Female figure in the novel "A Hero of Our Time": an essay

work of the great Russian writer and poet Mikhail Lermontov left a significant mark in the history of world literature.The study he created in the poems and novels of the images included in the planned review, not only for students but also for students of many universities."Women's image in the novel" A Hero of Our Time "" - is the theme of one of the essays for high school students.

Lermontov - the poet or novelist

inner creative world of the writer is so versatile that you can not exactly say what genre was his typical.There was a lyrical works, there is a romantic, there is heavy dramatic opuses associated with his participation in the fighting in the Caucasus.

It is worth noting that Lermontov was yet more poet than novelist.Because of his short, though, but rather a productive creative life, he wrote hundreds of poems.But prose - quite a bit of that, of course, it makes it even more attractive to readers.

women and honor

interesting fact that Lermontov, despite some dramatic of his wor

ks, was able to write out a surprisingly subtle in their tender and timid, and sometimes - of bold girls.Female figure in the novel "A Hero of Our Time", for example - it is the nature of not one but several girls, and they are all very different.

In essays and memoirs of contemporaries, the poet loved women, in fact, inspired them to create their works.The anxious attitude towards women was emphasized especially in matters of honor.One wrong word uttered against even unknown lady could cause a duel.Lermontov was very hot-tempered, but easily appeased meanwhile than are often used his friends, to somehow to reason with the poet during the next conflict.But duel still occurred.One of them resulted in the death of the poet.

Woman - muse

But women were not the only reason for the quarrels of the poet with the world.They are endowed his creative powers to create new works.Therefore, all the female characters described by Lermontov, very harmonious in nature.Female figure in the novel "A Hero of Our Time" - not an accident, and not a whim Lermontov.It can rightly be said that none of the problems that (and this time) can not do without the participation of representatives of the fair sex.

Savage Bela

If we talk about what a female character in the novel "A Hero of Our Time", the first thing to be understood that this definition of prefabs.Heroine of the novel were three girls - Bella, Princess Mary and Vera.The most curious thing is that the images are written very carefully and identity, taking into account the origin of women, education and even nationality.

Bela - a young native of the Caucasus.She was struck by the main character of Pechorin its spontaneity and innocence.Some savage nature of women is consistent with the traditions of her homeland.And the savagery it seems only enlightened ST Petersburg residents.Bela honest and straightforward.

Pechorin real pleasure to fight for it.According to him, in Bela has everything so lacking experienced socialite.However, once Petchorin seeking love, he realizes that some deceived in their expectations.It turns out that the immediacy and singularity too bored.Having desired, the protagonist finds love savage, in principle no different from the love of women he knew.However, this approach is characteristic of the personality Pechorin.His is quickly disappointed in everything and look for new sensations.So, the first female character in the novel "A Hero of Our Time" - Bela - is firmness, honesty, integrity maiden soul.

Princess Mary

quite a different image of Princess Mary looks Ligovskaia.Even before he met with the girl Petchorin heard about it quite ironic statements other characters in the novel - Grushnitsky.In general, they came to a certain neglect of the provincial society of Pyatigorsk.World's smallest county town laugh Pechorin.But he accepts the rules of the local high society to have fun once intrigue, this time with the princess.

Actually, the next female character in the novel "A Hero of Our Time" - Mary - is a young, well-educated, and slightly frivolous coquette lady.Above all, the princess is sure that the society in which it is located, the most that neither is a higher and noble.And therefore should adhere to laws enacted by it.

This can not but cause irony Grushnitsky and Pechorin.They were both drawn into the intrigue to win the hearts of Mary.However, Pechorin is another fun, but not so on Grushnitski.In addition to the main character visit LIGOVSKY - it is an occasion to see another heroine of the novel - Faith.


This is perhaps the main female character in the novel "A Hero of Our Time".Faith - a young woman, a relative of the princess of her husband, who also happens to LIGOVSKY.Earlier Petchorin her tied close relationships.

That faith was able to understand Pechorin, accept it without reservations as it really is.Pechorin can not forget her.A chance meeting her, he realizes that he still had feelings.But, describing the female image in the novel "A Hero of Our Time" (an essay can not do without a presentation of the contents), one should not forget about the selfishness of the protagonist, which is manifested in relation to the Faith, has successfully married to a rich man.If in the case of Bela and Mary Pechorin just having fun, the affair with Vera piqued his pride.He can not accept the fact that it, as it seems, belongs to another woman.

Male selfishness Petchorin

What is it - the main female character in the novel "A Hero of Our Time"?Summary relationship with Faith Pechorin can pass a few words.The lady did not immediately understand the true aspirations of Pechorin and calmly explained to him as a friend, that her marriage - it is a commercial transaction is necessary to secure the future of her son.

Pechorin own good faith and candor to escalate the situation.He has a special attentions Mary hoping to cause jealousy in the hearts of the ladies.He succeeds.Faith in despair.She understands that old feeling again overwhelm her.But she has a husband, to whom she is devoted to her.Pechorin understands the situation and genuinely enjoys his power over her.

moral purity of faith

Eventually Vera decides to confess everything to her husband.She tells him about her past relationship with Pechorin and again inflame feelings.Without thinking, the husband decides to departure.Pechorin rushes in pursuit, but he fired in vain.He weeps with feelings of loss and evil selfishness.

«Female image in the novel" A Hero of Our Time "," - a complex composition.It is necessary to compare all three heroines, to evaluate them.The image of the Faith issued Lermontov most carefully.Here there is a vice, and jealousy, and moral purity at the same time.For Pechorin - is, by his own definition, the ideal woman.But faith relationship with Pechorin - a moral and spiritual dead end.However, she has the courage to tell the husband to tell all and leave, leaving the protagonist alone to deal with the fruits of their intrigues and selfishness.