"Diary of a Madman": summary.

offer you to get acquainted with an interesting work of Russian classics, read his summary."Diary of a Madman" - is written by Nikolai Gogol novel in 1834.She first appeared in the collection "Arabesque" in 1835.Later work has been included in another collection of this writer called "Petersburg stories"."Diary of a Madman" in the summary presented in this article.

Summary: The beginning of the story

Aksenty I. Poprischin, on behalf of the narrator - the titular counselor 42 years.His diary entries, he began about four months ago.

We now describe the events of the first works, their summary."Diary of a Madman" opens the next episode.October 3, 1833, on a rainy day, the protagonist goes to the old-fashioned overcoat, was late for the service that you do not like in one branch of the Department of St. Petersburg in the hope of getting some money from the treasurer in advance of wages.He says the road carriage pulled up to the store from which a beautiful daughter of the director of the department.

Hero overhears a conversation between Magee and Fidelkoy

Poprischin accidentally overhears a conversation that took place between Megan, daughter's little dog, and the dog Fidelkoy, which belongs to the two ladies passed by.The hero, surprised this fact is sent instead of services for women and recognizes that those are found in the fifth floor of a building belonging Zverkov located at Kokushkin bridge.

Aksenty Ivanovic enters the house director

summary continues."Diary of a Madman" consists of the following further events.Aksenty Ivanovic for another day in the office of the Director, ochinivaya feathers, accidentally meets his daughter that his increasingly captivates.He gives the girl a handkerchief that had fallen on the floor.His dreams and indiscreet behavior for a month with respect to the lady finally become visible to others.Poprischin utters even the chief of department.But he still secretly enters the house director, and wanting to learn something about the object of his adoration, comes with a little dog in Magee conversation.She shies away from it.

Aksenty Ivanovic enters the house Zverkov

The summary goes on?"Diary of a Madman," tell us about the following further developments.Aksenty I. Zverkov comes into the house, goes up on the sixth (error Nikolai Gogol) floor where Fidelka lives with his mistresses, and steals a pile of papers from her angle.It was, as predicted by the main character, the correspondence of two little dogs, her friends, from which he finds a lot of importance: that the director of the department was awarded another order, that of Sophia (the name of his daughter) takes care of Teplov, chamberedJunker, and even the Poprischin, if committed freak like "turtle bag", seeing that the girl is not able to keep from laughing.

Correspondence Magee with Fidelkoy

Notes of these, like the rest of the prose of Gogol, full of a variety of references random characters like Bobrov, which looks like a stork in its frill, or Lidina, confident that her eyes were blue, while at theactually they are green or dog from a neighboring yard called Trésor that sweet heart Magee.Learn Poprischin ones that deal with the heat of the girl is clearly for the wedding.

Poprischin imagines himself king of Spain

final damages mind of the protagonist unrequited love, and the alarming reports of various newspapers.Worried Poprishchin attempt in connection with the death of the King of Spain to abolish the throne.What if he has a secret heir, the noble man who is revered and loved by others?Moor, Chukhonka serving Poprischin, learns the news first.This "King of Spain" after three weeks of idleness comes finally to his service, he does not rise to the director, put on a paper signature "Ferdinand VIII", and then sneaks into the apartment of his boss, trying to explain to the girl, while making the discovery that women fall in loveonly trait.

Poprishchin taken to a psychiatric clinic

Gogol "Diary of a Madman" ends as follows.Permission suspense protagonist of arrival of Spanish deputies their appearance.However, it is a strange land, where he was transported.It is inhabited by many different grants, their heads shaved, they were dripping cold water on the crown of the head and beaten with sticks.There is obviously a great Inquisition ruled decides Poprischin, and that it prevents him from doing his post worthy of the great discoveries.The protagonist writes his mother tearful letters asking for help, but his scant attention distracting bump located at the Algerian Bey under the nose.

So ends Gogol "Diary of a Madman."According to psychiatrists and psychologists, the author makes no attempt to describe the madness itself.Gogol ("Diary of a Madman") analyzes the state of society.He just showed the squalor of spirituality and morality of secular and bureaucratic environment.These notes crazy people, of course, would be different, although the writer vividly described the delirium and believable protagonist.

official nature of madness, as the experts, refers to delusions of grandeur, which is the so-called paranoid form of schizophrenia, paranoia and syphilitic paralysis.When progressive paralysis and schizophrenia ideas megalomania significantly poorer intellectually than in paranoia.Therefore, it is nonsense character is a paranoid character.