Women's images in the novel "Fathers and Sons": the sense and significance of art

novel "Fathers and Sons" is always considered as a novel or antinihilist dispute generations.At the same time the analysis of the images involve Arkady Kirsanov, Paul Petrovich and Bazarov.Few treats female characters.In the novel, Turgenev's "Fathers and Sons" their role is quite significant.Total in the novel we see five basic images: Fenichka, Odintsov, her sister, the mother of Bazarov and Arina Vlasyevna Kukshina.

Evdoksya Kukshina

Women's images in the novel "Fathers and Sons" perform different functions.Evdoksya Kukshina at first sight may not cause anything but antipathy.Firstly, she casually dressed, untidy, with disheveled hair.Secondly, it is behaving provocatively.It seems that she knows nothing about propriety.But most of all disturbs her wish to appear advanced and advanced.She pretends to be versed in all areas of modern science and philosophy.In fact, her knowledge is superficial.Bazarov sees it immediately.Her friend Sitnikov as miserable as she was.These two characters - psevdonigi

listy.Turgenev attracted Kukshinov way to reduce the level of perception as the direction of nihilism.If any of its representatives, then they will go away?Even the Bazarov begins to doubt the correctness of their beliefs.People like Kukshinov and Sitnikov, could undermine the credibility of any teaching.How powerfully contrasted image of the ubiquitous, babbling nonsense Kukshinov with a noble figure Odintsov.

Anna Odintsov

with her Yevgeny Bazarov met at a ball in the city.If you classify the female characters in the novel "Fathers and Sons" by relevance, the image Odintsov must take first place.It impresses with its grace, tranquility, the royal carriage.Her eyes full of intelligence.That is why Bazarov immediately drew attention to it.Subsequently, however, the reader is convinced that the Cold Odintsov not only external, it is also very rational and in reality.So Bazarov, a cynic who denies any attachment between people, falls in love.It is a long time talking with Odintsov, is in her speeches, clever ideas, it really interesting with this woman.Odintsov reveals the internal conflict in the soul of the protagonist, from this point of view, it is very meaningful way.Reason Bazarov is in conflict with his feelings.Nihilism does not justify itself, the ideas are wrong.

Why have not developed their relationship?All the female characters in the novel ISTurgenev's "Fathers and Sons" interesting and mysterious.Generally, Turgenev paid special attention to the image of psychology and women's souls.In response to the recognition of Bazarov Odintsov he said that he understood her correctly.And then he thinks to himself: "God knows where it could lead."Her peace of mind it is more expensive.She was too sensible, afraid of feeling.And Bazarov, in turn, scared feelings.

Arina Vlasyevna

Idiliya parents Bazarov also demonstrates the failure of his ideas.Mother loves her too "Enyusha" tries to surround him with love.It seems pathetic image of an elderly woman.She is afraid that her son would be offended at her warmth, she does not know how to behave with him, she akkuratnichaet with every word, but sometimes a mother's heart, and not to appease Arina Vlasyevna starts moaning near his clever and talented son, whom she was very proud.Perhaps Eugene can not long stay at home because of the love Arina Vlasyevna.Always uncompromising and hard, he fears that the melt from maternal affection, let in useless romanticism.


Women's images in the novel "Fathers and Sons" opposite to each other.I can not believe Fenichka can be in one space with Kukshinov and Odintsov.It is a modest, quiet and fearful.She is a caring mother.The very unwillingly becomes Fenichka grain of discord between Paul Petrovich and Bazarov, the last straw of patience.The scene in the pavilion is the reason that Paul Petrovich is Eugene to a duel.A duel demonstrates the author's assessment of: the characters are similar, because of the similarities they hate each other.Therefore, they fight like a comical and farcical.

Katya Odintsov

It younger sister Odintsov.Against the backdrop of Anna it seems less interesting, too modest and inconspicuous.However, over time, this cute girl found mental strength.It gives vitality to Arkady, he was finally able to express their opinion and do what his heart tells him.Together Arkady and Katya create a family, such a relationship, which both dreamed.After Arkady initially too different from Eugene, he's just been seduced by his intelligence, knowledge and strength of character.Katya - a feminine image, which confirms the original author's thought.

Women's images in the novel "Fathers and Sons" (conclusions)

author draws several heroines, in order to express their assessment.For example, Kukshina shows how Turgenev belonged to nihilism.According to him, this trend was passionate about, by and large, useless and empty people.Female Images in "Fathers and Sons" by Turgenev also complicate the conflict, adding to his actions.Here, in the first place should be called Baubles.As for Irina Vlasyevna and Anna Odintsov - they are designed to reflect the internal conflict in the soul of Bazarov.Katya also in a number of other heroines of Turgenev is the epitome of beauty and simplicity.In general all the female characters in the novel, giving it an artistic perfection and integrity.