How to catch a beaver?

meat, skin, spray and fat beaver are quite valuable and will be useful in any household.Only the animal must be received intact, so hunters have adopted different ways to catch the beaver in different seasons.Only in this case it is not so simple, so powerful and intelligent the animal - the beaver.How to catch, it does not turn out to be illegal, what methods of fishing is better - you can read about in this article.

Weapons - the pros and cons

Probably the most common way of getting a dead animal - the use of guns.Just not always the way to bring some advantages.


- Fast killing an animal.Hunter saw a beaver shot, got killed animal.No need to mess with anything.

- Range bullet.The animal is far away?Allow aimed shot hit the target and not miss prey.

- Simplicity and ease of use.The weapon is not as difficult and does not require additional knowledge, therefore it is quite easy to handle.


- dead animals.Sometimes it is necessary to get the animal alive.

- Damage to the skin.If you want to get the whole skin, the gun will not work, because a bullet or shot violate its integrity.


When it comes to how to catch a beaver, it is necessary to immediately pay attention to hunting traps.Of course, in this case, there are complexities, so for them should be ready soon.

Choice trap

Beaver - strong and fast animal.Therefore, you must choose a good trap.Seventh trap with rounded arches is the best option.Of course, you can see other versions of this type of fishing beaver, but do not forget about the physical characteristics of a rodent.


Before installing the trap you need to carefully inspect the area and find the most suitable place where often there is a beaver.How to catch the trap after a good intelligence, will remain a matter of time.During the observation is to pay attention to the place where the animal comes to the land, where there is a place to get food and other materials for his life.

Direct installation

At first glance it may seem that the trap set is quite simple.Only the reality is otherwise.If we talk about how to catch a beaver in a trap, it is also worth mentioning the maximum caution hunter.In addition, we must not forget about their own safety.

In most cases, this tool for hunting set in the water, so you need to mount it in such a way that the animal did not see the danger, but at the same time and a mechanism to load time.At shallow depths can be put on the bottom of the trap, and if it is installed in a place where pretty deep, it is necessary to resort to using wooden stakes and rope to a rodent could not go ashore.

can be used to mask special items, as well as natural conditions.You can just shake the water to the sand and other debris covered trap.

fishing beaver in winter

Probably, many people believe that the beaver winter sleep.Just really do not, beavers simply reduce their activity, so you should raise the issue of how to catch a beaver in winter.

It should say at once that winter hunting is a difficult task and costly, especially in the physical plane.

Site Preparation hunting

directly rodent winter fishing begins in the fall.When in the water ice has not yet appeared, it is necessary to find the deepest place where the beaver colony.And mark it.This is necessary to ensure that in the winter you can easily find a place for the future installation of a trap.

When the ice is of normal thickness, can withstand the weight of a person, you are ready to hunt.The award is necessary to make the hole location, size 50x50 cm. It is necessary to find a small tree trunk suitable length.One end of the prepared wood is stuck in the bottom of the reservoir so that the barrel was at an angle of 35-45%, the other must protrude above the ice.

Setting trap

answer on how to catch a beaver in the winter, involves the use of the trap.Accordingly, after the preparation of the hole is necessary to proceed to its installation.Only in the first place is to prepare a special solid platform mechanism to firmly stood.The perfect assistant to produce it can become a little chock.

also necessary to prepare a broom branches of aspen (bait beaver).You can certainly use another tree, but the best is still to take aspen branches which should not exceed the length of more than 1 meter.

After all the necessary arrangements can be set trap.Playground with a trap put in the middle of the hole, then at a distance of about 50 cm lowered the broom.After that, we can only wait beast.

Other ways to catch beaver

trap - the most effective and popular option.There are also other ways of how to catch a beaver.Before the advent of the above mechanism hunters caught him with the help of dogs.They chased the animal out of his house, and the dog chased it to the desired location, where it was installed a trap or loop.

At this point you can talk about how to catch a beaver loop.Only the method of catching an animal is illegal, and the complexity is much more than fishing with the help of the previously mentioned mechanism.

Period hunting beaver

to avoid the attention of law enforcement agencies, should be aware of this period of hunting.Basically, in all regions of the beaver hunting is allowed in the cold season, namely from autumn to spring.