Ecru color in the interior and fashion

Few people know that today there are 205 colors and shades, which are designated the most exotic names.To many people, words such as Beaujolais, cashew, zhirazol, ikrutik not say almost nothing, and in fact all of this designation in various colors.The unprecedented number of such shades can be attributed ecru.On it I heard almost everyone, but not all have an idea of ​​what kind of color and how it is used.

ecru - is what?

Translated from the French word "ecru" means "raw" or "unbleached".Previously, it was synonymous with "beige", but after 50 years of the twentieth century, beige and ecru began to designate totally different shades.Ecru color - the color of unbleached linen, a mixture of yellow, gray and brown colors.Homeland of the shade can rightly be called France, and there he is close to the color of ivory.Also, it can be called the color of warm milk or cream.But in other countries it is given slightly different characteristics.For example, in England, ecru color close gray-yellow-green ti

nt, while Luxembourg has a distinct pink color.The illustrations show you the classic idea of ​​what should be the color ecru.Photos, unfortunately, do not have enough color, but this is enough to understand what was going on.

fashion industry and ecru

on all the catwalks of the world today are a lot of models made of modern fabrics cream.This is the real trend of the last few seasons.Ivory refers to the pastel shades of gray, yellow and brown color, so ecru blends clothing with colors such as chocolate, coral, green, mint color and deep blue.He also looks very good in combination with a classic red and rich purple.In general, the color itself bones fairly neutral, which allows numerous combinations.The obvious advantage is also the fact that the milk shirt or blouse will suit any tsvetotipu - and swarthy brunettes, blondes and light-skinned.A wedding dress embroidered lace ecru, look very elegant and vintage, in the spirit of the 70s.

ecru color in interior design

very broad application was cream color in interior design.The relevance of its use makes good compatibility with other tones and the ability to visually expand the space, make the room warm and gentle.If, for example, take the color ecru as a base and add accessories in the form of textile red, brown and green colors, accents from the skins of exotic animals (zebra or tiger), then you will have the safari style.Pink, purple and lilac shades in combination with the color of warm milk will create in your house atmosphere of the French Provence.And to make relevant today Ecostyle will help you combine all natural, natural colors: brown, green, sand and, of course, ecru.Very gentle and refined looks bedroom, made in a similar color scheme, and dinner at a table covered with a tablecloth color of melted milk, from the most simple turn in rank.


It so happened that a clear idea of ​​what he is - ecru no.But we can say with confidence that wherever you use it, and no matter how used you are always guaranteed a great result.