Boris Akunin: a list of works about Fandorin

Erast Fandorin - state councilor retired, served as officer on special assignments at the Moscow General Government.It is a collective image of the aristocrats of the 19th century: a charming, intelligent, incorruptible - that it depicted in the novels of Boris Akunin.

List of compositions by the publishing house

for writing a series of novels about the most interesting and mysterious character in the literary world Georgy Chkhartishvili started in 1998.The first four books - "The Winter Queen", "The Turkish Gambit", "Leviathan" and "The Death of Achilles" - were written only a few months.The next two novels - "Special Order" (a collection of stories "Jack of Spades" and "decorator") and "The State Counselor" was published in 1999.The new century for Akunin was less fruitful: he published the book "The Coronation, or the last of the novels."

In 2001, the author of the works of their fans happy, "Mistress of Death" and "The Lover of Death"."The Diamond Chariot" - a novel, published in 2003, cons

isting of books, "Catcher dragonflies" and "Between the Lines.""Yin and Yang" - a play written specifically for Alexei Borodin, director of the Russian Academic Youth Theater.In the same 2006, the author published the book "jade beads".The collection consists of ten stories.Actions take place in different countries, but mainly in the Russian capital.

In 2009, Akunin thirteenth managed to publish a book, "The whole world - theater", and three years later - "Black City".The Press has learned that shortly Georgy Chkhartishvili, aka Boris Akunin, a list of works about Erast Fandorin join fifteenth novel.

Appearance protagonist

Erast Fandorin - Caucasian, fairly tall, dark-haired, with blue eyes and long eyelashes.He wore a "thin black mustache, as if drawn with charcoal."This part of the person's crazy, not only women but also men.Sometimes it seems that his fictional hero admires the author (Boris Akunin).List of works from the twelve books shows that Fandorin varies little with age.Through daily gymnastics he continues to look good even in 50 years.

Interesting facts about the literary hero

Fandorin incredibly lucky in gambling of any kind.Gift came to him as a result of the curious circumstances: once his father, ruined family because of addiction to this occupation, has died of a heart attack.Erast Fandorin luck carries a jade beads to help him focus.

He speaks English, French, German, Turkish, Bulgarian, Japanese, Spanish and Italian are also planning to learn Chinese and Arabic.In some books appeared under different nicknames: he was Neymlesom, Prince Genji, Kuznetsov, Yumrubashem;Count friend Zuroff called him by Erasmus and classmates - hazelnuts.

There is even the official website of Erast Fandorin, on which there is information about the history of his family, biography and some personality characteristics.Resolution on the creation of the resource has given himself Boris Akunin.List of products and news from the author included.

Women and children Erast Fandorin

hero became the first girl of seventeen Elizabeth von Evert-Kolokoltseva.In fateful coincidence she dies in wedding day, then Fandorin acquired gray temples and manner stutter.Two years after the tragedy Erast meets courtesan O Yumi, who bore him a son.Even after 8 years he formed a romantic relationship with Ariadne Opraksinoy.

Esther Litvinov was the mistress of the hero in the novel "The State Counselor".Princess Xenia Georgievna Romanov Fandorin falls in love, but their relationship did not have long to continue because of the different social status of heroes.A girl under the pseudonym Death is curious beside the hero in his work "The Lover of Death".Elizabeth A., appeared in the novel "The whole world is a theater," in 1920, gave birth to son Alexander Fandorin.

Saadat Validbekova - the last woman in the book "Black City", in which the hero dies.Boris Akunin a list of works about Erast Fandorin could finish the fourteenth novel, but the author decided to continue the cycle of fifteenth collection "Water Planet", which will be released soon.

All books about Erast Fandorin (author - Boris Akunin).The list of works in chronological order

Actions of the first three novels take place in 1876-1878, respectively.The author breaks chronology, missing three years of life Erast Fandorin, and returns to him in the last book.The reader may have some difficulty in relation to the semantic perception of novels, since each of them has even hints at the unknown past and a future hero.Maybe this effect is expected and Boris Akunin.

List of works about Fandorin in chronological order might look like this: you must first read the first three novels, then - the second story of the book "The Diamond Chariot".Next - the first story collection "jade beads" and then - "The Death of Achilles."Thereafter, it is recommended to get acquainted with the play "Yin and Yang".Then read from the second to the fourth story from the book "jade beads", and then - the story "Jack of Spades";then back to the fifth story collection "jade beads" and then the second part of the book "Special Order".

After that chronologically follows the story of the sixth book "jade beads" and then - "The State Counselor".Next, read the seventh and eighth story collection "jade beads".After that, you should be familiar with the "Coronation", and then - with the last two stories from the book "jade beads".Next, read the eighth and ninth novel and the first volume of the tenth novel."The whole world theater" and "Black City" - a book that is worth reading at the end.

Fiction and Reality in books about Erast Fandorin

favorite genre Boris Akunin - a detective and historical prose, but in some of his novels, he does not follow the chronology of historical events.

Liner "Leviathan," which opened the Fandorin series of murders and their cause, in fact, was launched half a century after the events described in the novel.

Mikhail Sobolev, known by the nickname Achilles - a prototype of Mikhail Dmitrievich Skobelev, a prominent commander.Serial killer whose crimes are described in the novel "decorator", then it turns out Jack the Ripper.The Governor General is the prototype Dolgoruky Vladimir A. Dolgorukov;Grand Duke Simeon Alexandrovich - a prototype of Sergei Alexandrovich, Moscow Governor-General.

book "Coronation, or the last of the novels", is full of contradictions: the coronation of the emperor respected, but not the age of Princess Xenia Georgievna and Michael G. (in the novel - Miki, which kills the villain Lind) - so conceived Boris Akunin.List of works about Fandorin full and real historical events, such as khodynka tragedy and mass suicides in the Old Believers.