Sunbeams - our childhood friends!

Who are they, these sunbeams?And why bunnies, rather than, say, bees or kittens?Neither color nor even nimble form, these spots do not look like all the familiar "skew."Probably, you should pay attention today is the word "nimble."After all, these representatives of the animal world during his "cross" on fields or other areas can make such zigzags and so sharply to hide from the eyes that keep track of their movements extremely difficult.Perhaps that is why people had such parallel and entered our lives and it is firmly entrenched sunbeams.However, you can call them whatever you like, although cubs from this, they do not change, only able to be some misunderstanding between you and those who are accustomed to the classical name of these phenomena.

But how come these "solar animals"?It is unlikely that someone this issue will be difficult.Everyone knows that the sun's rays in contact with the mirror surface are reflected from it, and this creates a kind of spots of light, which, moreover, can be co

ntrolled and even if the object in motion, from which these rays are recognized.The process, because of which formed sunbeams, not too complicated, and even has some analogues.For example, in a similar way you can change the direction of flow of a stream or creek, just use this kind of gutter.

Sunbeams are very popular not only among children.Why are only the numerous songs that are sung these nimble islands of light.In some of these songs that light "tried on" people, and are thus motivations are very lyrical and not always funny.What are the people associated sunbeam?Each such parallels are held in their own way.These people are funny, cheerful, active, bright ...

In some hits of sunshine it is mentioned in the context of a rather sad when such a "sunny" people associated with infidelity.This situation is described, for example, in the song, which takes Shanghai.Sunny Bunny, but rather that which is named such, it does not add joy.And this is not an isolated case.Almost the same, a little sad, the situation and the song of the "Beasts" - "Sunny Bunny".Disappearing and fast ... It seems that in the context of a joyful and happy to hear the text associated with the "hustler" only if we are talking to him about this phenomenon without any transfers, and other metaphors.Take, for example, the well-known song from the cartoon "Masha and the Bear."Sweetheart, good, sunny and cheerful song.

sunbeam not only sing but also compose poems about them, mostly children, of course.And when they are reading is somehow in a special well and happily.Just remember schatlivoe time sitting high up, we let bunnies on the ground or at home used them to play with the cat, who tried unsuccessfully to catch the sun is a miracle.Such activity was insanely fun and interesting.But here again there are fly in the ointment, because these bunnies can be harmful when they ruled the "bad" hands that were trying to send them to the eyes of passers-by, or even worse, the drivers of passing cars.