"Poor Liza": an analysis of the story.

story "Poor Liza" from the pen of Nikolai Karamzin, became one of the first works in Russian sentimentalism.The love story of a poor girl and a young nobleman won the hearts of many of the writer's contemporaries, and was received with great enthusiasm.The work has brought unprecedented popularity was still quite unknown 25-year-old writer.However, descriptions of what begins the story "Poor Liza"?


Karamzin differed love for Western culture and actively preach its principles.Its role in the life of Russia was enormous and invaluable.This progressive and active person has traveled to Europe in 1789-1790 gg., And on his return published in "Moscow Journal" story "Poor Liza".

analysis story indicates that the product has a sentimental aesthetic orientation, which is reflected in the interest in the feelings of the people, regardless of their social status.

While writing the story Karamzin lived at the cottage with friends, which was located not far from the Simonov Monastery.It is believed

that it was the basis for the beginning of the work.Because of this love story and the characters themselves were perceived by readers as very real.A pond near the monastery became known as "lysine pond."

«Poor Liza" Karamzin as a sentimental story

«Poor Liza" - is, in fact, the story, in which the genre in Russia before Karamzin nobody wrote.But the innovation of the writer, not only in the selection of the genre, but also in direction.It is for this story stuck the title of the first works of Russian sentimentalism.

sentimentalism appeared in Europe in the XVII century and is focused on the sensual side of human life.Questions of mind and society went to this area by the wayside, but the emotions, human relationships have become a priority.

sentimentalism has always sought to idealize what is happening, embellishment.Responding to a question about what descriptions begins the story "Poor Liza," we can talk about an idyllic landscape that draws readers Karamzin.

theme and the idea

One of the main themes of the story - social, and it is connected with the problem of the relationship of the nobility to the peasants.No wonder Karamzin elect to be the bearer of innocence and morality peasant girl.

Contrasting images of Lisa and Erastus, writer one of the first raises the issue of conflicts of town and country.If we turn to what descriptions begins the story "Poor Liza," we will see a cozy and quiet natural world that exists in harmony with nature.The city is frightening, terrifying its "Community House", "golden dome".Lisa becomes a reflection of nature, it is natural and naive, there is no hypocrisy and pretense.

author speaks in the story from the perspective of a humanist.Karamzin depicts the beauty of love, its beauty and strength.But reason and pragmatism can easily destroy this wonderful feeling.The success story owes incredible attention to a person's identity, his experiences."Poor Liza" aroused sympathy from his readers through Karamzin's amazing ability to represent all emotional subtleties, feelings, desires and thoughts of the heroine.


full analysis of the story "Poor Liza" is impossible without a detailed examination of images of the main characters of the work.Liza and Erast, as noted above, embodied the different ideals and principles.

Lisa - a common peasant girl, the main feature of which is the ability to feel.It acts according to the dictates of his heart and feelings, which eventually led to her death, but the morality of it remained intact.However, in the image of Lisa's little peasant: her speech and thoughts closer to the literary language, but the feelings of the girls fall in love for the first time passed with incredible honesty.So, despite the external idealization of the heroine, her inner feelings are transmitted very real.In this respect, it does not lose its innovation story "Poor Liza".

What begins work descriptions?First of all, in tune with the character of the heroine, helps the reader to get to know her.This is a natural idyllic world.

entirely different appears to readers Erast.He is an officer, who baffled just looking for new entertainment life in the light of its tires and brings boredom.He's not stupid, kind but weak character and fickle in their affections.Erast really falls in love, but I did not think about the future, because Lisa is not in his circle, and take her as his wife, he never could.

Karamzin complicated way of Erastus.Typically, such a hero in Russian literature was simpler and endowed with certain characteristics.But the writer does not a cunning seducer and genuinely fell in love with a man who through weakness of character could not pass the tests and save his love.This type of character was new to Russian literature, but soon caught on, and later named the "superfluous man".

plot and originality

plot works pretty unsophisticated.This is the story tragic love peasant and nobleman, which culminated in the death of Lisa.What

descriptions begins the story "Poor Liza"?Karamzin draws natural panorama, colossus of the monastery, the pond - it is here, surrounded by nature and lives the main character.But the main story - not the story and describe the main thing - feelings.And these feelings of the narrator should awaken the public.For the first time in Russian literature, where the image of the narrator is always a product, there is a character-author.This sentimental love story of the narrator learns from Erastus and with sadness and empathy retells the reader.

Thus, in the story of three main characters: Lisa, Erast and author-narrator.Karamzin also introduces a welcome landscape descriptions and a few easier ponderous style of the Russian literary language.

value for Russian literature story "Poor Liza»

analysis story thus shows an incredible contribution to the development of Karamzin Russian literature.In addition to describing the relationship of town and country, the emergence of "superfluous man", many researchers have noted the emergence of the "little man" - in the form of Lisa.This work influenced the work of Alexander Pushkin, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Leo Tolstoy, who developed the themes, ideas and images Karamzin.

Incredible psychology that brought Russian literature worldwide fame, also gave rise to the story "Poor Liza".What descriptions of this work begins!How much beauty in them, stylistic originality and incredible ease!It is impossible to overestimate the contribution of Karamzin to the development of Russian literature.