Bazarov and Kirsanov dispute: who is right?

dispute Bazarov and Pavel Petrovich Kirsanov is a significant component of the plot of the novel Turgenev's "Fathers and Sons."The first embodies sensitive to the progress of the generation of children, the second - conservative parents.Ivan Sergeyevich brought in controversy vital position of the representatives of two different generations.Not for nothing has attracted growing attention to the classic confrontation within society.He shrewdly, almost decades before Russian revolution, pointed to the example of the main dispute the opposing forces of the nascent movement: revolutionaries Democrats and conservative liberals.

Brief description of the characters

note the paradox of the novel: the characteristic of plot in his opposition to the dominance position is convincing representative of the younger generation.And this, despite the fact that the landowner Turgenev himself would have attributed to the bourgeois liberals!
bourgeois literary criticism in the press gave derogatory book reviews.In par

ticular, Mr. M. Antonovich concluded on bias of the author, that he was unjustly humiliated younger generation.Classic attempted to "poison" for his views.That is, it could be seriously affected for the truth contained in the product.Fortunately, in his defense filed its voice biased literary critics, including D. Pisarev and Strakhov.

dispute Bazarov and Kirsanov Paul shows classic as an ideological confrontation between two imperfect people - typecasting, taken directly from the Russian reality.

first - come from a poor family of intellectuals, has obvious creative potential, but he has not taken place as a man, as the head of the family.There are many superficial, passing into adulthood.

second - a hereditary aristocrat, did not make a career in the service, exhausted hopeless love of socialite Princess P - type is edakogo biorobot aimlessly self-indulgence.

differences in appearance

Even describing the appearance of the characters, the author used the antithesis.Pavel Petrovich Kirsanov - a man 43 years old, of medium height, looking for seven years younger than his age.He lives for his own pleasure and aristocratic-groomed.Monitor their appearance: always clean-shaven, with well-groomed hands, patent leather shoes.His pants are always ironed, and collars - an exceptional freshness.With age
Kirsanov not flabby, retains the elegance and ease of movement, youth and thinness smartness.Pleasant appearance and behavior make it different, but with closer acquaintance striking aristocrat spiritual emptiness, shallowness, coldness towards others.

Eugene V. Bazarov - young tall man with the wrong features an oblong face.In the narrow cheekbones his forehead disproportionately wide.Green eyes look clever and mocking nose pointed downward.

tasteless dressed man in baggy suits.He has long hair color sand, appearance is colorless and does not remember.However, talking to people, Bazarov is transformed, it is filled with energy, it attracts the surrounding.

dispute the new with the old

their dispute can be resolved only time but real facts.These characters are so different and intolerance for each other, that come on their own to some agreement and logical stating categorically can not.

They both charismatic and selfish.It is significant that the dispute Bazarov and Kirsanov Paul as a result comes to a duel, fortunately ending comical.Let's try the same judge of the disputants.This is not difficult, because we have the ability to look at the subject of their disagreement, relying on historical experience.What did dive hoarse representative of generations of children and the sequence of views of fathers: Bazarov and Kirsanov?Table dispute, made us the divisions, will present the conflict of opinions clearly.

subject of dispute: some public position is most relevant for Russia?

Kirsanov preaching a superficial view of the aristocratic way of existing society, but, by and large, he is absolutely indifferent to progress.It completely satisfied the existing way of life.Himself he somehow relates to the liberals, though no liberal ideas are not expressed.This is a typical retired officer, aristocrat, in his spare time engaged in demagoguery its progressiveness.As a person he is a blank, gray and mediocre, while trying to impress the modern man.

Yesterday's medical student is convinced nihilist.The current way of life does not suit him.For him, no authority as the nobles, sybarite and downtrodden, disenfranchised peasants.According to Eugene, Russia should build a new, rejecting traditions and customs as the first, second and despising feelings, treating nature as a workshop.In his view, the revolution corresponds to progress.For it is only by changing the state, you can change and people.Ideological disputes Bazarov and Kirsanov convincingly demonstrates the correctness of the former.Is that why on his side of the author of the novel?

subject of dispute: how to relate to the peasantry?

