The name of the hero story "Childhood of Bagrov-grandson" Aksakov

story "Childhood of Bagrov-grandson" created pen Aksakov, a work that had a great influence on the formation of the 19th century (in the 50s), a new genre of Russian literature - the story of childhood, which is autobiographical.We briefly describe the history of this story.

history of creation

In 1854, August 26, Sergey T. says her favorite granddaughter, that the next day would send her birthday book, which will be told "about spring Mlada", "about the beautiful butterflies""Bear Forest", and that this book will be a girl Olya read all day.

Two years later, congratulating his granddaughter on his birthday, the writer says that the promised work was not so turned out as planned, and God forbid if you come in a year.Aksakov idea has grown considerably, and eventually get the text that tells about the years of his childhood, the human destinies of the past.

You ask, what is the name of the hero of the story "Childhood Years Bagrov's grandson?".The answer to this question is dedicated to our art

icle.From it you will learn not only how to name the main character, but also about his character, personality transformation.We will tell everything in order.

history Sergei

name of the hero story "Childhood of Bagrov-grandson" - Sergei.The history of this child is a world, which was seen through his eyes and filled with experiences of the boy.STAksakov succeeded wonderfully convey his particular perception of the world through the prism of the young hero has known life of an adult, as in the work Bagrov-grandson is both narrator and protagonist.He did not just remember his childhood, but it is trying to reproduce the feeling of the boy Sergei adult and comparing them over time.The author of the story as though looking back, passing the children's experiences, but at the same time evaluate more dominant life experience of past years.

Aksakov first time in Russian literature as the main character traveling, and presented in a way the reasoning of the child, devoted considerable space experiences, accompanied on the road Sergei Bagrov.The protagonist reminisces about his childhood, spent in Ufa, as well as in several villages that constituted the family of Crimson "ancestral patrimony."

"Road to Parashin": description of the boy

In "Road to Parashin" the author gives the name of the following features of the hero story "Childhood of Bagrov-grandson.""Who is this Serge?"- You ask.Respondent.It is a little boy who is inquisitive, curious, all the way he is interested in advance.He feels puzzled, surprised, even shocked by what I saw, because everything happens for the first time with the child.The boy feels the joy and pleasure, and this becomes a determining condition, mainly in the way.In the first trip, so before us is a hero, is open to a whole new perception of all his delights, surprises.Apart from exciting experiences, he is no other thoughts.So good road that looks to the future with hope only hero of the story "Childhood of Bagrov-grandson."

"Winter road in Scarlet": description of the main character

In another author depicts a boy in the chapter entitled "Winter road in Scarlet."Fall and winter are between these two travel.Elapsed time was filled with various events, both sad and happy.Its purpose - to visit his grandfather, who is dying, and this fact is very sad protagonist.It also still alive sad memories of the days spent in crimson with his sister without their parents.The hero of this Sergei travel can be described as follows: from his perception disappeared curiosity, surprise, surprise, but there were anxiety and fear, which are the basis for the emergence of belief in premonitions.The traveler - the road-weary, irritable, angry, invests his irritation in the surrounding characteristics of objects and phenomena.

first trip to Sergei wanted to travel, and in the second he felt the end of the road with relief and joy felt at the same time exhausted and overwhelmed.

General characteristics of the inner world of Sergei Aksakov told

with complete honesty that they had experienced as a child, from the first sensations and ending with a whole range of different human emotions.Even the name of the hero of the story "Childhood Years Bagrov's grandson," the author took his, thus emphasizing the autobiographical works.Although the text is certainly present, and fiction.Thus, the name of the hero of the story "Childhood of Bagrov-grandson" should be considered only half autobiographical, as the name of the author of the work has changed.

to the inner world of the child writer shows great interest.He follows with great attention the developments in the boy spiritual movements, including the smallest.Mental maturity overtakes age, the main character has developed the habit of analyzing their thoughts and feelings.He lives not just some impressions.They are the subject of analysis of a boy who looks and interpretation of relevant concepts and reinforces this impression in his memory.When little Seryozha that fails, Bagrov recalls matured comes to the rescue.Thus, throughout the entire work hear two different voices.

Personal Development boy

deepens, expand knowledge about the outside world.This leads to the fact that boys are increasingly visiting the desire to practical development.The need for labor is awakened in him.Starts admire Sergei charms work in the field, but he also notices that what are sometimes terribly heavy weekdays serfs.Matured hero not only compassion, but stated in the opinion of the sanctity and importance of the work, that is much more agile and skillful peasants wealthy segments of the population, as they can do what others can not.

Sergei, experiencing disharmony existing external world comes to understand his own imperfections.The boy wakes up a critical attitude.In his soul "clear silence" is replaced quests exit doubts.

narrative in the work ends on the eve of Sergei admission to school.Childhood is over.The image of her husband, a growing person with his spiritual and emotional and event world, quality and constantly changing - is the basic spirit of the work.

Now that you know the name of the hero of the story "Childhood of Bagrov-grandson" and the characteristics of his personality.The work is very interesting.We advise to read it in the original and to get to know this boy.