Odintsov image in the novel "Fathers and Sons": table

image Odintsov in the novel "Fathers and Sons" openly plays a supporting role.He appears in the story, in order to set off the spiritual qualities of the protagonist.Bazarov, faced with its cold beauty and a sharp mind, multiplied by education, this combination is affected.Eugene sees it as a sample of perfect female beauty and falls in love blindly.However, for the most Odintsov protagonist only person capable of it "take" and help "not to miss".

Generally speaking, minor characters in classic literature have a generic trait: their identity evolves throughout the book.This is the role of the heroine of Turgenev took.


We learn quite a rich biography of the self-sufficient rich 29-year-old widow, defining it as a static character.The formation of her character, just as it happened with Mrs. O'Hara of Margaret Mitchell's novel "Gone with the Wind."Fortunately, Anne did not survive the war, but she got plenty of tests.Perhaps that is why the image of Odintsov's novel "Fathers and Sons" and

is different from the other ladies, presented in the book, it dazzles female beauty and cool masculine mind.

When she was a young girl, and her sister Katya orphaned.Anna had learned early on how to manage his estate housekeeping.She - precocious daughter - was also able to pay off the debts of his father.For his own younger sister Katie, Anna replaced parents.However, she raised her without sentimentality.

Next, a young girl married on the calculation of an old hypochondriac, who left her after the death of a wealthy widow.

Appearance and character of Anna Odintsov

bright, but neoduhotvorennuyu female beauty incorporates the image Odintsov in the novel "Fathers and Sons" (photo art reproductions confirm this).

Turgenev in the description of the heroine does not regret colors: high lady with a remarkable posture and appearance socialite, smart beautiful bright eyes.She knows her worth.In an interview, Anna takes insight and natural intelligence, interested and interlocutor making for themselves an opinion about it.

image Odintsov in the novel "Fathers and Sons", apparently conspicuous, memorable, is just a beautiful wrap her gaping spiritual void.The reader is convinced she really paid dearly for its current prosperity.Her heart never clogged often with love, it completely devoid of emotions, her feelings are dulled.

Even a charismatic personality as Yevgeny Bazarov, his ardent passion and recognition in the apt observation Turgenev, it took only a little.On his marriage proposal lady only vaguely he said that Eugene understood it wrong.What was the attitude it?It is obvious that even though it sounds cynical, Eugene for this lady was just another toy.No more.

Mind and economic

different economic and efficient way of Odintsov's novel "Fathers and Sons."Brief description of her residence in the estate does not remind us Oblomovka.Clever, educated woman is seriously engaged as an organization, and innovation, which prescribes capital scientific journals.

She likes order, it lacks the rigidity to hold fast to his yard in check.She was bored idleness.

The novel mentions the episode when Odintsov fell in love with a young Swedish nobleman offered her hand and heart.The woman hesitated briefly before announcing refusal.For Anna is of great importance established way of life, that is. E. The estate, equipped it very well fit their needs.It is more expensive for the rich widow than romance and suspense, even with some perspective.In short, she prefers "bird in the hand."

Odintsov and its spiritual vacuum

To some extent the image of Odintsov's novel "Fathers and Sons", a self-sufficient lady really is typical in our time.A woman is beautiful, smart, knows how to present themselves with dignity ...

But something internal, intrinsic to the ladies, she lost.The idea is precisely the instinct of women - based on the man's shoulder, in turn, helping warmth.Togo quality image Odintsov completely devoid of the novel "Fathers and Sons."With a quote from this work of Turgenev, characterizing Anna Odintsov, we introduce readers to the article, discussing the logic of its first actions, based on the psychology of the heroine.

feature character

characteristic feature is the heroine of her forthcoming preliminary proschityvanie their actions and choices of those who bear the least emotion.Odintsov image in the novel "Fathers and Sons" is characterized by a stay in the special character of his individual comfort zone, the main component of which is a spiritual vacuum.Considering her education, tenacious logical and economic intelligence, the analogy with the robot.Man deliberately deprive themselves of feelings (killing a person), it deserves rather compassion.

citation characteristic

Ivan Turgenev, with his talent presents readers Odintsov image in the novel "Fathers and Sons."The table below introduces the quotational characteristic of this character.

irony of Turgenev

Yet the author of the novel remains true to himself.He gradually shows its attitude to the character, bringing a touch of irony in the way of Odintsov's novel "Fathers and Sons."The reduction of the frequency of paying attention to this heroine to slip irony when describing the author Anna is seen as a change in the tone of his comments was a nasmeshlivyy.Vspomnim episode when the patient comes to Odintsov typhus main character.Typical detail - how to say goodbye she gave her a glass of water Bazarov - the gloves (although she should then simply wash their hands?).Do not become like the "man in the muffler" Odintsov image in the novel "Fathers and Sons"?Writer Chekhov possible analogy is appropriate here.

Last mentioning the heroine, the author also sarcastic.Expressed in the epilogue ironic hope that perhaps still, her heart still love to wake up (after he reports her marriage is based) may cause a reader smile.


Turgenev-known classic in the literature for its amazing female images.It is common knowledge, even his beloved type of the fair sex, which is called Turgenev girl.Among them - Natalia Lasunsky Lisa Kalitina.These images are among the most elegant in the world literature.

It is not such acts in the novel "Fathers and Sons," the image of Anna Odintsov.It is, for all its beauty from the inside is empty, and therefore does not belong to them.This heroine of Turgenev's novel serves as an illustration of a man losing a human.However, it is no secret that these ladies do exist.And their soul nihilism, unlike Bazarov, did not bear the creative beginning.