Yevgeny Nosov.

Yevgeny Nosov - Soviet Russian writer.Today works Yevgeny Nosov children included in the study curriculum.Although for them, he did not write.However, thanks to the clear and simple language, all his novels and short stories are easy to read and adults, and children.The author of many famous works was Yevgeny Nosov.His biography, we can say very difficult and heroic.However, it should not be confused with his namesake and children's writer Nikolai Nikolaevich Nosov known on the works of Dunno.

Yevgeny Nosov.Biography

Yevgeny Nosov born January 15, 1925 in the Kursk region in the village of Tolmachevo.This village perched not far from the river Tuskar, ducts of the Diet, it was the bell tower and the park of lime trees.Nosov had spent all childhood in his grandfather's house in a large peasant family.His father was a hereditary craftsman, and a large part of his life he worked as a mechanic at the mechanical plant of the city of Kursk.

In 1933, Eugene went to study in Kursk secondary school, but

there are only completed 8 classes since the war began.As soon as the Germans took the city, he and his mother and younger sister moved back to her grandmother in Tolmachevo.


autumn 1943 Yevgeny Nosov became the Red Army.One and a half years, he fought at the forefront as part of an artillery battery, and destroyed many enemy tanks and other military equipment.Fighting the way of the brave defender went through Bryansk, Minsk, Mogilev, Bobruisk, Warsaw.Private Nosov was awarded numerous honorary military orders and medals.

At the end of winter before the victory Nosov was wounded at Konigsberg.And the great victory he met in the hospital in Serpukhov.In June 1945, he was discharged for disability.

But the joy of meeting with the relatives changed their heavy post-war devastation and famine.Eugene's father was in the war and lost the ability to work so hard to getting any money for the family.Yevgeny Nosov catch up and in one year has passed all school exams.Following his future wife, ended the Soviet Trade College, the direction they go in the Kazakh city of Taldykorgan.

Happy case

It was there that his fortune has turned up in a local newspaper "Semerichenskaya truth" needed a graphic designer and he's having a good talent to paint, I got the position.A year later he married.And then it went to the duties of the special correspondent, and he began to travel around to different cities on business and write news articles on industry, trade and transport.

In 1951 he again returned to Kursk Yevgeny Nosov.His biography begins a new round here, he becomes an employee of the newspaper "Young Guard" and head of the department of youth and Komsomol life.

in 1957 is already beginning to seriously engage in literary works.But for this work he needed more time, he again returned to the position of the designer.And he began to write short stories, which were published in periodicals.Now Yevgeny Nosov - the writer, and in 1958 he released his first book "On the fishing trail."Then Kursk literary association was decided to send him to Leningrad in the All-Russian seminar where leaders of the group, headed by Vsevolod Rozhdestvensky, very much appreciated the young writer and his work, so he was recommended to the Union of Soviet Writers.

finished Higher literary courses, during which lasted from 1961 to 1963, Yevgeny Nosov has professionally engaged in literary work.Works Yevgeny Nosov replenished such works as "Where the sun wakes up", "Beach", "In the open field behind the village", "bridge", "Noise meadow fescue," "Red wine of victory", "My Qomolangma", "Usvyaty sculpin"" Selected Works "in 2 volumes and a lot of others.

literary critic Yevgeny Nosov writer villagers thought.But the true admirers of his literature was found in his works not only a description of peasant life and nature, but also the philosophical understanding of life of people and the role of the Fatherland in their lives.

experience and skills, as well as the breadth of his interests is very natural, rich and varied.He artistically free and easy life as a painting village, factory and city, as well as very realistic describes the retreat of the army in 1941, and climbing the Great Patriotic War the entire Russian people.

Yevgeny Nosov.Biography and the beginning of creativity

In his story "Usvyaty sculpin" Nosov very powerfully describes the burden of the war and the Nazi invasion, fell on the entire Soviet people, together with his men, old men, women and children.

He ponders why a nation so long to remember the war, but because the pain was insidious and ruthless enemy, and it is very much to act on the mass consciousness.Epic panorama at the end of the story raises the spirit, when the clouds float in the sky above the village, and columns mobilized move to the assembly points."Usvyaty, Stawski, Nikolsky, hamlet, men go!" And there is no end of these columns, so vosprjala Russia, so Russian go to defend their native land, their loved ones.

Awards for literary works

for the book "Noise meadow fescue" Yevgeny Nosov 1975 received the State Prize of the RSFSR.Gorky.In the stories in 1996 he was awarded the International Literary Prize.Mikhail Sholokhov, 2001 - Prize.Solzhenitsyn.

In 1990, Yevgeny Ivanovich Nosov presented the title of Hero of Socialist Labor.In 1984 and 1990 he was awarded the Order of Lenin in 1975, orders "Red Banner of Labor" in 1971 was awarded the Order "Badge of Honor".

That's how he lived his life difficult Yevgeny Nosov.His biography is similar to the biographies of many prominent people of that time who knew what war is and how many innocent lives it has claimed that the survivors were able to live and work in their native land.All that they know is not hearsay and therefore used to complete your chance to live.


Yevgeny Nosov, whose biography is so rich, was one of the most respected writers in the Soviet Union.That he is a strict and gloomy looks askance at all (it had an effect memories of the war and the frontline wound), he is kind and cordial.And that fills the souls of relatives and friends.But the most amazing he got when told something and it just fascinated listeners.There's always been a different writer Yevgeny Nosov.Bilayer graphene his life was interrupted in 2002 by 77 year of life.