Image Matrona Timofeevna poem NA

Surprisingly realistic and vivid image Matrona Timofeevna Russian peasant.In it the author has connected all the quality and features typical Russian woman - representative of this segment of the population.In many ways, this is similar to the fate of the heroine with the fate of other peasants in Russia.

years in his own family

Timofeevna Matrona was born in a large family.A truly happy were the first years of her life.Matrona then will often remember the carefree time when she was surrounded by love and care of parents.However, peasant children grow up very quickly.As soon as the girl grew up, she started to help around their parents.Games gradually forgotten, as they had less time peasant hard work comes out on top.But still it takes its youth, and girls are even after work time to rest.

Life Matrona Timofeevna in the house of her husband

remembers youth Matrona Timofeevna.This character was hard-working, good-looking, action.Such is the image Matrona Timofeevna in the work of Nekrasov.I

n this peasant, not surprisingly, it looks a lot of guys.But there was betrothed, and the girl's parents give marry him our heroine.The new provision means the end of free and free life Matrona Timofeevna.She will now have to live in someone else's family, in which the attitude towards this girl is not the best.Giving his daughter in marriage, the mother worried about her fate, grieved about it.Parent understands perfectly all coming hardships of life, which is destined to befall her favorite Matrona.No one in the family is not a stranger to the girl show participation, he is also the husband will never stand up for his wife.

uneasy relationship with her husband and his relatives

Shares Matrona Timofeevna sorrowful reflections.Just did not want it to change the free life in the home at the unfamiliar, someone else's family.I understood this character from the first days of living in a new environment, how hard have her now.

Very difficult were the relations with the sister in law, mother-in-law and.Matrona in the new family had to work hard, without hearing a kind word in his address.But even in this hard life of the peasant were simple nemudrenyh joy husband gave her a silk scarf, a ride on a sled ...

It is not rosy were the relations between the interests of our heroine and her husband.My husband at the time had the right to beat his wife if something in her behavior does not suit him.No it does not arise on the side of women, on the contrary, in the family of the wife of all the relatives will only be glad to see the suffering of Marya Timofeevna.

birth of first child

not easy to become a life of this peasant woman after marriage.The gray, monotonous, similar to each other stretched days: quarrels, hard work, family ... But reproaches angelic patience has a peasant woman.It makes all the hardships without complaining.The event that changed her life is the birth of a child.Through it reveals brighter image Matrona Timofeevna.Now this woman is not so angry with the white light, as happy and warms her love to the baby.

Death kid

joy was not long peasant from the birth of a son.A lot of time and energy-consuming work in the field, and then another at the hands of the chest baby.At first this character took him into the field with them.But then he began to reproach her mother in law, so as a child to work with full dedication impossible.And the poor woman was forced to leave with his grandfather Savely her baby.One overlooked the old - and the baby died.

tragic events following the death of a baby

His death was for our heroine terrible tragedy.But farmers have to put up with the fact that their children often die.For this death was the Matrona ordeal because the baby was first born.To all the woes police arrive, it becomes, and the doctor in the village, who accuse the peasant that she killed the child in cahoots with his grandfather Savely, a former convict.Pleads Matrona Timofeevna produce vkrytie that no desecration of the body to bury a child.But do not listen to nobody peasant.From the incident it is almost going crazy.

Mother intercedes for his son

death of a child and other hardships of peasant life can not crush this woman.Image Matrona VT - is an example of fortitude and patience.Time passes, every year her children are born.And the peasant lives, fulfill their hard work and raise children.Most importantly, what it has the peasant woman - a love for children.Matrona Timofeevna whose characteristics are presented in this article, ready for anything, just to protect their children.Witness to this episode when Fedotov, her son, would be punished for misdemeanor.It stands at the feet of the landowner, passing by, Matrona, he helped to save the boy from punishment.He commands the release Fedotov, as "a woman daring to" punish.

Matrona Timofeevna saves from conscription of her husband

For what had to endure the punishment of a peasant?Just for the love of children, does not know borders, for their willingness to sacrifice themselves for others.This commitment is manifested in how Matrona Timofeevna rushes to protect her husband, who was awaiting conscription.It is possible to reach the governor's wife and ask her for help.That exempt from conscription Philip.

Another young girl - Matrona Timofeevna, but she has had to endure a lot.This is the death of his son, and beatings and scoldings, and famine.

Can we call Matrona Tymofiyivna happy?

can not in any way be called a happy peasant woman who was Matrona Timofeevna.The characteristics of this character is entirely built on the struggle against adversity.All the trials and difficulties, dropping its share, can cause a person not only to spiritual death but to physical break him.Often happens that way.Rarely is the long life of a peasant.Often these women die in the prime of his years.Lines on the life of the heroine, is not easy to read.But at the same time it is impossible not to admire this woman, her mental strength.After all, this character has gone through many different tests and is not proved to be broken, that shows us the ugly.

image Matrona Timofeevna surprisingly harmonious.This woman appears at the same time patient, hardy, strong, caring, loving, tender.She is forced to deal with their own troubles and difficulties that befell the family, and not wait for help from anyone.

However, despite this, Matrona Timofeevna finds the strength to work, to live, to continue to enjoy modest pleasures, sometimes endured by this woman.And let it be honest, what to call her happy does not, this woman does not fall for a minute sin of despondency.In the struggle for survival, she manages to come out the winner.

image Matrona Timofeevna was briefly considered by us.About this woman can speak for very long.She admired.The third part of the poem "Who Lives Well in Russia" is devoted to this woman.Korchagin Timofeevna Matrona, whose image has been presented in this article, is described in some detail work.You can refer to the poem Nekrasov and become better acquainted with this peasant.