History of "The Inspector General" by Gogol

great Russian classics, playwright, essayist, poet and critic Nikolai Gogol (nee Janowski) for his life wrote a number of works.Many of them are part of the school curriculum, and became the basis of magnificent performances, films and performances.One of the most striking works of Gogol - a comedy in five acts "Inspector".The history of the "Inspector" is interesting and unusual.The reader is acquainted with the birth of imperishable classics and plunge into the world of a brilliant writer Nikolai Gogol.

little biography

great classics of Russian literature was born on March 20, 1809 in Sorochintsy (Poltava district).Father Nikolai, Vasiliy Afanasievich, was a civil servant, and combined its operations with drama and writing.His favorite pastime was writing scripts for domestic productions.That father instilled in young Nicholas love of literature, and to some extent the history of the creation of "The Inspector General" and other works of genius Gogol began just when Nicholas was a child.

Nikolai Gogol's mother, Maria Ivanovna, was twice under her husband.The couple was married when the bride was only 14 years old.She was a very attractive lady, who believed in mysticism and the occult sciences.

Total in the family had 12 children, six of them died either at birth or in infancy.The first two sons were stillborn, Gogol was the third, hard-won and desired baby - the first to be born healthy ...

Steps creativity

Early Years classics were rebellious - he, like all creative people with fine mental organization and searching for himself aand place under the sun.In light out such stories as "Sorochintsy Fair," "May Night, or the Drowned", "Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka."After being printed collections "Arabesque" and "Mirgorod".

landmark meeting

history of the comedy "Inspector" has its origins in 1934.Gogol was convinced that comedy - is the future of Russian literature.Discuss this he decides to Alexander Pushkin, who, in turn, tells him a story, an anecdote about a false auditor who arrived in the city and Ustyuzhna famously robbed of all its inhabitants.The history of the comedy "The Inspector General" by Gogol would not exist if not the landmark meeting.

Pushkin story about rogue unusually deft struck Nikolai, and he intended to write about this work, which resulted in the action-comedy for 5 instruments.By the way, the theme of the play at the time was extremely topical - and then slipped the news that in different parts of Russia removed and enterprising gentleman, pretending auditors, robbed the people to the skin.By the way, the story of the creation of "The Inspector General" by Gogol is reflected in our day.It is enough to draw parallels.

throes of creation and successful final

while composing comedy Gogol experienced all facets of the pangs of creativity: the history of creation of "The Inspector" described by scientists, writers, says that even the writer wanted to quit his work unfinished.On his anguish Nikolai often wrote Pushkin, but he strongly urged him to finish the play.Gogol heeded the advice of Alexander, and in 1034 in the house of Vasily Zhukovsky he read his creation before Pushkin, Vyazemsky, Turgenev and other writers.The play caused extraordinary excitement among the audience and was later staged.It is so complicated history of the comedy "The Inspector General", which we briefly describe the plot in this article.

participated in the play ...

actors in a lot of work.We will talk about each of them.

  • Skvoznik-Dmuhanovsky Anton Antonovich. GOVERNOR main district town N, which is surely secured his position in society and feels almost the master of life.He knows all the sins of local officials and manipulates this knowledge to your benefit.In addition, he allows himself to various liberties - for example, takes free of any product on the market, as well as merchants obkladyvaet high taxes and shall bear his name day feast.In short, it feels quite at ease.By the way, the story of the creation of "The Inspector General" by Gogol asserts that the image of the mayor - a subtle reference to the image of the government of Russia.
  • Akhmatova - the wife of Anton Antonovich Skvoznik-Dmuhanovskogo.
  • MARYA - the daughter of the mayor, sharp-witted and sharp-tongued young lady.
  • Bear - servant Skvoznik-Dmuhanovskogo.
  • Khlopov LUKA - superintendent of educational institutions.
  • Lyapkin-Tyapkin Ammos F. - local judge.
  • Strawberry ARTEMY - trustee of charitable institutions.
  • Shpekin Ivan Kuzmich - postmaster.
  • BOBCHINSKI Peter Ivanovich and Pyotr Dobchinsky - wealthy landowners.
  • bitingly Ivan - Petersburg's official.
  • Osip - servant of the inspector.
  • Gibner Christian Ivanovich - a small-town doctor.
  • Korobkin Stepan, Rastakovsky Ivan Lazarevic and Lyulyukov Fedor - officials in retirement, honorary guests of the city.
  • UhovŃ‘rtov Stepan Ilyich - bailiff.
  • Derzhimorda, Pugovitsyn and Whistlers - representatives of the police.
  • Abdulin - a local merchant.
  • Poshlepkina Fevroniya Petrovna - slesarsha.
  • Tavern servant, asylum, tradesmen, merchants and visitors N.

history of the play "The Government Inspector" lasted several years and resulted in as many as five acts.Let us consider each of these in more detail.