Pavel Petrovich always very nice and respectful of the people said.Sometimes purely lordly, it provides financial assistance to farmers penny.However, it does so not from the heart, but rather for affectation.In reality, the peasants Kirsanov.He did not stand their smell, and when communicating to the nose brings a bottle of cologne.Yard also feel separates them from the abyss of his master.For them he is a foreigner.

towards the people Bazarov deformed radical theory: he looks down on ordinary people, allowing careless remarks.However, his inner mindset - akin to the peasant.Although Eugene rude and sarcastic to the yard, they understand it and respect.

subject of dispute: the relation to God and religion

Lines dispute Kirsanov and Bazarov God ephemeral - a confrontation between believers and atheists insincerely.First, of course, loses.Pavel Petrovich in matters of freedom of conscience, true to himself.He is a solid simulation.His faith in God feigned.By initiating a duel, he did not just show their pride, but also attempts to kill neighbor (First Commandment).What can we say more?

market - an atheist.He believes the main reason driving force of the universe.Arithmetic and chemistry for it is not only more important than poetry and art, but also commensurate with them.This, of course, misleading.However, Evgeny so ardently believed in him, his position is so emotional, as in this dispute Kirsanova wins.

dispute about the correct position in life

principles of the life of Paul Petrovich reduced to the outside of the aristocracy.For him, it is to be dressed to the nines, to show courtesy to talk to.He reads the English press, follow the British style.The inside of the aristocracy - a genetic link with the homeland, had no way of Pushkin, Tolstoy, Turgenev, Tereshchenko, Stolypin.However, it is too difficult for Kirsanov.

life principle Bazarov (though he denies the existence of such), perhaps still there.Venture to formulate it.Most likely it is - "to be, not to seem"!He is alien to self-indulgence of the nobility.He is constantly busy work, while believing that the best reward a person - it's tangible, tangible results of his work.

dispute over the use of art

aesthetic level of Pavel Petrovich, obviously, is at primary school gymnasium.Nevertheless, it shows the snobbery, declaring his love for art, painting lifting up his eyes to heaven.However, his eye is empty.Dispute Kirsanov and Bazarov (table reflects this) ends with the victory of the erroneous views of the latter.Pavel Petrovich, indifferent to the highest expressions of the human spirit, argue that "beauty will save the world" can not.

Yevgeny Bazarov - nihilist and staunch materialist.In modern parlance, he "trolls" the arts, even Pushkin.Readers are encouraged only his naivety, because he really does not know the art of genius.

dispute about love and respect for a woman

Pavel Kirsanov, judging by his speeches, a real gentleman, and the last romantic.He is always respectful and passionate talks about the ladies.However, his biography indicates only brilliant amorous adventures as a young man.Faced with such as myself, Princess P, hunter passions, he does not recognize it in the consumer interest to him, and his personal life is a fiasco.

Kirsanov to please your ego is only able to indicate their attitudes toward women (duel because Baubles), but ennui love this person can not.

Young Evhen after hearing nihilistic nonsense, first declares its detachment from feelings, love and so on. N. However, this is nothing more than childish.His love for Anna Sergeyevna Odintsov still awakens in him a deep sense.Real, not ostentatious, natural nobility is manifested in him when he was dying at the same time, says goodbye and declares his love Odintsov.Dispute Kirsanov and Bazarov (table visually compares the inner nature of the opponents) has lost both.However, with a small correction.To be clear: the love of a woman is not a panacea for the man, it is only a magnifying glass to its merits or shortcomings.

Bazarov love morally rise, Kirsanova same - to destroy.


diametrically opposed views evince Bazarov and Kirsanov.Table disputes, grouped by section, it demonstrates.Why so much detail shows Turgenev such a confrontation?Yes, because it is a panorama of the ideological clash of political forces in Russia: the old, decaying, obsolete and new, imperfect, but dynamic.

At the same time we must recognize the depth of the mind the classic, chose these topics dispute Bazarov and Kirsanov.After all, if you try to extrapolate them to our modern society, we also get a diametrically different interpretations by representatives of different sectors of the population.Dispute generations will go on forever.

In concluding, let us summarize: the health of any society depends on the balance of opinions on the ability to find a compromise and the right path of development.Speaking figuratively, unfinished, "hovering in the air" dispute Bazarov and Kirsanov, glowing in time, turned into a revolutionary situation.How sad that the classical time not hear!