Platonov.Summary of the story allows only a passing mention of his state of mind.

Pukhov in Baku, a meeting with a ballpoint

continue our story.Andrei Platonov writes further that after a while Pukhov leaves the city of Novorossiysk, but not sent home, and to Baku in order to walk along the shore of the Caspian Sea, and then the Volga to the homeland.In Baku, he meets with a ball, a sailor, to establish the Caspian Shipping Company.The man offered him a trip to the city of Tsaritsyn to attract qualified in Baku proletariat.Once there, the protagonist shows some mechanics, met him at the offices of the plant, the mandate Sharikova.This person reads it, and then, having greased with saliva, the paper sticks to the fence - an interesting detail that introduces Andrei Platonov."Secret Man" Pukhov looks at a piece of paper, and drives a nail to the wind tore the paper.After that he went to the station, where the train sets.Pukhov asking passengers where they were going.Small voice of one man is responsible, that they too do not know."Rides, and we with him," - he says.

Living at home

Pukhov returns to his homeland, settled in the house Zvorychnogo, worked as a secretary of the cell workshop, and is here on a hydraulic press mechanic.He goes to live a week to his apartment, which is called "right of way" as Pooh is boring.The protagonist often goes to visit his friend and tells him Zvorychnomu different stories about the Black Sea - to drink tea is not nothing.Thomas, returning home, recalls that human habitation is called a hotbed.He complains that his house is not like the center, neither the fire nor the women.Very interesting thoughts of the protagonist, who created Platonov ("The Hidden Man").An analysis of them, unfortunately, is not the subject of this article.However, the transformation he undergoes as a result, we will continue to describe briefly.

Failed idea Pukhov

White approached the city.Gathered in groups, defending workers.Heavy fire shelled the city train was white.Thomas proposes to organize multiple platforms of sand in order to put them on the train to the slope.But they fly to pieces, without causing him any harm.Workers rushed to the attack, fall under machine-gun fire.Two Red Army armored trains in the morning come to the aid of the workers: the city is saved.

After these events disassembled cell: instead of whether Pukhov traitor?Or maybe he came up with this stupid venture because it is simply silly man?At that we decided to do.Thomas Pukhov aggravates the work in the shop - sadness, not weight.Remembering the ball, he wrote that letter.

Pukhov again in Baku

The answer comes in a month.Comrade invites him to work in Baku in oil mines.Thomas goes there, is an engineer on one of the engines, is pumped into the storage unit of the oil wells.As time goes by, the protagonist becomes good.He regrets only one thing: that the aged a bit and there is no longer in his soul something desperate as it was before.

Awareness Thomas Pukhov

Once the main character, whose life story tells us Platonov "Secret Man" went to fish in Baku.He spent the night at a friend Sharikova to which brother returned from captivity.Suddenly awakened sympathy for the people in his heart suddenly brightens Pukhov.He walks with pleasure, feeling a kinship to your body all the other bodies, the luxuries of life, and the fury of nature, daring, and incredible action, and in silence.Gradually, the protagonist realizes about the painful and important: in people, in a revolutionary courage moved desperate nature.Soul foreign land reserves Pukhov, and he feels the familiar warmth of the motherland as if from unnecessary wife he returned to his mother.The heat and light of strained over the outside world, is gradually transformed into a human force.Meet the engineer, he says, "Good morning!"He says, "quite revolutionary."

Thus ends the "Secret Man" Platonov.Summary introduces the reader to major events only.After reading the original work, you are more familiar with the main character and better understand why Platonov against him use so unusual definition - "the hidden man."The heroes of the story are very interesting.Their characters deserve more detailed consideration.