"Alice in Wonderland": summary of the book chapter by chapter.

In this article, we describe a work of "Alice in Wonderland."Summary of the written tale in 1865 offered to your attention.You will get acquainted with its subject.Will also be presented to you the main characters."Alice in Wonderland" - a fascinating story that is sure you will enjoy.We begin our story from the beginning, from the first chapter.

first chapter

Girl Alice, the main character of this book, my journey through Wonderland starts unexpectedly for itself: languid idleness and heat, she discovers the rabbit, which is not surprising in itself.But the rabbit was not only speaking (which Alice at this moment, too, was not surprised), he had a pocket watch, and everything else he was somewhere in a hurry.So begins the work of "Alice in Wonderland."Summary of the book, of course, does not describe in detail all the events.

Alice, burning with impatience, rushed into the hole behind him and was suddenly in a vertical tunnel.According to him promptly (or at all, even after the girl had time t

o notice what is on the shelves of the wall, and picked up a jar labeled "Orange Marmalade", which turned out, unfortunately, empty) failed.But everything in this world comes to an end, including the fall of Alice, and quite successfully.

Alice is in the hall

continuing work "Alice in Wonderland."Summary it consists of the following events.The girl is in the great hall, disappeared Rabbit, but she found a lot of doors and a small golden key on the table, through which could open the door to the magnificent garden.But getting there was not possible because the main character was too great.At the same time, she turned up the bottle, on which was written "Drink me."

This only begins the most interesting events works "Alice in Wonderland."Summary of the heads of curious.The work itself is even more interesting.After reading the author's text stories, you will be introduced to the original style of the narrative Carroll.

Alice, despite his caution, decided to drink from it and began to rapidly decline, even afraid that it could happen is something that happens to a candle flame when it is blown.Fortunately, the cake turned out to be close to where Alice read "Eat me."Girl doing so has grown to such proportions that has already started to say goodbye to his feet, remaining far below.

second and third chapters

Everything here was very unpredictable and strange.Even long ago learned the girl verses and multiplication tables out her sikos-nakos.Alice herself did not recognize, even decided that it was not she and the other girl.From the infinite strangeness and grief main character began to cry, damn little lake, which almost drowned.

Artwork "Alice in Wonderland", which is a summary of this article, then tells us how the girl found that not one flounder about in this strange lacrimal lake.Beside her snorting mouse.

Alice, being a polite girl, started a conversation with her, so how embarrassing it would be to remain silent.Unfortunately, she spoke about cats, remembering their favorite pitomitsy, stay home.But outraged callousness Alice Mouse left.

fourth chapter

Rabbit, who appeared again sent her like a servant, the gloves and the fan to his home because going to go to the Duchess.Alice did not argue, he entered the house where he lived Rabbit, but drank it out of curiosity and a liquid out of a vial.Once again, the girl has grown to gigantic proportions, such that almost smashed his house.Fortunately, it turns into a patty threw stones, and the girl began again tiny, and then ran away.The rich imagination of the author fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland"!Summary of product, meanwhile, describes only the main events.

Alice wandered into the inhospitable jungle grass.She almost did not get the young pup on the tooth, and then was near a huge mushroom, which is important to the caterpillar and sat smoking a hookah.

fifth chapter

girl complained to her that she is constantly changing in size and itself does not know, but in a similar caterpillar metamorphoses did not find anything special, having talked with no sympathy for the bewildered Alice.Especially when I heard that the girl is not happy with its present growth in three inches because it is very Caterpillar suit!Remove offended Alice, taking a piece of a mushroom with.

it is useful when the protagonist saw the house.The girl chewed mushroom grown to a size of nine inches, and went to him.

sixth chapter

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland are continuing.She saw the footman who stood in the doorway, like a fish.He handed one more resembling a toad, an invitation to the party Welcome to the Queen of croquet.Long Alice found out the lackey Toad, if she is allowed to enter, but did not understand anything of the answers of the servant (not deprived of, among other things, the strange logic).

In the end the girl decided and went inside.This goes on "Alice in Wonderland", a book which even today has not lost its popularity.

main character found himself in the kitchen, which was not breathe from the pepper and smoke.There cooked cook, and close to the Duchess, who has been in the hands of the screaming baby.Cook casually threw the dishes in both.Big cat watched with a grin behind all this.Duchess briefly explained surprised Alice was smiling cat because he Cheshire, and said that all cats can smile.Then she began humming a familiar lullaby shrill like a baby, but it made for some reason, was terrified Alice.Duchess finally threw the girl with a baby bundle.The girl made the house grunting restless chips and suddenly saw with amazement that this Piglet, and not a child!

main heroine remembered involuntarily and the other children, of which, perhaps, would have turned out nice little pig.

continues the adventures of Alice in Wonderland.Here again, there was a girl in front of the Cheshire Cat.She asked him about how much further to go.Smiling, Ivory explained that if Alice is like a place to go in any direction you can move.Cote said the girl quietly, that in a country where she got all crazy and disappeared.But not all.There was his big smile hanging in the air for a long time.

this property is particularly suitable Kota him when the Queen of Hearts, fierce and terrible, ordered to cut off the animal's head (eighth chapter).Just disappeared Cat.One could see only the head and in the air.But you can order it cut off if there is no body?

Meanwhile, Alice went to the March Hare, and got to the tea party.

seventh chapter

Mad Hatter and Hare were forced to drink the tea continuously as a punishment for the fact that these heroes to kill time.These characters ("Alice in Wonderland") treated the main character inhospitable - ridiculed and intimidated.The girl went and got after the next adventure in the royal garden with red painted white rose gardeners.

the Head of the eighth to twelfth

That appeared wife, the Queen of Hearts and the King, surrounded by courtiers - Hearts of diamonds and smaller cards.Although they showed to others severity, Alice was not frightened.She reasoned that this is just a map.

In the hall she saw almost all the friends from wonderland.Judged in this time Cervone Jack, who stole the Queen of cakes baked.Suddenly caused the main character, which has grown to normal size.Its sound logic broke all attempts to intimidate the girl taken spouses.

to dispel magic.The girl woke up beside her sister on the same meadow.It was only just a dream.

Thus ends the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland."This book was written half a century ago, but did not lose its relevance to this day, remains one of the most famous works for children.