"Tapёr": a summary of the spiritual story

Alexander Kuprin in 1900 wrote a story "Tapёr."Summary of the work will allow the reader to save time and get acquainted with the story in five minutes.

acquaintance with characters works: Sisters Rudnev

Story "Tapёr", a summary of which you are reading, begins with an introduction to family Rudnev.First of all, Tina - 12-year-old girl, the daughter of the house owner.

girl ran into the room where the maids dressed her sisters.Tina was very nervous, wanted Christmas meeting went well.She shared her concern with her sisters, telling them that there tapёra.

older sister, who had respectfully named Lydia Arkadyevna was, on the contrary, too quiet.She made the remark Tina, saying that she did not burst into the room like this.

Then Tina asked his second sister Tanya to go with her to help prepare for the celebration.After an hour had already lit the Christmas tree.

Next we learn about her younger sister Katya.She and Tina together with their peers before being locked in the nursery and did not

allow the device tree.But this year, for the first time Tina was involved in magic being prepared, which is why she was so worried - wanted everything to work out.

Father, mother

Family Rudnev was big and noisy.The girls were brothers.For children constantly came friends, so the house was always fun.But this joy is not shared by the children's mother, Irina A..She was married to the princess, and had a name Oznobishin.Woman kichilas his noble birth and rarely left the room, thinking it below their dignity to talk to the noisy crowd.She communicated only with the same noble and "petrified" descendants of the ancient labor.All this we learn from the story "Tapёr."Summary of the work introduces the reader and with the head of the family.

Despite his aristocratic woman jealous of her husband, and this she could be the cause.Though Arkady Nikolayevich was already over 50, but the man was different light character and a special charm.He was a patron of the art of ballet, the player is often lost in the English club.When he returned home after winning, he called friends, friends of their children on rides out of town.

A Friend Rudnev ever there were children in their house.Therefore, the buffet is never locked, because any who came would want to have a meal at an odd hour.Sometimes the children asked the cook to cook something delicious, and he did not immediately, but agreed.All gathered together at the table often.Usually someone has already dined, and somebody just came for morning tea.Here is a fun and a bit chaotic atmosphere in this charming house.

Not surprisingly, it was planned to celebrate Christmas a big friendly company.Papa children was the main adviser and friend.When the older kids did not know what to give them to a friend Cole Radomski, his father said - a cigarette case.He engaged in the head of the family and musical accompaniment evenings.On summary also tells the story "Tapёr."


action story takes place approximately in 1885.Arkady Nikolaevich usually invited into the house for the holidays Orchestra Ryabov.This year, however, due to misunderstandings, I do not have time - the musicians were already occupied.Other orchestras too, could not find.

That's why Tina tried to find out about tapёre, find out who will play the piano at the feast?But the housekeeper Olympics Savichna, valet Luke found a justification as to why not invited musician, a maid DUNYASHA swore that he did not hear what is to come tapёr.Summary of the story tells about further developments.


Tanya's sister Tina, respected, sent Duniasha searching fortepyanschika (tapёra), and by this time the guests began to arrive.They came two large families - Maslowski and Lykov, and other guests arrived, and the musician did not come.

But Luke went to Tatyana Arkadyevna and asked her to go to the front.Tatiana saw a Dunya and some small figure.Dunya began to whisper in the ear of the hostess, so she did not scold her, she was never able to find a musician, found here only this Maltz and even did not know exactly whether he knows how to play.

Tatiana at a glance how the boy is poor, proud and shy.He was ugly, with delicate features, seemingly he was 11 or 12 years.But the boy said he was 14. He is confident that he can play and has considerable experience.

talented child

Lydia tried to tease pianist, sarcastically asking whether he knows how to play a polka, quadrille, Lance, but Tanya asked her in French, she ceased to behave.Fits interesting point summary of the story "Tapёr."Kuprin further says that Tina was on the side of Tatiana, she resolutely took the boy by the hand and led him into the hall.Guests began to wonder, but soon gave way to astonishment emotion.Once a child's fingers touched the keys, poured unusually beautiful sounds, he applauded.

Arkady Nikolaevich praised the boy, whose name was Yuri Azagarov and asked to play "Faust", the sound of this march lit Christmas tree.Then Yura played polka, waltz.At this time the owner of the house talking to some important lord.Turns out, it was Anton Rubinstein - a talented composer.He became a teacher of the Jura Azagarova.

This ends the story, which was written by Alexander Kuprin - "Tapёr."Summary of works to help the reader quickly learn their story and make an impression on them.