Flashback: what kind of reception in art, and what he characterized?

Flashback - one of the most common methods in the art of narrative.It aims to reveal to the reader or viewer to the past, to tell him that he does not know in connection with a "real time" in the product.

In fact, the question of what is flashback, so you can answer - it is a demonstration of initiating events in the product.Reception helps the author tell us about the motivation of characters reveal their skeletons in the closet, and things like that.

However, this term is not just art.


Flashback - it for the movie?Generally, initially, through the art of moving pictures, and there was this term.It stands for "flash back."That is as if we suddenly brought into the past - it was his show us on the screen.

hard to explain welcome flashback.What is it easier to understand with an example.Consider the well-known «Lost».This series is fully built on them.No flashbacks in "Lost" will not understand anything.They explain all the conflicts that take place in the mysterious and dangerous islan

d.Flashback gives us the opportunity to better understand the motivation of the characters, the roots of their actions.

However, the first time the full flashbacks were used in the movie "Citizen Kane."With them, the director holds a strong and rigid affair, which does not let the audience until the end of the film.Permanent transfer of the past here does not help us to clarify the situation - it is only deeper and deeper misunderstanding knot tightens and gives the depth of the image, thanks to which this film and is famous for.


whether writers flashback?What it can give works of literature?Most likely, the first time this technique has applied there.Of course, people do not immediately come to such a seemingly simple scheme.For example, in oral folk art did not meet - flashback involves a very complex system of constructing history.After all, first of all, it should be necessary.

If you remember from the example of the new, the modern bestseller "Fifty Shades of Grey" literally completely tied to them.Flashback on behalf of the Christian Gray - the most important part of the narrative.He reveals his past.Flashback explains how this man became who he is.And it becomes clear where are the passions and desires that are hidden inside.

example of using a non-standard reception flashback - Hunter S. Thompson book "Hell's Angels".It is almost completely composed of them as the central storyline could hold two to three pages.But the primary meaning of the work is just in the memories of the journalist Thompson: his life, traveling with hazardous bikers from motorcycle club "Hell's Angels".


In video games the same way as with any product, flashback helps to reveal the characters and carries the narrative form.However, they are very different and function.Successfully used in video games and welcome flashback.That this is so can be seen in the series "Assassin Creed".All the "chip" of the game - just in flashbacks, which carry the main character in different historical epochs.In this and the gameplay are built.After all, it is this diversity is the factor that makes people again and again to buy new games to immerse yourself in an interesting world.

also plagued by flashbacks of the protagonist of another game series - Max Payne.Through them we understand the bitterness of the loss of the protagonist, who has just left that to avenge the killers of his wife and children.In addition, they get a terrible sense because the reality they mixed with the horrors of his imagination.


However, not one word art alive.There is another side of the issue, because flashback - it is also a psychological term.Second name for this effect - reperezhivanie.

Flashback in psychology - a disorder faced especially schizophrenia, is experiencing the same feelings with which people once faced.It would seem that in this strange?But these feelings, patients suffer exactly with that feeling with which they once experienced the situation.Identity is becoming: the smells, the sensations of heat and cold, but without any reason.

second side of the term is applied to addicts.Often it concerns those who took psychedelic drugs - because they are the most vulnerable to "visual attacks."The reason for this phenomenon is that taking drugs once sharply capture the same effects, he experienced firsthand.But now he experiences it in a completely sober.And the lights that he had seen a green LSD dramatically begin to seem so.

Other authors did not disdain to use the word "flashback" in the titles of their works.Most often, their main motive - an escape from the past.

widely known film "Flashback" 1990.He tells about how the old hippies took over the crime that he committed twenty years ago.But then the unbelievable happens - runs like a lawbreaker, and arrested him an FBI agent.They do this in order to understand the past and understand how a just punishment.As you can see, in the context of the film it fits the name "flashback."Critics of the movie film were not the best.

Also today, during the return to the old video games, you can once again remember the "Flashback".Passing it took a long time due to the complexity.As, in principle, any game segovsky era.The plot revolves around a government agent, who suddenly found out that almost all the world's politicians have long been captured by aliens and submenus.


word can not describe flashback.With this concept is far from being one meaning and can accommodate a variety of interpretations, it becomes clear after the above examples.However, one thing is for sure - this term carries a tinge of the past.Reception surprisingly allows to tell what happened in the past, but it is important for the present.This word is called festivals, painting, group games and books.This is fully consistent with the widespread use of original techniques, without which it is now difficult to imagine modern cinema.