"The clever peasant's daughter" Who wrote it?

Tale - a magical lullaby, sung by every child before bedtime.And the most prominent authors - masters in the field - become the Brothers Grimm.They gave rise to the remarkable story of Cinderella, King Thrushbeard and Sleeping Beauty.Also, the brothers Grimm - who wrote "Smart peasant's daughter," "Boy Thumb", "Little Red Riding Hood 'and so on.

Life storytellers

Today difficult to meet someone who would not be familiar with the work of these two linguists, folklorists and scholars of German literature.But it was the stories collected Jakob and Wilhelm, become world heritage.Their tale of Snow White, Cinderella, and Bremen Town Musicians portrayed many times.Also, the brothers Grimm - are the ones who wrote "Smart peasant's daughter" - a story that is striking in its simplicity and wisdom.

Brothers Grimm were born January 4 1786 in the city of Hanau.For a long time I lived in the Game.In a very narrow circle of scientists, researchers brothers known as the German folk culture and the creators o

f the first German dictionary.Until now, their work is valuable to science.At first they were going to learn to be lawyers, but later carried away the people's wisdom.So, they traveled around the country and carefully collected all the stories, legends and myths.Together with Karl Lachmann and Georg Beneke brothers are considered the founders of German philology and German studies.It is very important that the main purpose of their work was to preserve the primary story of exactly what people knew him.

This is a fairy tale, and "smart daughter of a peasant."Grimm noted that the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis work, like many others, found in different nations of the world.

Start extraordinary stories

It is not known exactly who and what he told the writers of the wise and the poor girl.But fiction first appeared in the second volume of "Tales of the Brothers Grimm", released in 1815.

main actors - the king, the wise farmer and his daughter.The peasant was poor, and all that he had - a small house.His only daughter, started a conversation with his father that they should ask for the land from the king.Last I heard of their poverty and allocated share.

Because of the gift began the legend "Smart peasant's daughter."The author, or rather, the authors, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, then say that a small family of hard work on the ground.Once they plowed and found a gold mortar.The man decided to give it to the king in gratitude for allotment.But the daughter of such an idea is not relished.She said that the king accuse them of embezzling pestle.And so it happened.

tasks and answer

King did not believe the farmer and put him in jail.Poor father always regretted that he did not listen to reasonable daughter.This was recognized King and caused the peasant to himself.He told it like it was.To make sure that she is really so clever, noble gave her complex tasks.It is in this stage for the first time seen the trick heroine who invested in it the author of fairy tales' Smart peasant's daughter. "The girl did not come and did not come, not naked or dressed.The girl met all right, and the king, who had previously promised to marry her if she was up to the task, he married her.

They lived happily until the young queen is not cheated.I could not stay away from someone else's misfortune main heroine tales "Smart peasant's daughter."Grimm gave her a new job.

"Handwriting" Queen

Once the queen asked the farmer, who had heard about her wisdom.He told how unfairly cost him the king.Her husband unjustly decided the dispute between the people on the street.She gave good advice to the offended person, but with the proviso that it is in any case should not tell who gave him instructions.

dispute was that the colt, which belonged to an honest peasant, King gave another person just because he was closer to him.Thus it happened that the foal was born of oxen.

Whoever wrote "Smart daughter of a peasant," virtually repeated the court that at the time to administer the wise Solomon.But events in the story acquired a different twist.So, on the advice of the poor girl a network spread on the road and he pretended to fish.When the king asked how it is possible - to fish on dry land, the man said, "Just as easily as the foal to be born by oxen."

eternal wisdom

King immediately realized that intervened in the case of his wise wife.He tortured a peasant until he confessed.The governor said the favorite, he could no longer trust her and does not want to see her beside him.This could be the finale.But the one who wrote "Smart peasant's daughter", decided to finish the tale happily.

cunning woman seemed resigned to his will and asked to spend the last night in the castle.King agreed, and goodbye let her take whatever she wants.She slipped into his drink sleeping potion, and when the husband fell asleep, wrapped him in a sheet and taken out of the palace.King awoke in her poor hut.Tale "Smart peasant's daughter," ended with the woman explained that she had taken from the castle that she prettiest of all.And the prettiest of all her own husband.

"Sister" reasonable woman

Often found the story of the wise girl in the fairy tales of other peoples of the world.There is a story, and the Slavic lands.Motif it is the same.The poor parents have a wise daughter, who rescued them from the troubles and defeats the arrogant ruler who likes to have fun puzzles.

repeatedly Slavic echoes the plot from the Brothers Grimm fairy tale "The clever daughter of a peasant."The trick heroine manifests during the task, which was put in front of her master.Like its German "sister", she does not go, and does not come, not naked, not wearing.For the correct answer wealthy, as promised earlier, he took her as his wife.

more, for example, decides to Slavyanka same dispute between the peasants, but in another way.The girl gives to the foal, for whom he will, that is, for oxen or horses.For such audacity Pan kicked her out of the house, but allowed to take anything.She and her distant relative, drunk man sleeping pills and took with him.In the present embodiment, Slavic and other details of the dispute between the master and the beggar.

Mention of smart beauty is not only the Slavs.Such a character is present in the tales of Asia.

life fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm today

Many times the work of fellow storytellers came out on the screens.Cartoons and movies on their motives have become a favorite pastime for millions of people.Recently, in 2009, he came to life on the screen and "smart daughter of a peasant."The author of the work - the director Wolfgang Eisler.Country, starring the fabulous movie - the birthplace of the famous brothers, Germany.Eisler acted not only a director but also a scriptwriter interesting history.He also worked on other fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm.

So, now you know who the author of fairy tales "smart daughter of a peasant."All from childhood famous story about a clever girl who won the heart of the king, invented brothers Grimm - wise and instructive work.