Themes and issues of Lermontov

Problems of Lermontov's works to this day is one of the most interesting topics in literary criticism.After all, creativity Lermontov gives an extensive ground for reflection, it impresses with its depth and range of feelings and emotions, they nested.Largely theme of creativity Lermontov linked to his biography, in addition, it is dictated by the time writer.In this regard, it should be considered separately poetry, lyric-epic works and prose author.


Lermontov left an enormous legacy of his immortal poems.He began writing very early, and has even the first experiments were imbued with enormous experience.The issue of Lermontov allows you to share all of his lyrical work into several categories:

1. Poems of solitude in which the primary motive - misunderstanding, the gap with men.

2. Poet and poetry.

3. Poems of Love.

4. poems about nature, about the motherland.

5. Poems about the war.

consider each of the categories.

Lermontov's poems about solitude

Mikhail Lermontov was educated

grandmother.He did not recognize either the paternal or maternal love.Perhaps this influenced all the work of the poet.In particular, this has influenced the formation of the subject of creativity.Lermontov worried how he was treated people.It is also dejected manners prevailing in his time.One example is the poem "How often surrounded by a motley crowd," which can be heard a cruel rebuke hypocritical society.Heroes Lermontov often carried away into the world of dreams in this text is the world of childhood, carefree and pure.In later works the motif of loneliness ceases to be interfaced with the charges, but he was even more amplified.How much sound lines of the poem "The Rock"!Eight lines of the poet was able to express the pain and sadness of a lonely heart.This problematic of Lermontov's works are closely connected with such images, like a sail, a leaf, a rock.

poems about nature

Lermontov harbored warm feelings for the Russian landscape.It is the nature of his lyrical hero feels more relaxed, balanced and harmonious.The most striking work dedicated to the beauty of Russian nature - "When the waves yellowing cornfield."The product is very harmonious and melodic.The first three stanzas - the description of nature.Lermontov animates that surrounds it.Niva worried raspberry plum "hidden garden" lily "friendly nods."Admiring happening, the hero begins to feel humility and peace, all his anxiety fade away, and in heaven he begins to see the face of God.

Love lyrics

Problems of Lermontov's works on human feelings is not confined to solitude.The poet also focuses on love.However, the love of his lyrics are always shown as a tragedy.From the earliest poems Lermontov paints a tragic relationship between the lyrical hero and his lover.The hero suffers because of ridicule, misunderstanding.The most striking example - the poem "The Beggar".It is built on the principle of psychological parallelism.The first part - the story of a beggar who, instead of begging hand laid stone.The second part - feeling cheated lyrical.After meeting with Barbara Lermontov Lopukhina mood changes.Now feelings are mutual, but lovers do not give to be together.This is the poem "We accidentally brought destiny."

war poetry

Topics Creativity Lermontov not limited senses.He also addressed the topic of war.The originality of the poetry of the subject that Lermontov pays great attention to the unnaturalness of violence.For example, in the poem "Valerik" poet draws beautiful nature of the Caucasus, she was not interested in the bloody events that were organized by people.In the poem "Borodino" Lermontov returns to the theme of the historical past of his native country, he was delighted with the power of the onetime nation.This is a deeply patriotic work.

Prose Lermontov

most vivid prose works became the novel "A Hero of Our Time".In the center of the image - Pechorin.This hero, who does things rashly.It destroys people, without realizing it.This Petchorin deeply convinced that people do not understand it, many of his unworthy.In fact, he is talented and smart, they can admire.But there are features that can not be considered positive: the inability to make friends and love, pride and selfishness.The problems raised by Lermontov (summary of product clearly shows this) - is the search for a hero of modern times and debunking self-centered young people, as well as issues of morality.

lyric-epic works

One of the most striking poems by Mikhail Lermontov - "Novice".Lone romantic hero abandoned by the will of fate in the monastery.He was brought up in it, but it does not feel like home.Novice feels his restlessness, he is like in prison, wants to get to freedom.The issue of Lermontov's works intersect in this poem.It raised the theme of loneliness, and the theme of freedom, and clearly shows how vibrantly Lermontov relates to nature.In addition, the poem is a vivid example of a romantic work.Novice aspires to the dream world.After spending a day in the wild, he realizes that this is real life.Staying in a monastery now becomes impossible.Was fatally wounded in a fight with a leopard (the personification of the violent forces of nature), Novice dies.This is the tragic pathos of creativity of the writer.Heroes of Lermontov in a collision with reality often lose.Their dreams will not come true, but in this world, life is unbearable.