Re-reading the classics: what circumstances forced Vladimir Dubrovsky be robber

Artwork Pushkin called "Dubrovsky" literary critics called the robber's novel, the story.Written on it was in the 30s of the 19th century, however, the plot of the author himself considered incomplete.Pushkin brought his creation to the end, even going back to the story and to continue work on its content, to complete the study of the fate of the main characters.The idea of ​​the novel writer has been derived from the stories of his close friend Naschokina about a Belarusian nobleman prisoner in jail after a fierce battle with a rich neighbor.

Reality and profit

As can be seen from the diary of Alexander, he is extremely interested in the adventurous and romantic life story landowner Ostrovsky.It was in the events of his destiny the writer found the storylines for his story.A conflict broke out between the prototype works, he explains what circumstances forced to become a robber Vladimir Dubrovsky.Landed gentry Ostrovsky after his noble intrigues and unscrupulous neighbor was deprived estates, lan

d and serfs.The same happened with both Dubrovsky - father and son.With a handful of devotees began to rob the peasants Ostrovsky, assistant clerks in revenge for the wrong judgments, and then the other landlords.That's what caused the rebellion of a real person.Here are the circumstances forced Vladimir Dubrovsky be robber after his father died.However, between the characters and the fictional stories of this is a significant difference.Pushkin had much to conjecture and to generalize, because his hero - not just a replica of a particular human fate, but also the artistic image, and instead typed a lot of character.And the story itself - a striking example of Pushkin's realism, showing the formation and development of the method in his work.

origins of the conflict

To understand the circumstances that led to Vladimir Dubrovsky become a thief, you must carefully examine the beginning of the story.Its first line dedicated to Cyril P. Troyekurov, rich, caressed by the power of the landlords.Pushkin calls Troyekurov briefly and accurately - despot.Indeed, from his indomitable character rabid and cruel pranks suffers entire district.Cyril P. costs nothing to ridicule, humiliate, offend everyone in the neighborhood.And impunity.The city master the same arrogant and unprincipled as their boss.Only one person holds a Troyekurov on equal terms - old Dubrovsky, a longtime friend of his.None of the neighbors do not understand this friendship, as well as why only Andrei Gavrilovich, very independent and proud, Kirill Petrovich behaves respectfully and complacent.But the unexpected incident destroyed the idyll, and yesterday's good comrades became bitter enemies.This event, and sheds light on what circumstances forced to become a robber Vladimir Dubrovsky.

humiliated and insulted

Kirill Petrovich in his own conceived Andrew Gavrilovic put in place and to punish around, so that all in the province could not think continue to disobey though something Troyekurov.Turning to the clerks to the court, he said, the rights to Kistenevka and the adjacent village yes birch grove.Meeting his former comrades in court - one of the most intense moments in the story.It was at the time of announcement of the decision of the court Andrew Gavrilovic is crazy, but instead the triumph Troyekurov experiencing burning shame, regret and remorse.The desire to avenge his father - here's what made Vladimir Dubrovsky become a robber, when he learned about the causes of mental suffering old man.

unsuccessful visit

Babysitting young heir, Egorovna wrote about everything that happened at home to St. Petersburg to his pupil.She begged Vladimir likely to come - to support the priest and take care of them, unhappy peasants, whom the judges are going to pass under the rule of the hated Troyekurov.Dubrovsky Jr. immediately returned home.The meeting of father and son Pushkin described as a truly dedicated and loving each other people.Ironically, on the same day and hour Troyekurov extremely regretting what he had done everything, I went to Kistenevka ask another for forgiveness, offer to forget all the misunderstandings, return the documents to the property, and to live as before.Seeing the window a carriage with his foe, the old Dubrovsky came in great excitement, and died at the hands of his son.Smer's father, the only native person, the desire to revenge forced to become a robber Vladimir Dubrovsky.

fire and riot

last straw in a fateful coincidence was the arrival of a police officer Kistenevka refereeing.They faced Vladimir immediately after the funeral.The authorities were making an inventory of the property and enter into possession of the name of the new owner - Kirill Petrovich.The peasants revolted, Dubrovsky barely kept them from bloody clashes with arrived.He had already decided to do.When the judges have settled in a house arranged a feast, and then fell asleep in the dining room including food and drinks, yard on the orders of the young master set fire to the house.He immediately went up in flames.The maid closed the windows and doors so that no one inside could not get out.Responsibility for arson and murder public opinion has placed on the former owner Kistenevka.And the robber Vladimir Dubrovsky, who made the most loyal band of peasants and serfs, began to catch up with the fear of neighboring estates, gradually picking up to its main enemy - Troyekurov.Under the guise of a Frenchman Deforge young man enters the house Cyril Petrovich.But his love for his daughter, Masha, vengeful plans change.After many dangerous adventures with a broken heart, Vladimir went abroad.