"Deadline" (Rasputin).

Valentin Rasputin has long received public acclaim and earned the title of one of the best writers of the villagers.The main problem raised in his work a writer - a destructive attitude of man to nature and the loss of moral values ​​under the influence of civilization.His priorities remain faithful and in the story "Deadline" Rasputin.Summary of this work, we consider.

creativity Rasputin

Valentin Rasputin - the writer who knows how to convey the national spirit of the people, working within the traditional school of Russian literature.That's what he deserved recognition both at home and abroad.

love of nature and an understanding of its subtle beauty Rasputin obliged place of his birth (the native village of the writer was located on the banks of the Angara River).The aim of his work writer has ever seen the conservation of natural resources and spiritual morals of people, because the connection between man and nature is inseparable.

Topics continuity of generations, morality and man's conne

ction with nature reflected the story "Deadline".Rasputin summary of the work reduced to a problem of eternal life and death.

Subject lead

fundamental theme, which built the whole story, was the problem of morality, or rather it is currently understood.The most important in his work considered this story Rasputin."Deadline" (summary of the chapters can be read below) reflected the changes taking place in the mind and soul of modern man.

but is much broader and more diverse themes novel, it is not limited to something one.Rasputin in the work raises the following issues: the relationship between the family, old age, the causes of alcoholism related to honor and conscience, fear of death.

idea Rasputin

sees the main task of his novel "The last time" Rasputin in exposing moral decline of modern society.Souls with the arrival of modern humans began to master the progress selfishness, cruelty, brutality and callousness.On this and would like to draw the attention of their readers Rasputin.Modern man has lost touch with its roots and nature, lost the meaning of life, the moral guidance and spiritual wealth.

image Anna

Described briefly "Deadline" Valentin Rasputin writer appears fighting for the preservation of the human soul.And examples of good people in his works are the older generation.

Anna - a dying old woman, but she is not afraid of death.She lived a life of dignity, was a good mother, was happy and sorrow were in her life, but she takes them for granted.The main character is endowed with incredible moral force that stems from the confidence of Anne is that people should take responsibility for living life.

Anna idealized image of a writer who sees it in just a woman incredible spiritual power, the ability to be a real mother and a worthy man.

«Deadline" (Rasputin): summary

Anna - old woman, in her nearly warmth of life, she was unable to even move.Daughters to check whether the mother is not dead, bring her face to the mirror.Barbara, one of the daughters Anna, considers it possible to begin to mourn the dying mother and another daughter - Lucy - already sews black dress.

Anna five children, but now it just Barbara, Lucy Ilya, but the son of Michael, who lives with his mother in a village.The main character is waiting for the arrival of Tanya, who lives in Kiev.Once all the children, except for Tatiana, they gather around a dying, she seemed reborn, and the children immediately fall into confusion.

Men, not knowing what to do, go to the barn and get drunk there.Gradually, their embraces fun - mother was still alive then.But the more they drink, the more they are covered fear - fear of losing Anna, fear of imminent death: "Death has noticed everyone in the face and do not forget."

Summary of the book "Deadline" author Valentin Rasputin goes on describing the scene the next morning.Ilya and Mikhail feel bad and get rid of this state decided to get drunk.Drink they compare with the acquisition of the will, because in a drunken state they have nothing holding back: no house, no job.They are not always found solace in alcohol, there were days when he was the existence of a collective farm, when the whole village worked for firewood.That such work was to their liking, and they bring pleasure.

about his former life, and Lucy says.Previously, the family had a horse - Igren, which she loved, but from heavy overwork, he was dead.Wandering through the surrounding fields, Lucy recalls that before she seemed to feel a certain area of ​​your life, as if a hand led her, but in a city that feeling disappeared.A lot of thinking about the well-being put into the same story "Deadline" Rasputin.In the words of the characters can be heard crying for irrecoverable life, when everyone lived in harmony with each other and nature.

Anna gradually comes to life and may already own to get up and go out on the porch.Come visit his girlfriend Mironikha.But the heart of the old woman still full of sorrow because of the fact that Tanya did not come.Tanchora, as they called it their own, different from the brothers and sisters of the soft nature of the human.But it is not going daughter, Anna decides to die.In recent years, the old woman accepted the inevitable and even became friends with death.She agrees with her, so she took her in her sleep.And so it happens.


So the story "Deadline" (Rasputin), a summary of which we quoted above, is a clear illustration of the writer, and the key to understanding its moral and spiritual ideals.The biggest value of Rasputin, so is the birthplace and the relationship between man and his roots.