Lyrics Esenina: sentimentality and patriotism peasant revelry Kabatsky

say when the world is split, the crack will certainly pass through the troubled poet's heart.These lines can not be accurately characterized as a creative way of Sergei Yesenin, who was destined by fate to live and work at the turn of two epochs.Perhaps for this reason, poetry Esenina filled to the brim with dramatic feelings.Thorny and difficult was the way of life of the poet, in spite of the failures and the fall, he persevered movement, drawing inspiration from the experience, keeping the indissoluble link with their people.

strength of poetry

still in a very early period of creative genius begins to stand out the strongest aspect of his talent - the ability to paint beautiful poetic style of original paintings of Russian nature.All the strength of his early poetry is that it clearly expresses the feelings of ardent love for the motherland through pictures native landscapes.Nature in the lyrics Esenina sometimes quite pleasing to the eye, "you are my Edge abandoned ...", but the love of ancestra

l lands deprived of it only becomes stronger.Since the beginning of the First World War the feeling becomes a special power and strength that can be clearly traced in the work of "Rus".

Lyrics Esenina and filled with bright colors of mother nature: in many poems about Russia rampage and play with all the colors of the rainbow funny colors - azure, crimson and blue.Also noticeable, and a special love for all living things - birds, wild animals and pets ("The Song of the Dog", "cow", and so on. D.).Nature Esenina in the lyrics - it's not deserted pictures in them, "interspersed with" inscribed man - a poet, sincerely in love with his native land.Turning to nature for inspiration, he expresses his innermost thoughts about the present, past and future, its place in life.In rare moments of calm, he wrote: "In my heart lemon light of sunset - and continues - the rustle of lilac blue."And in the bitter hours of doubt and hesitation: "Soon I no foliage to grow cold."Image of the feelings and emotions through the painting of Russian nature are often pushed to its creator humanization "Sleeps cherries in a white robe", "golden grove ...".This principle shows the author's special love for nature.

Paints folk poetry

the basis of many works Esenina are based on the Russian folk poetry.Homeland Esenina in the lyrics vividly embodied not only in content but also in the poetics.She borrowed the creator and most paints that were used in his work.Each shade it does not simply copy, and gives meaning and content.Romantic poet uses these symbolic colors in a more conventional than in the literal sense.In the color display of feelings and thoughts hidden one of the reasons the incredible emotional impact that has on the reader lyrics Esenina.

  • Blue and blue - the most frequent color in the Russian nature, symbolizing water and the sky.Esenina have these colors evoke the peace and quiet, peace, "ineffable, blue, gentle ..." or transmit the joy of feeling of freedom and spaciousness, "blue Rus ...", "blue box", "blue star".
  • scarlet and pink - shades favorite poet - means fairness, virginal purity and chastity of the senses ("woven on the lake red light of dawn ...").Youth symbolizes the color pink - "thoughts pink days ...", "Pink Horse", "fresh pink cheeks."

tragedy of parting with the past

Lyric feels as if tied to the past, the urgent need to part with it Yesenin perceived as its own doom.This gloomy feeling it engenders pessimistic mood and stimulates breakdown of mental strength.Lyrics Esenina in this period is quite alarming in his writings too often the word "rock", and imagination paints a picture of impending "fatal trouble."These sentiments were reflected in the collection of poems "Moscow Taverns", the main motive of this cycle is the indifference to what is going on, life in general, try to forget with alcohol and despair.However, the creator found the inner strength and came out of the hopeless impasse.But the tragedy of the poet's farewell to the past has had an impressive impact on his work.

The first time I sang about love ...

early love poems Esenina draws clean and soft colors shy girlish image.Through the creation of poetic paintings of native wildlife poet embodies his youthful admiration for female beauty and the desire to love.Later, the reader sees the love in the works of the poet's different: nice and clean, sensual and passionate.The peak of love poetics Esenina called cycle of "Persian motifs" in all its beautiful poetry and disclosed in their impulses.However, despite the feelings sung to Shagane, Helium, Lale, the poet recalls and beauty "of Ryazan expanses" and "wavy rye under the moon."One feels his desire to silence the aching longing for "the far Severyanka."

the first time I give up ...

Love lyrics Esenina and still has a fantastic success.They admired the woman not only a unique poetic gift, but also for the extraordinary appeal.In each of its cycle of love poems poet, loving and singing real ladies, the most valued sense of self - unrequited, sensual, sharing, innocent, passionate, pure.The strongest impulses of the soul of the creator changed, he decided to say goodbye to the bullying and wild life.This love was the salvation for the rake, which is now ready to submit your favorite.We remain unchanged but its poetic associations and comparisons with nature: the name "rings like a cool August" hair - "the color in the autumn."This great love in the poet's life were two female rivals - Isadora Duncan and Augustus Miklashevsky.

unprecedented sincerity

Yesenin spent very little - only thirty years old, but his unique creative heritage includes significant artistic wealth.Threads lyrics Esenina varied, they present an unprecedented sincerity of tone, a direct vision of the world, a rare gift to see things open-minded look.Poet describes the ability to extract the elegant beauty and joy of unusual items that did not spare the time and way of life.Esenina The lyrics convey to the reader the great talent of the poet, his special characteristic of the ability to express their feelings in the works.