Life and Work of feta.

great Russian lyric poet Fet was born on December 5, 1820.But biographers have questioned not only the exact date of his birth.Mysterious facts of their true origin of feta tortured until his death.In addition to the absence of the father as such, it was not clear and the situation is with this name.All of this surrounds the life and work of some mystery feta.

Parents feta

Officially, the Russian nobleman Athanasius Neofitovich Shenshin being treated in the German city of Darmstadt, lived in the house oberkrigskomissara Karl Becker.Some time later, a retired army officer's daughter is interested in house owner, 22-year-old Charlotte.However, Charlotte at that time was already unfree and was married with a small German officer Karl Fett, who also lived in the house Becker.

spite of these circumstances, and even the presence of his daughter Charlotte Fet, tied a whirlwind romance.Feelings were so strong in love, Charlotte decides to escape with Shenshin in Russia.In the fall of 1820, Charlotte, l

eaving her husband and daughter, leaving Germany.

protracted divorce mother

Essay on the life and work of feta is not possible without the story of the relationship of the parents.Already in Russia, Charlotte dreams of an official divorce from Charles Fet.But divorce in those days was quite a long process.Some biographers say that because of this wedding ceremony between Shenshin and Charlotte came two years after the birth of the little Athanasius, their common son.According to one version Shenshin allegedly bribed the priest to give the boy his name.

Perhaps this fact influenced the whole life of the poet.Violations of this kind in the Russian Empire were treated quite harshly.However, all sources confirm the wedding Shenshin and Charlotte, who later took the name Elizabeth Shenshin.

Of the nobility in poor

acquainted with the biography of the lyrics, inadvertently pose the question that affected the life and work of feta.Every detail is difficult to know the details.But the major milestones we are quite accessible.Small Athanasius to 14 years considered myself hereditary Russian nobleman.But then, thanks to the hard work of magistrates secret the child's origin was revealed.In 1834 it was Done investigation of the case, which resulted in the decision of the provincial government Orlovsky future poet was deprived of the right to be called Shenshin.

clear that immediately began ridicule recent comrades that the boy experienced a rather painful.Partly it was the development of mental illness feta, followed him to the death.But much more important was the fact that in this situation he had not only the right to inheritance, but in general, according to the documents submitted by the archives of the time, was a person without the confirmed nationality.At one point a hereditary Russian nobleman with a rich heritage has become a beggar, no one except the mother, not the right person without a surname and Russian citizenship.The loss was so great that he thought the event Fet disfigure his life to the deathbed.

alien Fet

can imagine, that was held by the poet's mother, begging judges pettifoggers have at least some reference about the origin of his son.But all was in vain.The woman went the other way.

remember their German roots, she appealed to the mercy of his former German husband.History is silent as Helena Petrovna achieved the desired result.But he was.Relatives sent official confirmation that Athanasius is the son of Fet.

So therefore there was at least a name, life and work of feta given a new impetus to the development.However, in all the circulars he still continued to be called "alien Fet".The natural conclusion from this was the complete disinheritance.Because now a foreigner had nothing to do with the noble Shenshin.That's when they took possession of the idea by any means to regain the lost Russian name and title.

first steps in poetry

Athanasius entered the Moscow University in the Faculty of Literature and it is in the forms of university still - "alien Fet".There, he met the future poet and critic Apollon Grigoryev.Historians believe that the life and work of feta changed at this moment: it is believed that Gregory opened his poetic gift Athanasius.

soon published the first book feta - "Lyrical Pantheon".The poet wrote it while he was still a university student.Readers appreciated gift boys - they were all the same, to which the author belongs to the estate.Even harsh critic Belinsky repeatedly emphasized in his articles poetic talent of the young lyrics.Reviews Belinsky, in fact, served as a kind of Fet pass to the world of Russian poetry.

Athanasius was printed in various publications and in a few years, has prepared a new collection of lyric.


However, the joy of creativity could not cure the sick soul feta.The idea of ​​its true origin haunted young man.He was ready to do anything to prove it.In the name of the great goal Fet immediately after graduation to join the military, hoping to earn the nobility in the army.It enters service in one of the provincial regiments, located in the province of Kherson.And as soon as the first success - it receives an Fet Russian citizenship.

But poetic activity does not end, he still keeps a lot of writing and publishing.After some time, the provincial part of army life makes itself felt: the life and work of feta (verses he wrote less and less) is becoming murkier and uninteresting.Link to poetry weakens.

Fet in personal correspondence begins to complain to friends of the hardships of his current existence.Besides, judging by some of the letters, he is in financial difficulties.Therefore, even ready for a marriage of convenience, just to get rid of this oppressive physically and morally deplorable situation.

Translations into Petersburg

were pretty dismal life and work of feta.Briefly outlining the main event, we note that the poet soldier pulled the strap of a long eight years.Just before the receipt of the first in his life officer rank Fet learn about special decree, which raises the level of seniority and the army ranks for noble rank.In other words, the nobility now provides only the person who received the higher rank of officer than had feta.This news completely demoralized poet.He knew that it was unlikely this had risen to the rank.Life and work feta again redrawn for the grace of someone else.

women with whom it would be possible to link their lives on the calculation, as there was on the horizon.Fet continued to serve increasingly falling into depression.

