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Anton Chekhov - one of the brightest representatives of Russian literature.His works are characterized by their brevity, the incredible capacity and richness of philosophical content, which confirms the analysis of Chekhov."On Love" fully reflects the writer's style and contains all the basic artistic techniques of the author.

What is the story?

Before analyzing Chekhov's story "On Love", you need to understand what the genre of the work.

story - is an epic genre characterized by low volume and unity event.More often than not the story tells about the life of man, but of some particular moment it will affect the fate of the hero.Also the author in this genre is always aimed at the maximum brevity of the presentation of his ideas.

Summary works

is impossible without a description of the content of the work to start a creative analysis of Chekhov."On Love", as well as all the stories of the writer, different fun and unusual narration.

At the main character is a maid Alekhine Pelagia, in love w

ith a bully and a drunkard Nicanor - cook.Married woman does not want to go, and the beloved can not live with her in sin because of his piety.This often gives rise to a quarrel between them.

As a direct witness to what is happening, Alekhine indulge in arguments about love.According to him, this feeling does not tolerate any laws in each individual manifests itself in different ways.However, the Russian people is constantly striving to complicate things, so can not just love, and to attempt to introduce some rules.

then Alekhine tells about his love.Its history began in the estate Sofyino, where he arrived after graduation.However, his father left with the property after his death, still a considerable debt, so Alekhine have to start working.

Cases hero is gradually improving, and he was elected to the magistrates.Now Alekhine often goes to the city, which gives him a lot of pleasure: communication with society attracts him.There even appears one of Alekhine - Luganovitch, whose wife Anna Alekseevna, the hero and falls.The family of the young man Luganovitchs glad he's close approaches with a married couple.Spouses of him showing concern and care, even offering to lend money to return to creditors.However, Alekhine refused.

Hero plagued by thoughts of how could Anna A. marry such an ordinary person like Luganovitch.Anna and she falls in love with a young man, but both are forced to hide their feelings.Over time, the seminal couples have children, Alekhine continued to visit friends, going for a walk with Anna Alekseevna and theater, which causes unpleasant gossip.

character of Anna is beginning to change, the woman becomes irritable, nervous, ironic and sarcastic, she understands that, and is doomed to further miserable life.Soon Luganovitchs decide to move to the western provinces.Anna goes first, and Alekhin called her conduct.When a woman walks into the train, the hero realizes that she forgot the basket.He goes into the compartment, left to return to the thing, and then Anna kisses him.Heroes hug, cry and confess their feelings, they finally realize that all the obstacles that prevent them from being together, ridiculous.Alekhine passes Anna one station, then get off the train and returned home.Since then, the hero lives is still a lot of work and does not attempt to make his existence happy.

The protagonist

It is also necessary to consider the image of the hero, before starting the analysis of Chekhov."On Love" - ​​a story-monologue.We hear only the voice of the protagonist, the author also does not manifest itself.

protagonist of the story - Paul K. Alekhine.He's a smart, decent and intelligent man.His life is bleak and lonely.In support of their arguments that love has no laws, the hero tells the story of his love.It is the moral law, and doubts about the correctness of their actions prevented him and Anne to be together.But while the couple lived in the city, beloved and tormented suffering unbearably.And understanding that love has no barriers, it's too late, and brought only a new pain.

In this story, a tragic life realism, as in so many others who wrote Chekhov.The work "On Love" is not filled with joy and happiness seems to by name and loneliness, pain and despair.

analysis works

complex and ambiguous understanding of the author's position in the creative analysis of Chekhov."On Love" - ​​a story filled with incredible psychological.His hero, having gone through the pain of loss, is aware of his guilt in the fact that it ended so sadly.

Love defies the rules, and here the human experience is useless.And as always, Chekhov remains true to himself, he does not teach anyone anything.Writer dispassionately tells stories of human lives, and the reader has the right to conclude.Therefore, it is the author's position as difficult to define.

before us is part of the whole story, which appears Chekhov trilogy."On Love", along with the works of "Goosebumps" and "The Man in a Case," part of the cycle, combined with three heroes storytellers.


Thus, Chekhov's story "On Love" - ​​a complex philosophical work that reveals the meaning of the human senses, but not giving a clear answer to the question of what love is.