Comparative characteristics of Katerina and Larissa ("Thunderstorm" and "Bride")

between the two works, the play "Thunderstorm" and drama "Bride" is twenty years.The country during that time much has changed, and changed the writer himself.All of this can be traced by analyzing the data of the work.In this article, we will be a comparative characteristic of Catherine and Larissa, the main characters of the two plays.

Features merchants in two works

In "Storm" merchants are only the bourgeoisie.We can see this from the fact that they become obsolete traditional patriarchal attitudes, approved by the hypocrisy and deceit (Varvara Kabaniha) that Katherine disgusted.

In "Bride", later creation Ostrovsky merchants - it is not samodurnye and ignorant representatives of the so-called "dark kingdom" and the people who claim to be educated, dressed in European style, reading foreign newspapers.

This should be considered when the comparative characteristics of Katerina and Larissa.After all, the merchant environment greatly influenced the development of the characters and the fate o

f these girls.

Social status heroines

Our comparative characteristics of Katerina and Larissa starts with determining the social status of girls.Two plays protagonists differ significantly according to this criterion, but the tragic fate they are very similar.In "Storm" Katerina - wife is weak-willed, but a wealthy merchant who is completely under the influence of his domineering mother.

In "Bride" Larissa - unmarried beautiful girl who lost her father early and raised by his mother, a very energetic, a poor woman who is not prone to tyranny.Kabaniha in its own cares about happiness Tikhon, his son.Ogudalova Harith Ignatyevna as zealously cares about the welfare of Larissa, his daughter, in his own understanding of it.As a result, Katerina rushes into the Volga and Larissa dies at the hands of her fiance.Of heroin in both cases, to die, despite the fact that close relatives and wish them like a good.

What unites these girls?

Comparative characteristics of Katerina and Larissa detects and other common features.Both of these girls are seeking freedom, but found it not in our world;Both are bright and clean nature, and unworthy of love.They show all of its essence a protest against the so-called dark kingdom (Society "Bride" fits this definition as well as its representatives in the "Storm").

time and place of the two plays

Katerina Kabanova lives in a small Volga town, where life is still largely patriarchal.The action itself "Storm" comes before the reform took place in 1861, which had on the lives of the province a great impact.Larisa Ogudalova lives in a big city, also located on the Volga River, has long lost patriarchy in different areas, including family relations.The Volga River unites girls like Katerina and Larissa.Comparative characteristics of the characters reveals that she symbolizes both death and freedom: and Larissa, and Catherine's death overtakes it on the river.Note the differences: Bryahimov open - come here and leave.The Volga River in the "Storm" is perceived primarily as a boundary, and in the play "Bride" becomes a kind of means of communication with the outside world.

In the drama "Bride" the action takes place around the end of the 1870s, the end of a second after the abolition of serfdom decade.At this time, capitalism is developing rapidly.The former merchants, as we have noted, become entrepreneurs, millionaires.

differences in upbringing and character

continue comparison Katerina and Larissa in the "Storm" and "Bride".Not a wealthy family Ogudalova, but perseverance mother Larissa helps make acquaintance with the wealthy and influential people.She inspires her daughter that she must marry a rich certainly chosen.The choice Katerina did a long time, having given for the weak-willed, unloved, but secured Tikhon.The heroine of "Bride" got used to the relaxed life "light" - dance, music, parties.She has the ability - she sings well.In such a situation it is impossible to imagine Catherine.It involves a lot more folk superstitions with nature, religious.In a difficult moment Larissa also remembers God and dreams, agreeing to link their fate with Karandyshev, a petty official, to leave the village with him, away from the city's wealthy friends and temptations.In general, it is, however, a different environment and human epoch than the main character of "The Storm".Katerina and Larissa, comparative characteristic of which is held by us, by nature different.Larissa is inherent in a more subtle psychological makeup, it feels wonderful thinner than Katherine.It also makes it more vulnerable to the adverse circumstances.

Larissa is also a victim of hypocrisy and deceit, but the values ​​of life in her other, that would be unthinkable for another heroine.The source of their lies primarily in education.The heroine of "Bride" got Europeanized education.She wants to find a beautiful, sublime love and the same life.It is required for this, ultimately, wealth.But the nature of integrity, strength of character, this girl is not.Cultured and educated Larissa, would seem to express, in contrast to Catherine, though some semblance of protest.But this woman - nature is weak.And helps us to understand how different they are, Katerina and Larissa, comparative characteristics of girls.

Various conflicts in the works

in the drama essence of the conflict is also different.The clash in the "Storm" takes place between the victims and tyrants themselves tyrants.Very strong motives in the play confined space of suppression, stuffiness, lack of freedom.Katherine may not themselves subject to the laws of the world in which she found herself after her marriage.Tragically her position: the love of Boris is in contradiction with religious character, the inability of women to live in sin.The culmination of the work - the recognition of Catherine.Final - the death of the protagonist.

At first glance, in the "Bride" is the opposite.Larissa all adore, admire her, she is not opposed to the heroes surrounding it.There can be no talk of despotism and repression.However, the play is very strong motive, which in "Storm" was not - the motive of money.The conflict of the drama he creates it.Larissa is the Bride, which determines its position in the drama.All around just talking about money, buying and selling, profit, profit.The feeling in this world, too, becomes a subject of trade.It leads to a tragic end collision material, monetary interest with the personal feelings of the heroine.

Katerina and Larissa: Two women - one destiny."Thunderstorm" (Ostrovsky) and "Bride" (the same author) show that the tragic fate of the girls before the abolition of serfdom, and after it.Ostrovsky invites us to think about the eternal and the many pressing issues of our time.