Act first

Khlestakov Ivan with his faithful servant Osip directed from St. Petersburg and Saratov, passing by provincial town N, decides to break from the road and spill over in the cards.As a result of the unfortunate loses and remains without a penny in his pocket.

Meanwhile, the leadership of the city, on the ears mired in bribery and theft of the treasury, in horror awaits the arrival of a strict auditor.On arrival, an important person found Skvoznik-Dmuhanovsky mayor of the email you received.Anton Antonovich satisfied at his home meeting officials read out a letter and distributes them instructions.City rich and Dobchinsky BOBCHINSKI, by chance learned of the new hotel guests Khlestakov come to the conclusion that it is the same auditor.In a panic, the landowners are reporting it to Anton Antonovich.Starts shaped stir.All those who have "the stigma of a gun," begin frantically to cover their affairs, the chief of police himself after much thought decided to meet with the auditor himself.

By the way, the horror of the officials is easy to understand - the story of the comedy "The Inspector General" by Gogol says that during the writing of this work are all very afraid of Auditors.This fear was ineradicable, and yet the powers and officials continued to sin and steal, thus being literally on the razor's edge.Not surprisingly, the characters of Gogol panic - nobody wanted to be punished.

Act II

At the same time starved and lost to the nines Khlestakov settled in Economy room very cheap hotel, thinking about how and where to get hold of food.He was able to pray to the tavern servant to give him a soup and hot, and eating everything without reserve, it is quite unflattering spoke about the quantity and quality of serves.Suddenly, for the inspector in his room there is the imposing figure of the mayor.Skvoznik-Dmuhanovsky sure Ivan - the most terrible Auditor.A Khlestakov in a panic thinking that Anton Antonovich was on his mind for non-payment on a tip from the innkeeper.

mayor meanwhile behaves very strangely shy in front Khlestakov and ingratiating to give a bribe.Ivan does not realize that it was taken for inspection, and comes to the conclusion that the mayor - a good man with a good heart, who lends him the money in debt.And Anton Antonovich glad to heaven because of what he was able to shove the intruder bribe.The mayor decides to play the role of a naive fool to learn about the plans of the External Auditor.Khlestakov However, not knowing the essence of things, behaves simply and directly, completely confusing the mayor.

Anton Antonovich concludes that Khlestakov - a cunning and clever type with which to keep "eyes open".To talk with Ivan Aleksandrovich, he invites him to visit charitable institutions in the hope that alcohol would unleash Auditor language.

history of the comedy "The Inspector General" takes us into a regular town of that time.In this work, Gogol reveals all the details of life in the city.In addition, the author describes the architecture, customs of the inhabitants.Agree, after all these years, nothing has changed - except that now the mayor is called the Mayor, a restaurant - the hotel and charitable institutions - restaurant ... The history of the "Inspector" started long ago, but the theme of the play is relevant to this day.


After booze pretty tipsy false Auditor falls into the mayor's house.Acquainted with his wife and daughter Anton Antonovich, Khlestakov trying to impress them by telling about how he holds the rank of major in St. Petersburg.Going into a rage, Ivan told that he writes under the pen name of the opera, gives receptions and balls with expensive treats, as well as composing music.Smart MARYA openly laughs inventions guest and accurately accuses him of lying.However Khlestakov even blushes and goes to bed.

Act fourth

Khlestakov slept the morning does not remember anything.Meanwhile, it is built for all sinned authorities, eager to give him a bribe.Ivan takes the money, being firmly confident that takes them into debt, and everything will return to the penny on his arrival home.Naive Khlestakov understand what was happening, only when he was pulled ordinary citizens with complaints about the mayor.He categorically refuses to take an offering in the form of bribes, but his servant, Osip, shows remarkable persistence and ingenuity, and takes all.

escorted guests Khlestakov asks Skvoznik-Dmuhanovskogo consent to the marriage of his daughter, Marya Antonovna.Of course, the mayor happily agrees.On the same day Khlestakov with Osip and everything good is leaving town.

Act fifth

Anton Antonovich and the rest of city officials breathed a sigh of relief.The mayor, anticipating an early affinity with the auditor, is himself living in St. Petersburg, with the rank of general.He gathers in his house guests to publicly announce the engagement of their daughter with Khlestakov.However, the mayor suddenly Postmaster presents an unpleasant surprise - a letter in which it is found that Khlestakov really - just a minor official.Discouraged Anton Antonovich trying to recover, but it catches up with a new blow - the hotel stood a real inspector, who is the mayor "on the carpet".The finale of the play - a silent scene ...

Here is a brief history of "The Inspector General" along with the content.