Aquamarine - the color of the sea of ​​coolness and peace

Aquamarine - the stunning beauty of the color and depth.It combines the shades of sky-blue to greenish-blue.Ideally, it resembles ocean waves.Translated from the Latin "aqua" - water, and "mare" - the sea.Aquamarine, which enchants and captivates, takes its name from the same stone.

Color Psychology

Celadon is a positive emotional burden.So after prolonged contemplation of the color aquamarine or stay in the room, a man normalize blood pressure, decreased heart rate, breathing slows down, and there is a physical and mental relaxation.As you can see, you can call the ideal of aquamarine color for practicing meditation.In addition, it has a positive effect on the human nervous system, calming him.This color is able to reduce pain.

Aquamarine clothing

to the subject of the wardrobe color aqua choose what color?Aquamarine clothes need to know how to combine with other colors.Aquamarine belongs to cold colors, but it is bright and catches the eye.So experiment with this color can be any girl l


Aquamarine - the color of relaxation, so it is best used in summer dresses.It will be very refreshing and at the same time, evident by their uniqueness and brightness.Ornaments for clothing color is better to choose a cool pink and orange tones, and accessories look very harmonious colors of gold, silver and coral.Pearl only give elegance and charm your way.

Choosing clothes of that color, note that it must be cut free as aquamarine - color, combining lightness and airiness.A good addition to it will be green, brown, silver, gold, blue, blue, pink, yellow, bronze and beige tones.In a manner not overdo it with shades of blue, and try to play on contrasts.

Aquamarine interior

Aquamarine - beautiful color for the decoration of bedrooms, living rooms and lounges, as it carries a relaxing and positive psychological connotation.The peculiarity of this color is that depending on the light, he literally plays different tones and tones - from blue and greenish to blue and gray.Therefore, when daylight room will seem blue-turquoise, and in the light of an electric Lama it will greenish.

In this room it is best to arrange the furniture made of wood.As room decor can be used indoor plants, as well as not to forget about the aquarium with fish as sea element - is also aquamarine.

color, which presented photos, perfect for the bathroom.Optional fully spread tiles in this color, is enough to have accessories in aquamarine colors.It may be, bathrobes, towels, table, curtains and more.Remember that if you have dark furniture, this color will be ideal.The combination of white with aquamarine create a cool and fresh atmosphere in the interior.