Oriental dance for the modern woman

Oriental dance has many names: belly dance, hip dance, belly dance, oriental, Arabic dance.How to describe it, the essence remains the same.This is a mystery that causes trembling hearts of the audience, reveals the full potential of the female body and reveals the beauty of the soul of a dancer.

In the tradition of the countries of northern Africa and the Middle East meant that every woman should own belly dance.It was believed that such practice is required as a gym and has beneficial effects on the reproductive functions.Also, achieving heights in this art was vital harem, to whom the task was to stand against other wives and become a favorite of my husband.

Belly Dance ceased to be a relatively recent extreme exoticism.Mass culture of the Western world knew him only at the end of the XIX century and was immediately subdued unique oriental charm.However, the roots of oriental dance goes back to antiquity, the facts of his continued existence is confirmed by many historical evidence.Some scient

ists who study the issue, its elements are even pictures on the walls of ancient Egyptian temples.

harmonious development of body

A common misconception is that belly dance involved a relatively small group of muscles.In fact, many active sites include muscle tissue, in which daily life is practically not used.When performing rotational movements of the hips and while moving in the space involved and get answered by a serious burden the shoulders, back, legs and buttocks.

muscle development in these areas gives the dancer the beauty of the whole body, correct posture and fluidity of movement.In addition, to a large extent it prevented the risk of all sorts of injuries in everyday life.It improves overall health and increases vitality.

What can offer oriental dance modern woman

Lifestyle modern woman makes her take on many male function: to build a career, to succeed, have a high income.Everything is unnatural in terms of nature and femininity kills and causes of stress, many diseases and mental disorders.

Occupation belly dance will help strengthen the physiological health due gymnastic load teach get free, what will contribute to the removal of psychological stress.Within a few months of training will be noticeable changes in gait and posture.Also, it will be helpful to those who in the near future is going to become a mother.And the impact that training is very soft and does not cause such a surge, like visiting the gym.

Another positive side - it is a special effect that has on male belly dancing.Music, rhythm and mesmerizing grace of belly dance will bring novelty and revive any relationship.Many husbands themselves ask his wife to study oriental dance to diversify sex life and strengthen family bonds.

How to start training

residents of the city will not be difficult to find a group where taught belly dancing for beginners.Opening the appropriate section of the bulletin board, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how widespread learning to belly dance.Probably be able to choose the section closer to home.

Will only get comfortable clothing, which must certainly emphasize the chest and hips.Suit halter top and soft breeches on the hips.However, if you reach success and deeply learn oriental dance, you'll want to get a full suit and with all the attendant accessories: veil, gloves, sleeves and other things.