Bunin, "Sunstroke": a summary of the story and analysis of the frustrations of the protagonist

There are works which digest very difficult to formulate.Very few will tell the person not familiar with the work of Nobel Prize winner and the great Russian writer, a summary of the book "Sunstroke" author.Ivan Bunin wrote this little story in exile in 1925, while apparently under the influence of their own memories of the pre-revolutionary life, seemed to him to the sunny and carefree, not seething other passions except love.


Russian writer left in 1920, sitting on a boat committed to Constantinople.He then visited Sofia and Belgrade, was in Paris, which soon gave way to the South of France.Living in an alien Europe did not contribute to the inspiration, it seemed better to stay at home.But shares not only the distance.Irrevocably pushed the atmosphere of Moscow and St. Petersburg, the worlds of Tolstoy and Goncharov sunk seemed into oblivion, and the realities of foreign country could not induce the writer once again take up the pen.Only since 1924 have begun to appear first-polurasskazy

polupovesti "Mitya's Love", "Case cornet Elagina" and another work in which manifested a new Bunin - "Sunstroke".Summary reveals their nostalgic sentiments.Actors - officers, nobles and other citizens of the Russian Empire, who lived among them for the usual concepts of honor and justice.Perhaps a few stories idealized people ruined the state and its way of life, but it was in these works and the truth is, sometimes incomprehensible to Europeans, but so dear to every Russian heart.

In 1933 Bunin became a Nobel laureate, but a resounding success associated with this event, irritated him.Money - a considerable sum - were soon spent.Years passed, the writer has experienced the German occupation of France, he waited for the recognition of the Soviet Union, but home and did not return.From his pen came many wonderful stories and novels, full of metaphysics and sensuality.Bunin died in Paris in the autumn of 1953.


IA Bunin in his story outlined the history, almost devoid of plot.The young officer, a lieutenant, on the boat, walking on the Volga River, met with a woman.The reader knows how beautiful she is, he sees through the eyes of the heroine in love men, and this perception is always subjective.Then everything happens quickly.If the writer wanted to write a story about ordinary adultery, held under the influence of sudden outbreak of passion, then the same story line came to simple and rather racy anecdote about a lady and an officer.The couple leaves the ship at the pier of a small provincial town, secluded in the hotel, and ... More reader can give free rein to your imagination.But not this Bunin wrote "Sunstroke".Summary, even in the truncated form, can not do without a description of the suffering of remaining alone in the morning the young lieutenant.


young man did not know how strong impression on him will make a fleeting romance.He suddenly realizes that without this woman it is not nice the whole world.While waiting for the next ship he does not know what to do, but it's not so bad.He does not know how to live, and is ready to make the most insane action to return uporhnuvshee happiness.It is the second part of the story proves true artist Ivan Bunin."Sunstroke," a summary of the name has been fully characterized by a painful state of mind, called in psychiatry frustration, allows us to see that the desire to live in some other way, in a new way, comes into conflict with reality - hard and merciless.

Women cruelty

Lieutenant offended no one.Moreover, he was exactly what wanted, but strangely it is this "victory" turned against himself unlucky Casanova.The officer so stunned by the received impressions that if in a dream, agreed to leave with his lady, not yet knowing what would be his deep sense of this loss.He still lack the life experience to anticipate what will happen to him in the coming hours.Obviously, experienced similar feelings in his youth many men, including Ivan Bunin."Sunstroke," a summary of which we are discussing today, is silent about emotions unknown lady, which caused confusion spirit.Most likely, she suffered a separation where it is indifferent, though remember it for life.

Mikhalkovskaya "Sunstroke»

NS Mikhalkov ago, by his own admission, has looked after this work as an object for the film adaptation.In 2014, he realized, finally, that the creative idea, albeit with many conceptual additions.Even a brief summary of the story Bunin "Sunstroke" gives an idea of ​​what a feature film based on such a concise story to put difficult.But the story is so good that it could easily become a binding "framework" for a few stories, combine them into something whole, and will look at the tragic events of the Civil War from a different angle.In sharp contrast to Bunin as "Cursed days" gave special expressiveness stories about passing fad lieutenant.True love is not a feeling broke out and called the author of the story, its characters to each other and have not learned.