Chapter "Maxim Maximovich": summary.

«The hero of our time" - the most outstanding works of Mikhail Lermontov's prose.This novel is different plot originality.Each of the chapters - a complete story that reflects one facet of the character of the protagonist.But we do not look at all the work, but only one part, or more precisely, its summary."Maxim Maximovich" - the head, valuable for us that reflects the attitude of Pechorin to close people.So stop it in its analysis.

novel "Hero of Our Time»

This work was the first novel in Russian literature, has incorporated the moral-philosophical and socio-psychological problems of the 30s of XIX century.At the time of publication of the works of the genre of the novel it was not yet fully formed and developed.

The uniqueness of this product is a combination of two different and even contradictory literary trends used Lermontov: romanticism and realism.Also, the product of the inherent features of the socio-psychological novel.Despite the fragmentation of the narrative, consisting of short st

ories describing the fragments of life Pechorin, the novel does not lose its integrity and completeness.

Lermontov, creating a "Hero of Our Time", in fact, synthesized such genres as the essay, travel notes, novel, confession, diaries, philosophical and psychological novel.By combining all of these forms, so has ensured that the image of Pechorin appears to the reader a complex, multifaceted, ambiguous, but incredibly alive and real.The heads of the novel in its own highlight each of the sides of the personality of the hero.This characteristic affects the amount of parts.The same can be said about our summary."Maxim Maximovich" - chapter, written in the genre of the story.

narrative chronology

As noted above, the "hero of our time" and not bound by different fragmented narrative.The only thing that unites all of the novel - the protagonist.And the characters appearing in the story, linked to the image of Pechorin.However, they are not just pale shadows, designed to set off the main character in themselves they are quite full-blooded and lively personality.And it can be seen simply by reading the summary.Maxim Maximovich, Bela, Vulic, Grushnitski Princess Mary, Vera Werner - all of them endowed with their characters, habits, history.Such an attitude to the creation of the characters was necessary that in dealing with these real and full-fledged characters personality and character Pechorin appeared even clearer and brighter.

chapters in the novel are presented in the following order: "Bela", then "Maxim Maximovich," the preface to the "Journal of Pechorin", after which are the head of it, "Taman", "Princess Mary," "fatalist."If we consider the events in chronological order, they should build as follows: "Taman", then "Princess Mary", then "Bela", "fatalist", "Maxim Maximovich" and closes the list of the foreword to the "Journal of Pechorin."Lermontov ulterior motive chosen chronologically inconsistent method of presenting the life of Pechorin.It is in the novel sequence chapters draw the most accurate portrait of the protagonist.Of particular importance is the same story "Maxim Maximovich," a summary of which we give below.

image Pechorin

Pechorin - a representative of his time, he was an officer and a gentleman, intelligent and educated.But he was dissatisfied with his life, he does not know where to apply their talents, his tormented longing, loneliness and restlessness.He constantly strives to find the meaning of existence, defies fate, but it all quickly tired.

Petchorin always on the go, it does not stay long anywhere, even death overtakes him on the road.Lermontov like restlessness wishes to emphasize character and his desire to find his place in the world.Tormented by boredom, the protagonist can not just go on an adventure, and start playing the destinies of others.However, nothing can bring him joy and satisfaction.Pechorin - selfish and not accustomed to appreciate those around him.The strong character trait manifested itself in the chapter "Maxim Maximovich," a summary of which we describe below.

Even love is not able to permanently divert Pechorin from his anguish, he quickly becomes disillusioned and bring your loved ones to suffering and death.

image Maxim Maksimych

information about this character contains a chapter "Bella" and the head of "Maxim Maximovich," a summary of which help to uncover and understand the image.

Maxim Maksimych - one of the central characters in the novel.His eyes we see Pechorin, it is both the narrator and protagonist.Maxim Maximovich - captain, has long served as the Caucasus, knows the area, the nature and customs of the local inhabitants.This character is endowed with a kind heart and a broad mind, he appreciates peace and does not aspire to adventures.The main thing for him - his duty.All these features of the characters can be found by reading the summary.

Maxim Maximovich never abused his rank and subordinates behaved in a friendly way.Only in the service, he recalled his rank, but intervenes only when someone from the subordinates were committing wrongdoing.Friendship is for that person in the first place, so the cold Pechorin so much it hurts.

Chapter "Maxim Maximovich": summary

retelling of this chapter, you can start with a description of the meeting Maxim Maksimych and Pechorin.The captain had not seen his friend, his attention was attracted dandy stroller.Lackey, guarding it, he said that it belongs to Pechorin, who stopped at the colonel.Maxim Maximovich, believing that the old one will be glad to see him, asked a servant to report to the owner of the place of his stay.However, the evening passes, and Pechorin did not appear.

morning the captain sent on official business, and almost immediately after his departure is the protagonist - he is going to leave.And then the narrator sees them running Maksimych Maxim, who is ready to take another on the neck.But Pechorin cold smiles and holds out his hand to shake.The captain wants to chat with a friend, but the main character in a hurry.On a question about whether he would take the papers carefully preserved Maksimych Maxim, Pechorin says that their fate does not interest him.The protagonist leaves.The openness and joy in the form of an old officer draws Lermontov.

«Maxim Maximovich," a summary of which we retell, - the head of a very revealing in terms of the relationship Petchorin to other people.

Maxim Maksimych very upset coldness of the protagonist, he is even ready to cry.And without hesitation, the narrator gives the paper on which so easily refused Pechorin.The captain wants to leave as soon as possible, but because of the unresolved cases forced to stay another day.


interesting and important in relation to understanding the way the head of Pechorin "Maxim Maximovich."Summary it gives detailed information about the relationship of the protagonist to close people.