Youth comedy and some of their characteristics

Youth prefer comedy viewers of a certain age, which, of course, take into account the filmmakers created them.Statistics show that during the demonstration examples of this genre, the majority of the audience in the cinema are in transition from a carefree youth pores, unburdened by social responsibility, maturity.

With regard to specific age limits, depending on the country to the youngest members of the audience are teenagers who have reached 13 or 15 years.Average age - 16 - 24 years old, and the oldest celebrated for 25 years or even 36 years.

Topics comedies are often associated with problems of actually existing among the younger generation.Since the age associations there is a division corresponding to a tacit hierarchy, the main conflict that characterizes youth comedy, it is often a confrontation between outsiders and community leaders.

in "Easy A" ribbon 2010 release, the main character, Olive Pendergast, initially none of the peers did not notice that it is very disappointing.Circumst

ances were such that she has a chance to express themselves.However, this option was an important side effect of the negative reputation that girl at all costs tends to pop the beginning do not give value.

pass for a great sinner, but not as such in reality, even Olive was wearing a new outfit deliberately frank red letter "A", in imitation of his favorite literary character - brave Esther accepted (the main character of the novel of Nathaniel Hawthorne's «The Scarlet Letter»/ "The Scarlet Letter").This is in an effort to further angering their persecutors, who fell into excessive Puritanism.

Not wanting to argue, to prove his innocence, the girl does not feel like a victim, and decided to use the situation for their own purposes.But suddenly Olive is facing downside cheap popularity.Its negative image (that he is a false, almost no one knew) threatened the outlined first romantic relationships, which are the dream of every girl her age.Reputation urgently needed to save them.The girl talked to her parents, she is infinitely trust.Mother frankly told her daughter about how many mistakes she made in her youth.If the family was not as sincere and trusting relationships, Olive would never have grown so emotionally independent person.

Although the audience at this hard to believe (after all, the reputation of the most unshakable thing in the world), but managed to change Pendergast Clever Girl "-" to "+".This is another feature that has teen comedy: for the main characters, they always end happily.After all, on the way to the formation and maturation errors occur, which are difficult to avoid.The main thing - time to correct them, and thus learn something important that will be useful later in life.

Although the teen comedy called to form part of the audience at a young behavioral norms and social values, but they are often inferior specimens are so close to real life, the characters that dialogue saturated colloquial expressions and jargon.Sometimes the new teen comedy for would-be writers will "shine" jokes of questionable content.One is forced to wish the return of censorship!

agree, I would like the audience could choose youth comedy.Top should consist of saturated funny and clever jokes movies presenting with laughter and sincere joy.