World record for push-ups.

Today there are a large number of sports clubs and gyms, but only the basic and effective exercises would be considered still pushups.At any time, under any conditions, a variety of ways you can do this exercise.It is a point of view of the people who set records in this discipline.

Pushups life

Before talking about what was raised the world record for push-ups, touch on the topic of sport in modern life, and it will talk about the benefits of this exercise.

If weights, dumbbells, barbells and many other sports equipment are expensive, not to mention buying a subscription to a good gym, in the case of push-ups you need only desire.That desire, because nothing more is needed.The surface for employment is always there.Of course, you can buy special comfort mats and other accessories.

It should be given a little time finding the necessary literature, then you can easily play sports without spending a lot of time.At the moment, many experts have made a variety of training methods of push-ups.The

refore, you only need the desire and the desire for physical development.

maximum number of push-ups

first recorded record:

more likely to have previously set records, but the first recorded record pushups belongs to Charles Linster, who could be wrung out 6006 times.It happened October 5, 1965.Relevant data were entered in the Guinness Book of Records.

current record:

After 15 years, I was shown another result, which still has not been able to beat.Minor Yoshida, a Japanese national, could be wrung out without stopping 10,507 times.

Push-ups per day

Once set a world record for push-ups, was introduced another category - for 24 hours.In this discipline could distinguish Charles Utilities.It should be said at once that he did not spend all his time, but only 21 hours 6 minutes.During this time, he repeated 46,001 times.This event occurred in 1993.

Note!This athlete push-ups at a time, and Minor Yoshida set the record without stopping.

push-ups on one hand

To date, the Guinness Book of Records has a world record for push-ups on one hand for 60 seconds.For the first time it has established a representative of Switzerland Ivan de Weber.It could be wrung out of 120 times.This event took place not so long ago, in 2001.

only the record could hold a total of about 9 years.Already in 2010, the Georgian Giorgi Basilashvili could for 1 minute to make 157 reps.It is worth noting that at the time record holder was 16 years old.

Young champions

Nor should we ignore records that set the young athletes.Ronak Atul Vitha in the 2.5 years of his birth began to actively set their own records in this exercise.At the moment, his piggy bank has a large number of different awards, and personal record is 1,482 repetitions.This he did in 40 minutes.

also can not ignore the native of Moscow Pavel Huseynov.In 2004, when he was 9 years old, he could at one time, non-stop, wrung out 9263 times, performing the highest number of push-ups - a world record - for his age.

Home workout

to achieve great heights in such activities, it is necessary to conduct regular training.As a result, the next world record for push-ups can be supplied by you.

Today there are many techniques that include different ways of push-ups - both without extra items and a variety of assistants.It is necessary to consider several ways to exercise.

Subtleties performance:

- Wide setting hands.The wider arms are, the greater pectoral muscles start to work respectively effective.It is said that the standard setting and set a world record for push-ups.

- work the triceps.This type of muscle is seriously starting to work if your palms are located as close as possible to each other (a great option - palm to palm).

- Biceps.Unfortunately, these push-ups a little practice in real life, probably due to the low popularity.This method is done as follows: hand deployed, and palms are directed along the body.As already mentioned, work your biceps.

- Strengthening of the fingers and fists occurs when exercise is done with fists.Also known history of the world record for push-ups on fists.

- Increase and decrease the load.If you do push-ups on one hand, it is an increase in stress on certain muscle groups.If you kneel down and start pressing, then, of course, the load is significantly reduced.

use of additional items:

- Feet above hands.Such complexity is used to load muscle was stronger.Feet can be put on the bench, couch or other surface.It should be noted at once than they are higher, the harder it is to perform push-ups.

- Stretching the muscles.Three chairs will be the perfect companion for the exercise not only on the force, but also stretching the chest muscles.Two chairs are placed under the arms, and one - leg.Chest is necessary to lower the level below the level of the hand.

- weights.The most commonly used method with the use of additional items - weighting.The weight is placed on his back, a little below the shoulder blades, and made the usual push-ups.Just can not forget about the fact that the weight must be under the power of the athlete.The champion, who set a world record for push-ups, used in training weights.


world record for push-ups - is quite a good result, but it is the power of virtually every man.It all depends on the desire and willpower.