Feature Famusov guests at the ball.

In his comedy "Woe from Wit" Griboyedov showed a clash of opposing each other eternally old and new generations, ideologies of the last century and this century.On the Ball Famusov come people who make up the cream of society, a sort of Moscow metropolitan elite.They are many-sided and did not hide their feudal attitudes, they are full of ignorance, vulgarity, greed and servility.A description of all guests Famusov speaks for itself.Chatsky devote a lot of his winged remarks.

Feature Famusov guests at the ball

Famusov the house before the arrival of guests there, Colonel Skalozub - huge and ignorant careerist, who in dreams - to get all of Russian society to live according to the charter of the barracks.He is a staunch supporter of the old order, is rich and is aiming to generals.He became the most welcome guest in the house Famusov.The reason for the visit was to find Skalozub rich bride.Therefore FAMUSOV immediately spotted it and found it very promising suitor for his daughter Sophia.


Famusov Then the guests one by one began to arrive at the ball.The very first couple arrives Gorich.This unremarkable typical married couple.General description of the guests at the ball Famusov quite interesting: Griboyedov subtly stressed in them Valais people from the high society of the time.So, in the sequel, Chatsky familiar with Plato Mikhailovich Gorich they served together, and even friends.It was very cheerful, energetic and cheerful person, but after marrying a woman with character - Natalia - he changed and became a henpecked-boy.Now she does not give him even open his mouth.But Gorich already used to it and even resigned from his position.Chatsky Platon Mikhailovich complains that, well, not that he had that was once before.


Following family Gorich the ball comes to the princely family Famusov Tugouhovskih.The mother of the family is very concerned about finding the groom for their daughters.She immediately spotted the young Chatsky wanted to invite him to her house, but after learning that he was not rich and has high rank, immediately changed her mind.In her opinion, it is better to let palest hue, but that at least two thousand serfs had a soul.


And then two ladies Hryuminy showed up to the ball.It Hryumina granddaughter, all eternally dissatisfied and angry at the whole world because of the fact that he could not find a husband, and her half-blind grandmother.Not having to come to the ball, Hryumina-granddaughter immediately regretted that there was a very early and she did not talk to anyone, and no one with whom to dance.And get to know someone for whom you could marry, the chance to have no idea.She expressed admiration of all foreign and gives his passion for "fashion shop".Her arrogance hurts Chatsky, who pours at her quip.

Zagoretsky and Khlystova

at a ball at Famusov turns and Zagoretsky - rogue, a liar, a gambler, a swindler and a crook.However, despite its devastating response, it is still taking in high society, and doors Famusov also were open to him.Its low, but very obliging nature literally all the features and seduces.He's always there at the right time and at just the right time to serve to some Honourable gentleman.

certainly on the ball and drove rough despotic lady Hlestova 60 years.She always hold opinions and to know his worth.From the fortress it does not stand on ceremony.And the ball Hlestova took the dog and Arapka-girl.For this person is no difference between a serf and a dog, all her entertainment.

other guests Famusov

The most recent guest of the ball became Repetilov.It is a very fragile person, discredit and trivialize the ideas of the time.Repetilov constantly talking about some "secret alliance" and "secret meetings" where they drink a lot of champagne and talking to forbidden topic.He uses his own gain favor with him people from high society.

Feature Famusov guests at the ball not been exhausted, there were many other characters from the secular society, but Griboyedov said their letters N and D. They also become distributors of hearing about madness Chatsky, though they did not believe it, but happyThey listen to what others say.The image of these small gossip shows famusovskogo interests of society in the pursuit of wealth, honor and gossip.

Chatsky - one of the few who differed from famusovskogo guests.In his nature traced the typical features of the Decembrists.He is ardent, volnolyubiya and openly expresses his opinion.He does not like the worship of foreigners, he was opposed to serfdom and despised adulation rather than serving the cause.


Feature Famusov guests at the ball is literally a classic.In the circle of the crowd Chatsky spent just one day and immediately realized its true value, and then hope to meet like-minded absolutely gone.Chatsky could not remain indifferent to all this, and eventually after a few unpleasant remarks, it requires the carriage and left Moscow.

Famusov Ball in the house - a very important part of the work, "Woe from Wit".Chatsky not traveled to Moscow for three years and did not give any news about yourself.And suddenly, very suddenly all he appears in house Famusov.And what he sees, it is not enough, and perhaps even shocking.

Feature Famusov guests at the ball shows that this society is gradually becoming obsolete, it looks already very outdated and advanced ideas just started to make its way through the thickness of hypocrisy, deceit and benefits.Griboyedov wrote the play "Woe from Wit" in retaliation, as in society, he also felt "crazy" Chatsky not ready to put up with the status quo.