What is the smoke machine?

Smoke machine - a special equipment, without which it is difficult to imagine the concert of popular group, colorful shows and other entertainment events.Under the rays of spotlights look particularly spectacular smoke.This "magic" effect is impossible without the use of smoke generators.Smoke machines not only produce smoke, but also distribute it in the right direction on the premises.The light rays end up visible even during the day.The properties of the smoke different from the usual "club."Since the development of its combustion does not occur and there is absolutely no flame, so the smoke is harmless to the health of the lungs.

device smoke machine

of smoke turn the room into a wonderful space that has little to do with reality.This is the main task of the generator - to allow people a little distracted from reality and create a special world.The used liquid smoke machine usually has a safety certificate, so the use of the generator is allowed to absolutely any room, and not in vain for many

years no major party is complete without fog machine.It is much more effective if the smoke machine is used in conjunction with other devices, visually transforming the premises, such as lasers or strobe lights.Most modern smoke generator equipped with a remote control that allows you to adjust the intensity of the smoke in the distance.Also, many models have a timer on your device, through which you can configure the time interval at which the generator will produce a new smoke.

Species fog machine

All types of smoke generators are divided into two categories: smoke machine light and heavy smoke.

  • most popular - the generator of light smoke.He received a mass distribution due to the low price and the possibility of universal application.As can be seen in numerous photos, the smoke machine produces smoke that does not settle for a long time in the air, making the show an unforgettable turns.This type of device is often used for house parties and discos.
  • For professional scene heavy smoke generator is used.For quite easy to imagine a performance of the famous without the smoke underfoot.In order to smoke does not rise, the device has a further fridge, allowing smoke are more dense and look like a cloud.

Features smoke generator

use of smoke machines - simple but very affordable way to make the event truly memorable.Smoke generator today is not less popular than imitation flame or bubbles.Today, the public is not surprising since it is simple, you need a colorful scenery and the smoke machine, fireworks and laser effects.Only effective presentation is able to be the best marketing tool for any product.And all investments quickly pay off the event, and smoke generators do not necessarily buy the property, enough to take the smoke machine hire.