The writing on the theme of "The dispute of generations."

Turgenev novel "Fathers and Sons" - the most famous work of the writer, which raises questions the continuing relevance for centuries.Chief among them - the relationship between fathers and children.It is no coincidence that today, any school program includes an essay on "Dispute generations."


Ivan Turgenev - a gentleman by birth.His childhood passed in a family estate where boys engaged in private education teachers and tutors.In 1827 the family moved from Eagle to Moscow.Here Turgenev comes to boarding school, and then at Moscow University, from which a year later transferred to St. Petersburg.He traveled a lot in his younger years in Europe, attended the literary circles.

1843 marked the beginning of the service Turgenev in the Ministry of Interior.Writer acquainted with Belinsky, begins work on the first works.But after the death of Nicholas II saw the light of the major works, among them "Fathers and Sons."This work was Turgenev's most famous largely due to the fact that each

of us wrote in a school essay on "Fathers and Sons - conflict between two generations."

Ivan Sergeyevich showed incredible craving for Western literature, which is why even moved to Baden-Baden.There he participated in the literary and cultural life, and met with foreign writers: Dickens, Merimee, Hugo, Thackeray and others.After some time, Turgenev starts to translate the works of Russian writers into foreign languages.His tireless activity in the end rewarded with the title of Doctor of the University of Oxford.The last days of the writer took place in Paris, where he died in 1883.

creativity Turgenev

essay on "Dispute generations' best to start with a small paragraph, which provides a brief overview of the writer's work.

first noticed and appreciated the talent, and Belinsky, Turgenev, Gogol.Acquainted with the future writer even in his younger years, they immediately noticed the potential in his work.Belinsky was possible even on the early works of Turgenev determine the characteristics of the writer: observation, realism, ease and elegance of style, attention to detail.

Turgenev was hardly revolutionary, but his interest in the fate of the country, the desire to lighten her fate and to correct deficiencies pronounced in the works.Many Russian revolutionaries were brought up just on these ideas the writer.

history of the novel "Fathers and Sons»

Start writing an essay on the theme of "The dispute of generations" and can describe the process of creation.

idea of ​​writing a novel appeared in 1860.Turgenev immediately gets to work, and the first chapters are born very quickly.However, productive activity comes stagnation, and resumed it only after a year.But in general, the novel was written very quickly.The history of creation of the work can be completed on the outcomes of its wording, which is carried out before the publication of Turgenev in 1862.Later, the author never made any revisions to its text.

main conflict of the novel

dispute two generations in the novel Turgenev "Fathers and Sons" is the main product of the conflict.Acute controversy older and younger members of society become plot-and raised a number of serious issues: the inevitability of change in values, perception of the experience of ancestors, and his understanding of the transformation, the difference in outlook among representatives of different ages.

Besides leading the conflict in the novel also raised the issue of the social strata.From the origin of the hero depends on his political views and ideas about the world.

main opposition, which should always be included in the essay on "Dispute generations" - the conflict of Bazarov and Pavel Petrovich.

image Bazarov

Yevgeny Bazarov - the key character in the novel, he is a nihilist, believes only in science and sees no sense in beauty and useless art.It is a strong and confident person, he is endowed with a sharp mind and is inclined to the exact sciences.Bazarov materialist, the main thing for him - labor force of his personality is such that under his influence is easily accessible.All ephemeral, abstract, and not producing a particular good in his understanding is useless.Eugene often appears very tough, even cruel and ruthless man.He is free to criticize and insult his opponents, not looking at their feelings.

All this characteristic can be freely transferred to the written work on the theme "The dispute generations together and apart."The final essay must also be sure to include an analysis of the image of Bazarov and his evolution.

changes in the outlook of Eugene comes at a time when he falls in love.After meeting with Odintsov his former ideals and the theory of collapse.Bazarov is at a crossroads, he can no longer hide behind cynicism, he now realizes the complexity of human relationships.

Bazarov and Pavel Kirsanov

is impossible without considering these two images, to write an essay on the theme of "The dispute of generations."Bazarov and Pavel Petrovich - the characters, and the contradictions which built the whole conflict work.Bazarov rebelling against what he calls inventions inactive aristocrats: art, friendship, love, soul, religion.Of course, his main opponent is just one of the "inventor" of all this - Pavel Petrovich Kirsanov.

Kirsanov believes that nobility is designed to preserve the core values ​​of humanity - the spiritual, so natural that Eugene reasoning leads him to anger and resentment.He is a stranger to "newfangled effects."

Mini-essay on the theme "The problem of the conflict of generations", you can start with a description dating Paul Petrovich and Bazarov and the quarrels that between them there and then start flashing.These characters have different ideas about everything, whether it be science, politics, morals, feelings.Any topic leads them to a confrontation.

But these disputes invariably emerges victorious Bazarov.All arguments Kirsanova remain unproven.Pavel Petrovich has no original ideas and beliefs, he is voiced by well known and already outdated truth.Eugene also expressed original ideas that can really change the world and help people.Bazarov - man physical and mental labor, Pavel Petrovich - contemplative and philosopher.Between these characters can not be anything in common - they are representatives of diametrically opposed worldviews.

indicative in the characteristic way of Paul Petrovich is the episode in which he describes life abroad.The only reminder of the homeland, which has kept Kirsanov - ashtray made in the form of peasant Lapot.

conflict with his father Arkady

Arcadia confrontation with his father is not as open as the conflict Paul Kirsanov and Bazarov.Therefore, an essay on "Dispute generations together and apart" may include only a brief mention of these differences.

Nikolai Petrovich, unlike his brother, Turgenev endowed with wisdom and sublime soul.The son is much like his father that does not allow these two heroes finally break away and become bitter enemies.Arkady himself different from his idol Eugene, it is not so convinced of the nihilistic ideas and theories.The cynicism and disregard for the feelings of Kirsanov Jr. played enough, which leads to resentment of Nikolai Petrovich.However Kirsanova great wisdom so that he does not blame his son and does not try to persuade.He waits and gradually Arkady returned home, refuses to false ideals.In fact, Kirsanov Jr. want from life peace, prosperity and a peaceful happy family life.Therefore, the conflict of these two characters may not be as strong as the confrontation with Uncle Arkady Bazarov.


Thus, the essay on "Dispute generations together and apart" should reflect the fundamental conflict between the commoner-nihilist Bazarov and idealistic aristocrat Pavel Petrovich.The contradiction Arcadia with his father - a reflection of the desire Kirsanova Jr. seem separate and independent.