Chekhov's story "Surgery": analysis and summary

more than 100 years of Russian literature fans have the opportunity to enjoy reading humorous and satirical stories of Anton Chekhov."Surgery", "Chameleon", "thick and thin", "Death to the officer," and many other works demonstrate the writer's attitude to moral deformity, loss in the human person.Chekhov in his stories often ridicules stupidity, ignorance and other negative character traits of people.This writer cleverly directs the sting of satire not only on the main character of his work, but also to those people who come into conflict with it, not being able to wisely get out of an unpleasant situation.

Short and informative stories - the main path of Anton Chekhov

Chekhov story "Surgery" reiterates the view of many literary critics as to what the writer is a master of writing novels miniatures.In favor of this opinion, and said a number of phrases used in his time writer: "The art of writing is an art - cut", "Brevity - the sister of talent", "The language should be simple and elegant," and

so forth. Chekhov, as no one else was able to brieflytalk about global things.It is with a few strokes could give a comprehensive description of any person.

Chekhov never introduces readers to a previous biography of the heroes of their stories, their parents or ancestors before they began to commit any act described in the novel.The author is always started with the stories of human behavior, his words, thoughts and feelings associated with that or other actions committed by them.Description of the appearance of the main characters or the situation - this is the most that can be found in the stories of Chekhov."Surgery" is no exception to this rule.However, these descriptions do not go beyond what anyone can see, that is the author's own opinion they did not appear, so that the reader is given the opportunity to form their own opinion about a particular location, character or situation.

Summary "Surgery»

his story "Surgery" Chekhov begins by noting that the district hospital doctor had left to get married, and his duty to receive patients took the paramedic chicken.

first paramedic patient becomes Vonmiglasov deacon, who is suffering from a severe toothache and sincerely hopes for knowledge and skills first.Chicken, in turn, assures the patient that the surgery - a trifling matter, only need the knowledge and the right approach.

However, after he saw tooth of the patient and decided to delete it, confidence significantly reduced.This fact highlights the fluctuations paramedic description as to what tool to use.He does not know whether to choose his tongs, a key or a cigarette.First, the hero stares at the tools, and then took a cigarette, approach to the patient, but after a few seconds, and returns it to the changing tongs.That is what draws the attention of Anton Chekhov.Surgery as a result is not as easy as it seemed at first glance the assistant.Taking tongs, he spent a long time with the tooth deacon, but could not snatch it.The story ends with the sexton, naterpevshis pain and evil, away from paramedic, reproaching him.

image of a paramedic in the story

chicken is one of the main characters of the story "Surgery".Chekhov content of the story is not only filled the description of the behavior of the hero, but also its appearance.It is worth noting that the paramedic looks far from perfect.Negative complement smelly cigarettes chicken in his hand.

As for inner peace paramedic, there is at the forefront of his overconfidence, boasting and verbiage.In this way he covers his inability and ignorance.He boasted to the sexton familiarity with the landowner Alexander Ivanovitch Egypt, who was on his admission and did not complain (as opposed to the present patient).As a result, the deacon goes with severe pain, and the doctor's assistant did not realize his mistake, and instead of apologizing, he also calls him ignorant.

image deacon in the "Surgery»

No less important place Vonmiglasov sexton - the second character, which tells the story of "Surgery".Chekhov emphasizes illiteracy and stupidity Vonmiglasova.For the sexton instead go directly to the doctor, listening to a variety of tips such as ignorant as himself.

The story emphasizes subservience deacon, which in those days were different lower strata of the population.Initially, he was baptized, communion bread brought, praised paramedic - in short, behaved very "pious".However, less than half an hour, his behavior was reversed, he began to wish all the worst chicken and even took communion bread with them.

Prototypes of heroes "Surgery»

of Chekhov's "Surgery" has real prototypes.Brother Anton Chekhov often talked about as a writer during his medical practice in the Resurrection Hospital watched one case, which was the basis for the story.

participants of the real situation was a medical student, a replacement physician and the patient, go to the hospital with a toothache.During the reception, the inexperienced student a long time trying to pull teeth, but was only able to break the crown.As a result, an irate patient cursed and left.

Analysis "Surgery»

story is built on communicating only two people who met at the will of fate in a rural hospital - paramedic Chicken and deacon Vonmiglasova.However, their was enough to emphasize such negative human traits as ignorance and complacency that made Chekhov."Surgery" is a work in which the most striking characteristic of the characters is their speech.Vonmiglasov, trying to show their "devotion", many common words remakes way to church.Paramedic chicken, in turn, emphasizes the importance of its own, using a huge amount of medical terms, of course, it is not clear for a simple deacon.

However, when it comes to the extraction of a tooth, it becomes clear that the chicken was not an experienced doctor, what presented itself at the beginning.Moreover, it seems that he was working at the hospital, he quite by accident, and he can not be trusted.Ends Chekhov's story "Surgery", as one might expect harm to another person, who, by the way, the result is also not so devout.The ignorance of both characters highlights of the speech at the end of the story, which is from vzaimnouvazhitelnogo tone shifted to the charges and swearing.