Capsule ("Dead Souls") response plan

Nikolai Gogol created his work of "Dead Souls" in 1842.There he painted a series of Russian landowners created their grotesque and vivid images.One of the most interesting representatives of this class are described in the poem, is a capsule ("Dead Souls").Characteristics of the character will be considered in this article.


plan on which the analysis of the landlords - characters of "Dead Souls", includes anyway the following items:

  • first impression that makes a hero;
  • characteristics of this character;
  • speech and demeanor;
  • relation to the economy of the hero;
  • attitude to other people;
  • goals in life;
  • conclusions.

try to analyze this plan, a character image as Boll ("Dead Souls").Feature will begin with our first impression is made on character Chichikov.The work is devoted to creating an image Boxes third chapter.

first impression Chichikov

Capsule Nastasya - a landowner, who is the widow of a collegiate secretary, very thrifty and economical woman is already older.

its small hamlet, but it all properly, booming economy, which brings a good income.Advantageously differs from the capsule Manilow: she knows the names of all the affiliated farmers (quote from the text: "... almost all knew by heart"), speaks of them as a hard worker, Tutor economy.

behavior of this landowner treatment "father" to his guest, his desire to serve (as Chichikov had the nobleman), as well as possible to arrange for the night, to regale - all features typical of the landlord class in the province.Not so is detailed portrait Boxes as portraits of other landlords.He seemed to be stretched: first Chichikov heard the voice of an old woman-servant ("hoarse woman's"), then there was another woman, younger, but very similar to it, and then, finally, when he was carried into the house and he looked around, comes itselfMadame Boll ("Dead Souls").

following features portrait of the heroine.The author describes as an old woman, in the "sleeping cap, put on hastily with flannel on his neck."Citation response Boxes ("Dead Souls") can be extended.Nikolai stresses in the form of old age Boxes landowner, the text calls on Chichikov himself it right - the old woman.Especially in the morning it does not change the appearance of the hostess.Because of its image disappears only a sleeping cap.

Capsule is exactly, so the protagonist immediately discards the ceremony and starts to work.

Drinking economy

further describes this character as a capsule ("Dead Souls").Characteristics of the plan to continue the relationship of the protagonist to the economy.In the understanding of the image of the landowner plays an important role in the description of the home decor of the room, as well as the whole of the estate, which is characterized by contentment and strength.

is evident in all that this woman is a good housekeeper.The windows of the room overlook the courtyard, which is filled with numerous birds and different "home creation".Then one can see gardens, fruit trees, birds covered by networks are also stuffed on poles, one of which adorns the "cap of the mistress."

Prosperity their inhabitants show and peasant huts.It also notes Gogol ("Dead Souls").Feature (Boll - the image transmitted and external parts) includes a description of not only the character, but also the environment associated with it.It must be remembered through analysis.The economy of the landowner is clearly thriving, bringing her considerable profit.And the village itself is not small, consists of eighty souls.

Features character

goes on to describe a character like Boll ("Dead Souls").Characteristics of the plan is supplemented by the following details.This includes Gogol landowner number of small owners who complain of losses and crop failures, and "several side" kept his head, and meanwhile, are gaining in "pestryadevye bags placed on the drawer", a little denzhonki.

Manilow and Boll are opposites in some way: the vulgarity of the first hidden behind arguments about the motherland, high-sounding phrases about her well-being, and spiritual poverty Boxes appears in a natural, undisguised form.She does not claim to culture: in the whole appearance of the heroine is emphasized, above all, unpretentious simplicity, which has a box.Characteristics of the hero "Dead Souls" also shows that this unpretentious found Nastasya Petrovna and in relations with people.

In the description of the rooms, leading the author briefly notes that their furniture was old - little old striped wallpaper, paintings of birds, small antique mirror between the windows, framed framework in the form of leaves.Each of the mirrors have been laid or a letter, or a stocking, or an old deck of cards.The walls are decorated with flowers clock, painted on the dial.Here are the items that appear during a short visit Chichikov.They say that people living in the rooms turned more to the past than to the present.


In an interview about the acquisition of the "dead" souls fully disclosed the nature and essence of the box.At first, this woman can not comprehend what she wants from her main character.When she finally realizes that this deal can be profitable for her, bewilderment turns into the desire to obtain the greatest benefit from this deal: because if someone needs the dead, so they - the subject of bargaining, because something so worth it.

Attitudes toward people

Dead Souls are for Boxes in a row with lard, flour, honey and hemp.She has had to sell everything else (quite profitable, as we know), and the case is submitted to her unknown and new.It triggered the desire not to sell too cheap.Gogol wrote that she "began to fear greatly that somehow it blew not the bidder."The lady exasperated his obstinacy Chichikov, who was already expected to get a slight consent.

There appears epithet expressing the essence of not only one capsule, and integer people like this landowner - "dubinnogolovaya."

Nikolai explained that neither social status or rank are not the cause of this property.The phenomenon of "dubinogolovosti" is very common.Its representatives can be even the state, the venerable man who comes to actually "perfect box".The author explains that the essence of this feature is that if a man took a something in his head, he did not prevail, regardless of the number of arguments, clear as day, away from it all bounces, just as on the walls going up rubber ball.

purpose of life

main purpose of life pursued by Boll ("Dead Souls"), whose characteristics are presented in this article - the consolidation of personal wealth, non-stop hoarding.Household inherent capsule, however, reveals its inner nothingness.Besides the desire to benefit and gain something, it does not have other feelings.Deprived of some "attractive" features peculiar to Manilov, the image of this nakopitelnitsy.Interests totally focused on her farm.

Conclusions In the final chapter of Korobochka Gogol says that the way it is typical, a significant difference between her and some members of the aristocracy is not observed.The author pays attention to the behavior of Chichikov, stressing that he behaves this landowner freer, easier than Manilov.

This phenomenon is typical for the Russian reality, it proves this digression Nikolai how Prometheus turned into a fly.That Capsule ("Dead Souls"), the characteristic of which was carried out by us.It can be present and more evident.To better grasp the information suggest you familiarize yourself with the table that characterizes the landowner such as Boll ("Dead Souls").

Characteristics (table) Boxes

Appearance Nastasya Manor landowner Feature Boxes regard to the proposal Chichikov

This older-aged woman with a flannel onneck, cap.

small house, old wallpaper, antique mirrors.Nothing for nothing does not disappear in the economy, as evidenced by a network of trees, as well as a cap on the scarecrow.Capsule all accustomed to the procedure.Vegetable garden is neat and tidy, the yard is full of birds.The huts of peasants, though delivered in all directions, but it shows the inhabitants of prosperity, as the supported.This landowner knows everything about every peasant, while not leading the notes by heart remembers the names of the dead.A kind of "coat of arms" Boxes - a chest of drawers, which protrudes from the half-opened boxes of turkey, pig, rooster.The second row of boxes filled with various "economic vegetable" and sticks out from the lower set of bags.

practicality, economic, knows the value of money.The mean, stupid, dubinnogolovaya, landowner-nakopitelnitsa.

First of all, wondered why it took Chichikov dead souls.Afraid of a transaction to sell too cheap.He knows exactly how many died peasant souls (18).He looks at the dead people as hemp or lard: suddenly come in handy on the farm.

you was presented landowner Capsule ("Dead Souls").Feature with quotes that character can be added.It seems very interesting passages devoted to the decoration of rooms, housekeeping, contract with Chichikov.Like the citations can be written in the text and to add them this characteristic.We just succinctly described this character as the capsule ("Dead Souls").Feature was presented briefly in order to arouse the reader's desire to continue its own.