Bukkrossing - it ... Bukkrossing Library: guidelines

term "Bukkrossing" appeared only a few years ago.What is it?Bukkrosing - this is an unusual, original library in which there are no employees, so they perform the functions reading of ordinary fans.That is the book that has been read, are left in places specially designated for that other followers of the movement could use them.Carried away by people in many countries creates even official sites bukkrosinga.

The valuable paper books

More recently, about 20-30 years ago, interesting, good books have to buy anything, while handing over pre-20-30 kilograms of waste paper, or "get".Therefore, the practice of exchanging existed in any intelligent company.For similar knigooborotu were connected sometimes familiar and closest friends.

And before that, too, in the Soviet years, it was considered very prestigious store books, even in small apartments.Their presence was seen as a sign of prosperity.In every self-respecting, decent family must have been various cases of books, or at least some shelves th

at are lined with art books.Most of them did not read, but the presence of these works in the house were very proud.

Today we live in an era of high technology.Gradually, paper books are coming to replace the various gadgets.They are easy to use, they are comfortable, "capacity".Other mobile "reading room", e-books have found their lovers, who like this type of holiday.In one case, again it fits small library.

reason for the popularity of paper books preserved

Each copy of the book - it's almost animate being.After all, nothing can replace the smell of ink, the rustle of pages, tactile feel of paper sheets.This is by no comparison is not with the cold metallic luster of electronic "e-readers".

But when the book gathering dust on the shelf, it loses its heat and attractive properties, it becomes plain paper.It is necessary to actively read it, to breathe life into a book.

Home Bukkrossing

In 2001 Ron Hornbeyker, American programmer, and his wife, looking at the bookshelves in her home, decided that it could no longer continue.First, they decided to leave a few copies in the hotel lobby with an explanatory note.So there Bukkrossing this term in Russian sounds like "knigovorot."Unusual flashmob various "liberated books," this recognition was a year when this movement spoke on television and in the press.Each day thereafter was connected to the action of at least three hundred people.

What Bukkrossing?

Bukkrossing - a kind of book club.Very easy exchange process.You can login to a special website and register there.The man then assigns a certain number of his book.Then he leaves it in a special place, where this can take a copy and read any other.

Many books, so do not gather dust on the shelves of pointless.The former owner of the work may even follow the journey of the book, getting information by e-mail about who she is currently.The following basic desire can be called tacit objective pursued Bukkrossing - turn the planet into a huge library.

Perceive followers of the humanitarian movement of his "pets" not just as a pile of paper in a binder, and as bearers of the living thoughts, hidden behind a set of letters.Books that are read regularly and actively, give a piece of their spiritual people.First bukkrosserom acts writer.He shares his ideas and thoughts with a wider audience of the future of its readers.

essence Bukkrossing

Its purpose is very simple: to "liberate" the book, read it, let someone else take advantage of it.It can be found on the dedicated website and logo of the movement - a book with legs painted in yellow.

label is printed and glued inside the cover when you give it to Bukkrossing (in the library, for example, makes a similar mark), and it indicates a unique serial number.After addition of a small letter, if it finds someone.It states that it is not lost, but must be transferred to the new temporary owner, who will send the book to further Bukkrossing.The library guidelines on this motion you can give an employee.

Bukkrossing corporate

Corporate Bukkrossing - is not just a new-fangled "chip", and a whole large system, pursuing multiple goals.Chief among them - the minimum cost of funds for the training of new employees, another - the introduction of the corporate values โ€‹โ€‹of the company.Also, this kind of Bukkrossing generally contributes to the development of the business.

Bukkrossing world

The greatest popularity of this movement was in Italy.Participating in it very serious organization.The government of Florence gave more than 4,000 copies of various books, which quickly went to the city with the help of the movement "Bukkrossing."Pictures of knigovorote placed in this article will help you understand the scale.

Genaro Capuano, director of the bookstore in Florence, which has a branch in Paris, moved to France and Bukkrossing.It was "scattered" in March 2003, 2000 different books.Such shares, as claimed even the most well-known publishing houses, not only do not harm trade, but, on the contrary, help to remind readers (and someone and learn) that can be obtained from reading books is much more fun if you keep in the hands of the print edition.

in America in 2008 "breaks free" on a monthly basis up to 12 thousand volumes.Participants worldwide knigooborote as Tanzania, Mozambique, Nepal, Germany.

Around the world today there are about 2 million bukkrosserov, registered 10 million different books.By reading the informative and interesting volumes allow to take up these dates, bright and good action.All this is completely free.It happens sometimes that is not enough money for the purchase of the best-selling, and no place to keep the books.Bukkrossing - a solution to all problems at once.

This movement recently beginning to support in many states the authorities, including the CIS countries.They arrange for the exchange of public places, special cabinets.

Bukkrossing Moscow

Authorities of the capital have decided to install the racks in pedestrian zones.Sergei Kapkov, head of the Department of Culture, said that Bukkrossing in Moscow will develop, there will be areas specifically designed for it.

In Russia, this movement is only gaining in popularity.According to statistics, in our country the number of "liberation" of 62 thousand books and 5790 - "found".

In the capital, you can leave the book, for example, in the cultural center "ZIL" antikafe "green door".Chance Bukkrossing library โ„–53, children's library, "Pioneer" art school "Opening", the Physics Department of Moscow State University, Art Park "Muzeon" and elsewhere.

Bukkrossing library

Every library has a catalog of books and modern - and e-mail, access to which is carried out via the Internet.Books added to the catalog Bukkrossing organizations and individuals, including the library.In order to do this, you need to register via the Internet.Each book you add to the catalog, then gets BCID (ID), allowing you to place a comment in her journal.Place the identifier using labels, bookplates or handwritten text.The site also has a search by ID book.To register a large number of books, which is important for the library system allows the numbered labels.This can be done at the time of registration, without any additional data about the publications.Follow the reader will make information about the book.