Fashion 2014

Fashion companies try to charm the audience with shocking images, while the ladies - Purchase offers a selection of dresses.In order not to waste money just like that, it is important to be guided in the most important mood of the fashion world.To this end, it is important to get acquainted with the huge volume of clothes.Now our readers will not need to shovel a bunch of collections.We have done the above work instead of you ...

existing Fashionable kingdom imposes the rapid rhythm, transience and eschews stagnation.Perishable seasons alternate with tremendous agility.

invite you to read what key fashion trends fashion experts have prepared us for the coming spring already at this moment

Designers are trying to combat the shocking dresses of buyers, while customers - to buy a good dress.To keep an agent just like that, it is important to be guided in the most important trends in the fashion world.For this neohodimo acquainted with a large amount of clothes.Now you do not happen to review the hund

reds of displays.The authors have done the job instead of our visitors.

Based Photos from the fashion site Ollmodanet we created our review.With what will be the spring 2014 fashion year.You'll learn about it today.The presentation of the collection Resort 2014 seen several spring tendetsy.Today you'll learn about the most pressing.

Landscape print.

Various designers presented clothes decorated fotoprint landscapes.The most memorable steel clothes Nicole Miller.

suit with pants of white color

Attire Business Style Fashion Trend 2014 require the purchase of snow-colored trouser suit.Pants mostly direct style.Jacket - slightly narrowed at the waist without excessive glare.The best example was the suit from Richard Chai Love.

floral applique.

Instead of floral prints, clothes come from artificial flowers.Also on the crest of fashion embroidery flower patterns, bead embroidery.An example is the dress by Azzaro.

abundance of blue tint.

most popular color solution turned bright blue.It can be seen in any collection.Some brands combine it with white, aquamarine, purple.Successful was the work of Misha Nonoo.

color combination.

combination of contrasting colors in the actual outfits for the new season.Best original combinations: yellow with turquoise, blue green, white and pink.Max Mara has pleased the most contrasting examples of this trend.

flashy accessories

Normal wear muted colors complemented by flashy accessories.A good example can be handbag, necklace, shoes, scarf.See a sample collection Andrew Gn.

Kerchieves in oriental style

All kinds of women summer hats ornamented oriental prints, and other headwear oriental design relevant future springtime.

Fabrics with perforations.

canvas fishnet quite relevant.The new season has become a popular fabric with perforations.Marc Jacobs presented a beautiful example of this trend.

These were key leaders prestoyaschey fashion pores.Now it is possible boldly go shopping.Purchase wardrobe given current trends our article as simple as possible.Read more exhaustively by what is possible fashion 2014 portal

From today, you can go for shopping.Purchase consideration to current trends today made easier selection of the trend.To read all the details by what is possible fashion 2014 spring fashion All the resource here.