Summary: "May Night, or the Drowned" by Nikolai Gogol

passed literatorstva whole era, and a galaxy of eminent authors has left its distinctive mark on the literature, but Gogol and still for many - a true magician of speech.Therefore it is recommended to read the original author of his creations, not just a summary."May Night, or the Drowned" and still surprises readers an impressive architectonic, the unique structure of the textual space and a rich palette of words.It contains everything symbolic attributes of the works of Gogol's mysticism, fear, laughter.Writer ably scares the reader, telling scary stories, liberally mixing them with satire and humor.

Hypnosis syllable

Gogol story "May Night, or the Drowned" is built in the grandiloquent syllable, this is not just folklore processed, it - the author's fiction, captivating shades of meaning.Having read the very first lines of this story get under hypnosis Gogol's style, ability to construct a narrative plot in close interweaving with folk motifs, and were impressed for a long time after it turned th

e final page.Never give magic word genius summary, "May Night, or the Drowned" is fascinating only in the original reading.

Anthology and adaptation of

This work was first published in 1831, after it has entered into a cycle-collection "Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka."Also included in the mystical story anthology "Russian mystical prose» (Russian 19th-century Gothic Tales), the library of Russian fiction "Kiev witches.4th Volume. "I wonder how would this fact commented Gogol?"May Night, or the Drowned Maiden" was filmed twice.For the first time in the Russian Empire (1910) directed by V. Krivtsov released motion picture based on the novel "Night in May", and the second film adaptation already belongs to the famous director, storyteller Alexander Rowe, he made a film using the summary."May Night, or the Drowned" were released in 1953.

Folklore records as a basis

For true admirers of the writer is not a secret that when writing a story the author had used folklore records that he received from his family and mother.This is evidenced by his letter to his mother on 04.30.1829 year in which he urged him to tell "a few words ... about mermaids."But not only these mythical characters will create a story, there are other characters."May Night, or the Drowned" starts with a delicate stage goodbye Hanna and Levko.In subsequent chapters, widely used folk beliefs, legends of the Drowned, witches, and so on. D. "May Night, or the Drowned" (description of the plot will be shown below) is not retells no known stories of folklore, the story conveys to the reader a poetic picture of the colorful lifeLittle Russia.Gogol as the creator of the work - absolutely independent.

abstract, summary

«May Night, or the Drowned" The story contains many legends about the motives of restlessness, innocent souls perished.Delicate, beautiful Pannochka humbly endures all bullying stepmother, the witch.But one day, unable to bear the torment, she throws herself into the water and drowned at the same time becomes a mermaid.But the stepmother is not going to be content with her death, she is cunning and vindictive.Witch and becomes a mermaid, and now poor Pannochka can swim freely.For help, she turns to her son's head - Levko, who did not arrange her personal happiness.He genuinely loves beautiful Galya, but the girl, as it turned out, his eye and his father.The head is not averse to frolic with it, and therefore does not want to think about the wedding of his son.The Little Mermaid comes to Levko dream and pray devotedly boy will find her wicked stepmother among underwater maidens.Quick-witted hero while watching the game mavok, a mermaid playing a kite.Levko drew attention to one of the girls, who stood his anger and rapacity she so passionately rushed to her friends, to create the impression that it is not a game.The witch was found, and a grateful and happy Pannochka mermaid helped crossed lovers to connect with his beloved Galey, rein in state diploma father.

And what happened then?

«Then" (the period following the publication) for any literary work is twofold.It is a process or replication, transcriptions for the theatrical stage, film, animation;also widely practiced borrowing plot many imitators;Numerous copyrights illustration, painting on the subject, based on children's toys, and so on. d. Or, what happens most frequently - oblivion.But this is not a sad fate befell the original work, not like that Gogol."May Night, or the Drowned" - one of the most exciting works of the writer.

Ukrainian folk singer

Surprisingly, according to the postulates of Russian literary criticism, Gogol belongs to the realists.However, his works can be termed as anything: fantasy, farce, comedy, folklore, "horror", a mystic - not only copy and description of reality.Sometimes the author purposely in their creations brings growing horror to its logical ending - a mystical and terrible death of the protagonist (Pannochki in this case).However, the death of the creator is a relative concept, died in his narratives are quite active afterlife, occasionally intervening in the life of the living.This feature is very peculiar to any folklore.This is another proof that Gogol deliberately actively "promote" original Ukrainian folklore, and the well-known description of the Ukrainian night - this is the "May Night".