Image Novice Lermontov's poem "The Novice".

Subject Caucasus has always been close to Mikhail Lermontov, the nature and customs of this region admired poet.And consider myself a work embodied in this love, and reflected back to the romantic writer's work.And the image Mtsyri Lermontov's poem "The Novice" has become a key and of plot.

originality of creativity Lermontov

Creativity Lermontov was a reflection of the Romantic movement in literature.His hero is always alone and confronts the world.Early work has a strong influence of Byron, which was embodied in the character of idealization.Later, the hero becomes a distinctive, gain exclusion, accompanied by a tragic love, betrayal of friends and reflections on the eternal alone.

tragedy of the poet's works lies in the invasion of the harsh and cruel reality of the inner world of the hero.Image Novice Lermontov's poem "The Novice" is largely built on this confrontation.As well as all the main characters of the writer, Novice inherent desire to struggle with society, the desire to evolve and g

et things done.

Loneliness hero Lermontov - the attempt to find peace of mind, to come into harmony with the world, and the rest of society to understand what is happening.Only when he was alone with them, characters can realize themselves.

creativity Lermontov, like life itself Therefore, it is contradictory.He loved his homeland, but sang of the Caucasus, he was born into high society, but hated it.Such contradictions are many and they are all somehow reflected in the works of the writer.

History poem

idea to write about a young man in a monastery tomivshemsya and dreams of escape, came to Lermontov still litseistskie years.But, as he later wrote Lermontov, while he was still at a crossroads and not identified with their ideals.Therefore, the writer was not at all what he conceived: the poem "Confession", "Boyar Orsha".Novice image in the poem Lermontov was not yet born.

After the failure, and the idea was forgotten once again reminded of itself during the first reference to the Caucasus.On the way Mikhail passed by the monastery, which met a monk.The conversation with him made a huge impression on the poet, and he returned to the original idea.

image Novice

In Lermontov's poem "The Novice" describes the history of the last days of the life of a young man who, as a boy, was taken prisoner and was left in the care of the monks.The main issues raised in the poem - is washed away life, inexorable fate, the freedom of man.The young man risking his life, flees from the place of his imprisonment, to find freedom and to return home.The years have not been able to try it with the foreign land and imprisonment.

prisoner, who until recently ready to fight for freedom, embodies the courage, dignity, courage - that's the image Mtsyri Lermontov's poem.Writing (Grade 8) should help students realize the power of the human spirit and its ability to fight.

is indicative method of presentation of the poem.Talking about the life of a boy, Lermontov fit only one head, but the description of the three days of wandering takes virtually the rest of the work.Thus, the author points to the significance of the events, their fateful protagonist.

image Mtsyri Lermontov's poem "The Novice" embodies the incredible strength of character and spirit.He strives towards its goal - to return home, and nothing can stop him.The young man did not know the way, but is he torturing hunger, thirst, fatigue, but that's no reason to stop.The girl, whose Novice feels some sympathy, and left behind as the hero remembers his goal.Even serious wounds left by a leopard, do not take away hope to get home.

Even dying and knowing that going in the wrong direction, Novice does not regret his actions.Because only three days of freedom were his real life.In part, the author concludes the features of the image of the poem Mtsyri Lermontov.According to the plan by analyzing this work, one can find many similarities, such as the desire for freedom, the struggle with the habitual existence.

plan works

All school programs present a written paper on the topic "The image Mtsyri Lermontov's poem".Compositions, summary of which can be taken from the material submitted to us, is always written for a specific, clearly defined plan.The main points of this plan the following:

  1. ideal hero Lermontov: give a brief description of the features that have always been giving the characters a writer.
  2. Features romantic hero from Novice: a brief description and list the characteristics of romanticism romantic hero.
  3. Why Lermontov created just such a hero: to characterize the social problems that made the poet's struggle for freedom.

alternative plan works

can be taken as the basis and structure for the other writing work on "The image of the poem Lermontov Mtsyri".Writing (Grade 8), written by underwritten plan, fully reveal the problematic product:

  1. childhood of the protagonist: it will help to understand the origins of his character.
  2. disclosure of the identity Novice through the description of three days in the wild: how the hero tells of newfound freedom, manifested the most important qualities of his character.
  3. The protagonist is close to Lermontov?


image Mtsyri Lermontov's poem, therefore, is of plot.Not by chance the idea of ​​creation was born poet in student years, when he lived locked.Lermontov has embodied in his character's own desire for freedom and the desire to fight for it until the end.