However, luck finally smiled poet: he managed to transfer to the Life Guard Lancers, who lodged near St. Petersburg.This event happened in 1853 and surprisingly coincided with a change in society's attitude toward poetry.Some decline in interest in the literature indicated in the mid-1840s, has passed.

Now that Nekrasov became the chief editor of the journal "Contemporary" and gathered under its wing elite of Russian literature, the time has clearly facilitated the development of any creative thought.Finally I saw the light for a long time to write a second collection of poems Feta, which has forgotten the poet himself.


poetic verses printed in the book, impressed the judges of poetry.Soon such well-known literary critics of the time as VP Botkin AV Druzhinin, about the works left quite flattering.Moreover, under pressure from Fet Turgenev they help to release a new book.

In fact, it was all the same previously written poems in 1850.In 1856, after the release of a new compilation, again changed the life and work of feta.Briefly speaking, the poet Nekrasov himself noticed.Quite a few flattering words about Athanasius Fet was written is the master of Russian literature.Inspired by such high praise poet develops rough activity.It is printed in almost all literary journals, which undoubtedly contributed to some improvement in the financial situation.

romantic infatuation

gradually filled with the light of life and work of feta.Most importantly his desire - getting a title of nobility - was soon to be realized.But once the imperial edict to raise the bar once again getting the hereditary nobility.Now, to gain the coveted rank, had been promoted to colonel.The poet realized that continue to pull on the strap he hated military service is simply useless.

But how often it happens, a person can not take in everything.While still in the Ukraine, Fet was invited to the reception to your friends Brzhevskim and neighboring estate met the girl who was then a long time did not come out of his head.It was a gifted musician Elena Lazic, whose talent impressed even the famous composer Franz Liszt, then toured around Ukraine.

As it turned out, Elena was a passionate admirer of poetry Feta, and he, in turn, was struck by the girl's musical abilities.Of course, without the romance is impossible to imagine the life and work feta.Summary of his novel with Lazic fits in one sentence: young people felt affection for each other.However, Fet very weary of their financial distress and can not be solved on the serious developments.The poet tries to explain their problems Lazic, but she, like all the girls in this situation is poorly understood his anguish.Fet plain text tells Elena that the wedding will be.

tragic death of his beloved

After that he tries not to see his girlfriend.Leaving St. Petersburg, Athanasius understands that is doomed to eternal spiritual loneliness.According to some historians studying his life and work, Athanasius Fet too pragmatic wrote to friends about marriage, about love and about Elena Lazic.Most likely, romantic Fet simply carried away by Helen not going to burden a more serious relationship.

In 1850, while visiting the same Brzhevskih, he does not dare to go to a neighboring estate to dot the «i».Later Fet very sorry about this.The fact that Helen died tragically soon.History is silent as to whether her terrible death by suicide or not.But the fact remains that she was burned alive in the estate.

Fet himself learned about it, when once again visited his friends.It's so shocked him that the end of life the poet was blamed himself for the death of Elena.He was tormented by the fact that he could not find the right words to reassure her and explain her behavior.After the death of Lazic was a lot of rumors, but no one has ever proved the involvement of feta to this sad event.

Marriage of

rightly judged that military service is unlikely to achieve its goal - a title of nobility, Fet take a long vacation.Taking with him all the accumulated fees, the poet aspires to travel across Europe.In 1857 in Paris, he suddenly marries Maria Petrovna Botkin, daughter of a wealthy tea merchant, who, among other things, was the sister of the literary critic B. Botkin.Apparently, it was the same marriage of convenience, which for so long dreamed of a poet.Contemporaries often asked about the reasons for marriage feta, to which he replied eloquent silence.

In 1858 Fet arrives in Moscow.He was again overwhelmed by the thought of the paucity of finance.Apparently, the dowry of his wife did not fully meet its requirements.The poet wrote a lot, a lot of print.Often the number of works does not correspond to their quality.This notice and close friends, and literary criticism.Seriously I lost interest in the works of feta and the public.


Around the same time, away from the metropolitan bustle of Leo Tolstoy.Axial in Yasnaya Polyana, he tries to regain inspiration.Probably Fet decided to follow his example and settle on his estate in Stepanovka.It is sometimes said that there are over life and work of feta.Interesting facts, however, were found in this period.Unlike Tolstoy, who really has found a second wind in the province, more Fet crosses literature.He is now keen on the estate and the economy.

should be noted that as a landowner he really found himself.After a while Fet increase their ownership by buying a few neighboring estates.

Athanasius Shenshin

In 1863 the poet publishes a small collection of lyric.Even though small circulation it remained unsold.But neighboring landowners appreciated feta entirely different quality.About 11 years he has held elective office magistrate.

Life and Works of Athanasius Fet Afanasevicha subordinated were the only goal, to which he came with remarkable tenacity, - the restoration of its rights of the nobility.In 1873 he published a royal decree, which puts an end to forty years of ordeals poet.It is fully restored in the rights and legalized as a nobleman with the name Shenshin.Athanasius Afanasievich wife recognized that he did not want to say aloud the name Fet hated him.