Read and comprehend intelligent statements about people, life and love

catch phrase, they are also aphorisms - short sayings usually have preachy or a paradoxical character and expressing a custom view of the world, people, human relations, the system of moral values.Often they are served in the allegorical manner and require some mental effort to understand.And another feature of aphorisms - irony.Reading them, we are not only immersed in deep thought, and smile, and even hard to suppress explicit laugh.

life Aesthetics Paul Valery

first ruler of the minds, whose some clever sayings we analyze - Paul Valery.It is recognized as the king of French Symbolism, whose elegant poetry to elect judges of beauty and musicality of syllables was a real aesthetic pleasure.

His original smart remarks picked up by on-the-fly and gladly repeated secular wit.In a society that valued developed mind, intellectual ability and education, often quoted these words: "The boredom has no face."Understand they can be different.For example, what a boring person - colorless, monotonous, insipi

d.Or that wit does not depend on the origin of the title, and not always inherent in the powers that be.

label, smart sayings poet often run counter to conventional wisdom.In contrast to the proverb says: "Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are" - Valerie noticed that you can not judge a man by his entourage.For Judas it was perfect, and he became cursed for centuries traitor.

many clever sayings fields connected with art, creativity.And he claimed their artist's right to independence and freedom from the declaration on independence of the assessment and perception of art.That there is only a pointed remark that some works created by its audience, ietheir authors adapt to the needs and tastes of the crowd, while others do this audience is formed, ie,create a cultural background and public opinion.

poet Saadi

What is interesting at all clever sayings of great men: in whatever era a man may live, his words, not only will survive the very identity, but many subsequent generations.And step beyond the boundaries of time and space.

So wonderful Persian sage, philosopher and poet Saadi traveled on native east in the 12th century.As a connoisseur of human souls, he warned his contemporaries: Conversations with people in accordance with their mind!This brings to mind the biblical saying that stupid to throw pearls before swine.This means that before a man should not be narrow-minded, immature, limited to indulge in thoughts of high and reasoning.You not only do not understand, but most find it silly!But clever sayings of great men, spoken in front equal to appreciate and make the subject interesting intellectual conversation.Such talk, no doubt, will take great pleasure to everyone who takes part in it.

faithful and profound remark Saadi left of the essence of things.He said that if the dirt and dust to throw a gem, the value of his, he will not lose even when you are in the gutter.But the dust, if it be raised to heaven, will remain only dust.Such a comparison is applicable to humans.Sometimes a person can be of low birth, but with an innate intelligence and nobility.A high-ranking officials, alas, sometimes deprived of the nature of both that and another.But the dust will be the one who by chance has ascended to the heights of power, not conforming with this provision.

practical instructions Hans Sachs

Those who are interested in interpersonal relationships, who are suffering from a lack of understanding with his partner, will be useful statements of smart people on this theme, and the first German poet and playwright of the 16th century, Hans Sachs.

crooked and grouchy wives he urges husbands to be affectionate and attentive.And then the husband is also very soon become tame.But husbands do not relax - and they need to educate their life partner, for only "good wife - fun" and decorating the family hearth.

Being a staunch opponent of perversion of Christian doctrine, ridiculed Sacks in his aphorisms priests turned the religious shrines and temples in the objects of buying and selling and profit.And now the actual sound of his bold statements about the greedy crowd of churchmen and that even a monk willing to deceive the people and enrich themselves at the expense of Christ.

sacrament of love

Rabindranath Tagore, an outstanding figure of 19-20 centuries of Indian culture, is known far beyond the borders of his homeland.His clever sayings about love and life constitute the moral and ethical code of the modern person.

In contrast, sexual promiscuity and permissiveness, he repeatedly stressed that only through abstinence can observe fidelity in love.But it was through this sacrifice, and the knowledge of the hidden beauty of real feelings.And I love itself Tagore divided into two types.Sublime, "floating in the sky," warms our souls.But more significant one that like and invisible, manifesting itself in the daily affairs and household details.But it was she who fills the warmth and peace of a family home.

And Indian poet rightly argued that people at a glance, poluvzglyada then understand each other, when their hearts are filled with love and fight in anticipation of the meeting.

Poetry lives

beauty of life, harmony of God's world sings in his works of our compatriot Ivan Turgenev.Many of the lines from his poems in prose, stories and novels went on quote.He did not separate poetry as the art of life.On the other hand, he argued that the rustling grass under his feet, the wonderful fragrance of flowers, piercing blue sky - all manifestations of beauty and life.And exactly where is the beauty of life, and true poetry is born.