Valentin Rasputin: "Deadline".

Valentin Rasputin - one of the most talented and famous writers of modern Russian literature.Fundamental to many of his works is the topic of today perception of morality.

story "Deadline", a summary of which we present to your attention, the creator named in his work the main work.Above it, he began to work in 1969, and in 1970, in the journal "Our Contemporary" published work "Deadline".

Summary: The beginning of the story

eyes closed, no movement is old Anna.Life in her still warm, but the woman is almost frozen.Understand this is her daughter, bring a piece of broken mirror to the lips.It will cloud up therefore, the mother is still alive.But Barbara, one of the daughters, said that one can have to mourn, "otgolosit", and does it selflessly, first at the bed, and then at the table because there is more convenient.Lucy, the other daughter sews at this time of mourning dress, tailored more in the city.Strekochet sewing machine in time with Barbara sobs.

Arrival of children for the funeral

Anna had five children.She killed her two sons, the first-born, who were born one for God, and the second - for the king.Barbara came to say goodbye to his parent from the district center, and Ilya and Lucy - from provincial towns located nearby.

goes on to describe the product of "Deadline".Summary consists of the following further events.Anna waits for the arrival of a distant Kiev Thani.In the village, next to her, she was always with his daughter and wife of the son of Michael.Children gathered around the old woman the day after the arrival, do not know how to react to vospryanuvshuyu mother, her strange rebirth.

Ilya and Mikhail drunk

Ilya and Mikhail, dragged the boat can not decide now what to do.Compared to the upcoming event, everything else seemed a trifle, and they toiled, passing through itself every minute.Sons almost no snacks drunk, hiding in a barn, a snack food, which for them drags Nina, Michael's little daughter.This circumstance provokes the legitimate anger of women, but a pile of vodka give a sense of celebration two brothers.His mother, after all, alive.They do not understand, not paying attention to collecting empty bottles and unfinished girl want to stifle any thought at this time.Perhaps the fear of knowing that their parent will die soon.He's not like other fears, only worse, because there is death itself, which seemed to have noticed in the face of all of them and will not forget.

continuing work "Deadline".Summary of further developments following.Feeling bad the next day after drinking, brothers freshen the nip again.Ilya and Michael did not know how to work.They did not know ever a joy except from drinking.Total work happened in a village where once lived together - avid, friendly, calls, discordance with axes and saws.It was spring, the season of firewood.But now people are leaving the city in the village of collapsing farm, there is no one to grow and feed the cattle.

daughter Lucy recalls his former life

Gorozhanka Lucy, remembering his old life, with great joy and fond memories Igren, favorite horse, which was very weak and eventually died.Many dragged Igren, but not mastered.Lucy, wandering through the arable land and fields around the village, realizes that she does not choose where to go, and it is some force, an outsider, living in these places.Life, it seemed, came back as Lucy had lost something of value, you need to have forgotten something, without which it is impossible ...

Anna is recovering

goes on to describe a summary of the book "Deadline".While children reminisce and drink, Anna eating semolina, specially prepared for her, more and invigorate out on the porch.Mironikha visits her friend.Anna grieving that there Tatyana children gathered at the bedside, Tanchory as calls her an old woman.It is the nature of sharply different from the sisters.Like her was somehow special, joyful and gentle, human.

old woman decides to die

We describe further events, their summary."Deadline" Valentin Rasputin continues as follows.Anna decides to die, and not waiting for Tatiana, as there is nothing more to do in this world, and in what has become postpone death.While the guys are here, even if carried out, will be buried, as it is in humans, then to this concern has not come back.Then, maybe, come and Tanchora ... Many times the old woman thought about death, knew her already as herself.They have become my friends over the past few years, often talked to her old, but death was listening to her whisper, to attach to the side and sighed knowingly.They agreed that the night would go, Anna, at first, like all people, asleep, eyes open to avoid frightening death, and she will press quietly, put off worldly woman napping and give her eternal rest.And so it turned out.

complete their work "Deadline" Rasputin.Summary has been presented in this article.It does not describe the details, it does not provide information on the characteristics of the work.This story is very interesting in the meantime.We recommend therefore to turn to the work itself, to read it in the original.We tried to convey only a summary."Deadline" (Valentin Rasputin) - a work of reading which will not leave you indifferent.