Where and how to launch sky lanterns?

They do not so long ago appeared on the markets and shops, but quickly gained popularity among children and adults.They are called differently: heavenly or Chinese lanterns, fairy lights, balls desires.Not everyone knows how to launch sky lanterns to have a truly impressive, and most importantly - safe.Although these beautiful flying through the sky lights seen, probably everyone.Do not worry: how to properly run sky lanterns, you can learn in just a few minutes.One need only read this article and carefully follow all instructions.And then you will succeed on the first try!

Generally, instructions on how to launch sky lanterns, must be present on the package itself.In the case, if it is in an unknown language or presented in the schematic is not quite clear as you - we offer recommendations.

First, you need to remove the torch from the original packaging and carefully, trying not to hurt him, to deploy.Grasp the hoop at the bottom of the article and a little shake it a couple of times to the flashl

ight was filled with air and adopted the necessary form.Second, correctly attach the torch firmly secure it with wire and spreading its ends to the sides.The burner must be exactly in the center of the base of sky lanterns.Third, equally, from several sides ignite the wick.Since the launch sky lanterns one quite uncomfortable, it is better to get a partner, he will keep the upper part of the product, and you will set fire wick.

A few minutes later the burner how to break out.You will need to lower the torch lower to the ground, so that it quickly filled with heated air.Once this happens, the torch begins to strive upwards.Will only pick it up in front of you at arm's length and let go into the sky.

Let's talk about where to launch sky lanterns.Their mission - a romantic and unforgettable sight, but do not forget about safety.It is better if the launch will take place in an open area, away from residential buildings and industrial buildings, power lines, railroads, and other potentially dangerous objects.Outside the city, too, you need to be careful - you can not run the lanterns over the field of wheat or wood, where they can be a fire hazard.But near water sky lanterns could and should be sent to flight.Dark, windless weather and mysterious expanse of water create a unique atmosphere.And if we find the right music, write a marker on the lantern their desires (or just think of them myself), then the event will turn into a real show, giving all present thrills.Especially when you run not one, but several flashlights.

Now you know how to launch sky lanterns, where it is better to do and how to complement the process.We hope that you will succeed!For any event, whether it be a friendly outing, a romantic dinner or noisy party, with these amazing lights will take place unforgettable!