Description autumn art style: how to write an essay?

Very often at Russian lessons set works on the theme of "Seasons".Typically, such work allows the student to develop narrative skills, the ability to build the texts of different styles.Writer-description is based on certain rules.Typically, such creative work is done in an artistic style.The most popular topic - description of autumn.

art style: how to write it?

artistic style of speech - this is the style of any literary work.It is characterized by an abundance of images, epithets, metaphors, personifications and other tropes.The texts of this style is very vivid, emotive.Description of autumn in artistic style - one of the most fertile ground for the work.After all this time of year, many writers wrote, drew their own autumn colors, peace.

How to write an essay about nature?

To properly write a description of the golden autumn, you must first prepare a plan.The plan may consist of any number of parts - it all depends on the imagination and the necessary volume of works.Exemplary "skeleton" of

any description of the time of year might look like this:

1. Changes in the nature with the arrival of autumn.

2. What are the advantages of the fall?

3. What we see outside the window?

4. My attitude at the time of the year.

Based on these points, you can write a good job that will not resemble the "oil oil", and such a threat is always there, when you write an essay.

exemplary work

Thus, the description of the fall in the artistic style - the task is difficult.It is necessary to possess a good vocabulary and the ability to construct sentences and observation, and sense of beauty.How can look about writing?

changes in nature with the advent of autumn

There was a golden autumn.The sky was a dull, in the air there was a fresh smell.While it is still warm, but not like in the summer.Everything indicates that the nature of, a couple of months, plunged into a serene winter sleep.The nights are getting longer and the days shorter.More and more often seen in the sky a flock of migratory birds, which are sent to warmer climes.Everything that happens, brings some sadness because quiet "Dying" Nature somehow always reminds us that human life is finite, too.

What are the advantages of the time of year?

Despite this, many writers and artists have been waiting this time of year, they openly admired them.Why is that?The quiet serenity, a riot of colors, unique flavors - all this attracted masters such as Pushkin, Levitan, Tiutchev."Points charm" - the so-called Fall Alexander Pushkin.Since it is difficult to disagree, because the fall and really very beautiful.But what, in addition to beauty, can attract attention?Right now, when nature is asleep, come to mind most amazing dreams, fantasies and thoughts.Perhaps they are not as bright and positive, in the spring, but more philosophical and profound.For many, the next autumn - is an occasion for deeds, life changes, because almost immediately followed by the new year.For other autumn - is an opportunity to reflect on all that was before, analyze your life, dig into yourself, to fix something.Apparently, therefore, the description of the nature of the fall in works of art always has a symbolic meaning.

What we see outside the window?

How much you can write about this time of year!The leaves on the trees from bright green to pale at first, then gradually turn yellow.Especially beautiful in the autumn forest, where there are different kinds of trees.Then the sea of ​​colors from bright yellow to dark brown.On Osinki lit with thousands of lights flickering red leaves, and maple - carved bright stars, as if just plucked from the sky.Very easy and pleasant to rest on the soft carpet of fallen leaves, which gives us a generous nature.The sky is almost always gray, if it falls below.But when will stand clear day, the trees on the background of blue sunny sky look even more beautiful.(Do not be afraid to overdo it with images and tropes, because the description of the fall in the artistic style requires special refinement of speech.)

most beautiful Autumn time - Indian Summer.The air becomes more transparent, even cleaner.It seems that the world suddenly woke up again, but this is only short-term phenomenon.Therefore, the Indian summer be sure to take a walk on air.The breeze brings the web that sticks to the face, but somehow it does not bother me, but on the contrary, it even seems enjoyable.

And then abruptly the trees are almost bare.They seem so helpless without their magnificent robes!Through birch groves, bare blackened fields, haystacks ... especially nice to watch the changing panorama of the car window, watching as one replaces another landscape.

What I love about autumn?

Description golden autumn it should be completed by this paragraph.Of course, someone will say that the fall of dirty, damp and cold.However, if you think about it, then surely you can find a lot of pluses in this time of year.Someone who likes to walk, someone likes to paint the autumn, harvest, prepare for the winter ... The opinion expressed in the text, give it meaningful, emotional and conclusiveness.

When writing essays, remember the following.The main thing is that the description of the fall in the artistic style was concise and complete.Also, the text should be divided into meaningful segments (paragraphs).