"Woe from Wit", who wrote it?

When you ask people the question: "Woe from Wit" Who wrote this? "- That not everyone will be able to immediately respond to it properly.However, if you make it out of quotations known work, thanks to its aphoristic style many will know them almost by heart: "Blessed are those who believe, heat it in the world" or "Cool story, but it is hard to believe," and so on. D.

Answering more to the question: "Woe from Wit" Who wrote this? "- just like to mention that this work, which is a comedy in verse, created Alexander Griboyedov.And interestingly, that it made him famous classic Russian literature, as included in the elements of classicism and new trends of romanticism and realism of the XIX century.

«Woe from Wit" Who wrote

now want to stop more in detail on the work itself.After all, with the question: "Woe from Wit" Who wrote this? "- Is clear.This comedy, the time of its writing is dated 1822-1824 years., Is a very sharp satire on the behavior of the Moscow aristocratic society of the time.

Griboyedov was the first author of a realistic comedy in verse, although he created a number of exciting products such as the "Student", "young couple" and others.

In his early plays of Alexander Griboyedov has tried to combine different styles, but really happened is innovative, "Woe from Wit", opened to the public in 1825 with "Boris Godunov," Pushkin.

satire on high society

Alexander Griboyedov conceived to write this comedy in 1816, but the real work began in Tbilisi, when the writer came back from Persia.In winter 1822 it was written the first two acts, and in the summer in 1823 in Moscow, he completed the first version of this tragicomedy.It happened in the capital, as it is in this writer was able to observe the true nature and life of the Moscow nobility.

However, work on the product did not stop then.And in 1824 it created a new option called "Grief and no mind" (while the original name was "Woe mind").

Literature.Griboyedov "Woe from Wit»

in 1825, albeit with censorship cuts, but were published excerpts of the first and the third part of the comedy.However, her statement could not get permission.But despite this, the work is still widely disseminated and become popular.

I. Leo - litseistsky friend of Pushkin - a poet brought comedy to Mikhailovskoye, and it immediately received very enthusiastically among the Decembrists, they are attracted to this kind of freedom-loving literature.

Griboyedov in 1829 was tragically killed, and that only after his death, and more precisely in 1833, the first time a large reduction comedy "Woe from Wit" was published, and it is completely were available only in 1862.

plot synopsis

protagonist, an impoverished nobleman kind of Alexander A. Chatsky, after several years abroad returned back to the capital.And the first thing runs to his beloved, Famusov Sophia Pavlovna, with whom he had not seen for three years.These two young men as a child and grew up together, a little grown up, fell in love.However, once Chatsky unexpectedly left for St. Petersburg.He left Sophia, without warning and it is not cherknuv three words at parting.

And Chatsky Famusovs hurry into the house to make a marriage proposal Sophia.But his expectations are not met, the girl met him more than a cold.And as it turned out, she was in love with a young secretary, Alexei Stepanovich Molchalin living in their home and working on her father.Chatsky not immediately unravel this mystery, he could not imagine that Molchalin worthy of her love.


Chatsky considers Molchalin pathetic creature who does not know how to love selflessly and passionately, and the servant who tries to cater for any opportunity to get the next rank.Having learned that Sophia keen Molchalin Chatsky greatly disappointed in his beloved.He begins to rage to denounce all sins Moscow society whose ideology is Sophia's father, Paul FAMUSOV Afanasievich.And then annoyed Sophia let the rumor that would Chatsky crazy and society immediately picks up this "duck".As a result, Chatsky in despair leaves Moscow.


Griboyedov "Woe from Wit" thematically divided into two storylines: a love Chatsky and his opposition to Moscow society.However, the main idea here is contained in the free young person protest "against vile Russian reality", with the words of Griboyedov.When in 1816 the writer returned to St. Petersburg from abroad, he was just amazed by the fact that the secular balls all know bows to foreign guests.Seeing one of the parties, both secular aristocrats with attention and concern surrounded of a Frenchman, said Griboyedov passionate diatribe.Then someone called him crazy, and this rumor immediately spread through Petersburg.Griboyedov same way to somehow take revenge on the hated society, think about this a comedy.

Now the comedy "Woe from Wit" are studying at a school in the 9th grade, and often put on the stage.

Who would have thought that the Russian diplomat, playwright, pianist, poet and nobleman could so argue with society."Woe from Wit" and to this day is very important sounds and makes us all think about the conflict because the "old" and "new" world has always been important.

Unfortunately, the fate of the author of this master work was very cruel.When he was a foreign ambassador in Tehran, a crowd of thousands of rebellious Persians broke into the embassy and kill all the people who were there.