Comparative characteristics of Zilina and Kostylin.

The brightest - those works in which the main characters are completely different.These are the characters - the basis of the story of Leo Tolstoy's "Prisoner of the Caucasus."Actors - Zhilin Kostylin.Different destinies and characters of these men.True story tells about their life in captivity Tatars and trying to escape.But the thorny path to freedom, in particular because those two officers - the exact opposite of each other.

first meeting fellow

Events taking place during the War of the accession of Russia to the Caucasus.The officer Zhilin got a letter from his mother.She asks her son to return.Ivan was the name of a man contemplating a proposal and agrees.Traveling alone was dangerous, so the soldiers went column.The group passed slowly, and his head slammed the idea that it is better to go to one.As if hearing his thoughts, another officer, Kostylin, invites him to continue the journey together.

first comparative characteristics of Zilina and Kostylin is very important for the further deve

lopment of events.The author does not say that it looks like the main character, but gives a description Kostylin.This is a crude fat man with a red face.Because of the heat off his dripping sweat.Make sure he has a loaded gun, and took the floor to stick together, Jilin accepts the invitation.

ambush and unexpected betrayal of a friend

Comrades sent.All the way is through the steppe, where the enemy can be clearly seen.But then the road runs between two mountains.At this point there is a conflict of views.The stage is a comparison of Zilina and Kostylin of a sense of danger.

Two great warrior on a different perception of the valley of the mountains.Zhilin sees a potential threat and am confident that in the rock can make ambushed the Turks.Kostylin ready to go ahead, despite the risks.Leaving the other below, Ivan climbs the mountain and sees a group of riders.Enemies notice officer and jump forward.Zhilin shouts Kostylin to pull out the gun.But when he saw the Tatars, rushes into the castle.

Comparative characteristics of Zilina and Kostylin would be incomplete if you do not consider the situation in more detail.The first took care of the security of both, and the second under difficult circumstances, thought only of their own lives.Kostylin leave a comrade without arms.Ivan fought for a long time, but the forces were unequal.He was taken captive.But the Tatars, he learns that his unfortunate friend too was ambushed.

second and unexpected meeting of old friends

man spent some time in a closed barn.Then he was taken to the home of the Tatars.There he was told that the man who captured the soldier, sold it to another Tatar.And that, in turn, wants to Ivan ransom of 3,000 rubles.The officer did not hesitate for a long time, he refused and said that such a sum he could not afford.More that it has to offer - 500 gold.The last word was firm and unshakable.In the entrance room of his friend.

emotional state and appearance Zilina and Kostylin very different.The second officer thick, barefoot, exhausted, ragged shoes on his feet.Appearance Zilina no better, but it has not extinguished the thirst for the fight.The new owner puts Kostylin as an example and said that it will take for the ransom of 5,000 rubles.

author shows how humble he accepts the offer to such a great price.Ivan also has ensured that the fee for his soul will be 500 rubles.Yet he understands that the mother, who lives on the money he sends to her, would have to sell everything to free his son.Therefore, the officer wrote the wrong address to a letter never came.Comparative characteristics of Zilina and Kostylin in determining the amount of foreclosures suggests that the first officer takes care of his mother, even if it is threatened by death.Kostylin not worried as gather up the money for his release.

Trying to escape from the enemy

time passes.Leo Tolstoy vividly describes the everyday life of Zilina.Man conquers the heart of the daughter of the owner, when the molds for her dolls made of clay.Gets respect in the village as a master, and even through the trick - as a doctor.But every night when removed the shackles, he digs a passage under the wall.He works during the day, wondering which way to run it.Characteristics of Zilina and Kostylin in captivity is absolutely the opposite.Zhilin is not sitting still, unlike his comrade.And he sleeps all the time or is ill, waiting for the storm pass, connected with the death of one of the soldiers of the Tatars.

One night Zhilin decides to run.It suggests he and fellow "chamber".Kostylin are skeptical.He states that they do not know the road and got lost at night.But the argument that the death of Tatar them as Russian can take revenge, it finally convinces.

struggle with their own capabilities

prisoners act.Trying to escape, floppy Kostylin raises noise.Snarling dog.But Ivan prudent long fed the dogs.So quickly reassured them stir.They are chosen from the village, but the fat man pants and lags.It quickly gives up and asks him to leave it.

Comparative characteristics of Zilina and Kostylin - is the competition with the power of cowardice.Both were tired.Night impenetrable, they have to go almost to the touch.Bad boots rubbed his legs to the blood.Kostylin repeatedly stops and rests.Later, he becomes exhausted, and said that it is not able to continue their journey.

Then comrade pulls him on his back.Because the cry of pain Kostylin notice them and stalk.Before dawn comrades caught this time thrown into the pit.And there's a portrait of Zilina and Kostylin opposite.Thirsty freedom officer trying to do mine, but nowhere to put the earth and stones.

more often heard talk of enemies that need to kill the Russian.

final and will

Help comes daughter of the owner.She drops into the hole a pole on which, with the help of a friend, Jilin selected on the mountain.Weak Kostylin remains the Tatars.He escapes handcuffed feet, but still gets to his troops.

After some time, money and pay for Kostylin.He returned half dead.This ends the work.The author does not tell us what's next with the names of the characters waiting Zhilin Kostylin.Different fate of the heroes, the first to rely only on their own capabilities, and the second waiting for manna from heaven.They - the two poles, which are guided by different principles and rules.If Zhilin stubborn, courageous and freedom-loving, his companion in misfortune - weak, lazy and cowardly.

beautiful heart officer

main characters Leo Tolstoy - Zhilin Kostylin.This story is about the two officers.First valiantly fought second humbly accept all that life has prepared him.Zhilin inherent feature such as caring.He thinks about the old woman, the mother, when asked for a ransom, worried about the fate of the other, so it does not stay in the village of the enemy, for the girl who helped out of the pit.

She tells hide pole, which she brought to Zhilin could rise.His heart is full of love and kindness.The officer fell in love with a simple, peaceful people Tatars.Therefore, in every way to facilitate their life.He - a symbol of all light and sincere in the work.

Kostylin - hero or anti-hero?

Kostylin often considered a hero negative.He threw a comrade in trouble, scored laziness and weakness brought on both danger.About cowardice men say nothing, because every now and then in his actions manifest powerlessness.

But is it really so weak Kostylin in the shower, on the outside?Somewhere deep in his heart he is a brave and strong.Although part of it borders on irrationality.It was he who suggested that someone be separated from the group and the first to jump.Also I was ready to go between the mountains, not even making sure it is safe there.No less courage needed to dare to escape, which he did not plan and which was not ready either physically or mentally.

Feature Zilina and Kostylin - an analysis of the two opposite kinds of courage.But more courage Kostylin displayed when refused to repeat the attempt to escape.Moreover, as could, I helped a friend out of the pit.He knew all his infirmity and did not dare again to substitute companion.That such actions is the secret of its essence.