The man alive?

try to answer the question about what the person is alive.Tolstoy thought a lot about it.It is somehow affected in all his works.But the most immediate result was the story of the author's thinking, "What Men Live By."This work tells the story of the angel of God came to earth in search of the meaning of human existence.He's trying to find out what the person is alive.Leo Tolstoy through this hero spends his ideas.We first describe the summary of the product, and then conduct its analysis.

story that happened to a shoemaker

The story begins with the fact that living with his wife in a rented house of a poor shoemaker, gain money for the work, went for a sheepskin coat for the village.It was necessary to him this coat, because the winter was harsh, and the couple padded jacket had one for two.However, there were circumstances that he did not buy a sheepskin, but only drank vodka by 20 cents and went back.On the way, Shoemaker argued that for warming drinking was necessary to him, and his wife is no

w will blame him for the fact that he came back drunk, broke and sheepskin.The church he saw a naked man sitting hunched, but passed, fearing that he died.However, the tortured conscience of a shoemaker, because he left to freeze in the street accident.He came back and saw that the man was alive, pleasant face, no abrasions and beating.Simeon (the name of the protagonist) asked the stranger what he was doing and where goes.He said that he was supernatural, God punished him.Simon then put the unfortunate boots, jacket and took the man to his home.

Behavior Matrona

shoemaker's wife (Matrona) mused, finishing household chores that you should not bring to the table the last loaf of bread, it is better to leave it for later.Travellers meanwhile returned.Marya, seeing her husband without sheepskin and drunk, began to scold him for all that she could remember, in particular, and for the fact that he led the stranger, when they themselves have nothing to eat.

She wanted to leave the house, tearing his jacket with her husband, but he rebuked the woman that she had forgotten God.Matrona came around and looked at the satellite Seeds, silently sitting on the edge of the bench.

Baba zasovestilas became set the table, even the men filed bread.Feeding the woman stranger, then shelter for the night and gave him clothes.He smiled and looked at her as that woman's heart leaped.Subsequently, she was sorry and given away about clothes and the last bread, but remember it this light look and let go Matrona greed.

Mihaila is an apprentice in the house

Mikhailov, a wanderer, began to live in the house of a peasant, I learned to work and became a journeyman.He was very quiet, bleak and wordless, everything looked so worked up.Only once he smiled when the woman first got together it on the table.So masters worked together, in the house there was plenty.

history with gentleman

goes on to describe the product of "What Men Live By" (Tolstoy).The writing is following up further developments.Once a rich lord came to a cobbler in the top three, and brought to a very expensive leather boots.He told me that you want to sew so that the demolition was not, and that in time were certainly ready.Michael looked carefully behind his master as if to something intently, then suddenly smiled brightened face and said that just in time to ripen.The master left, and Michael stitched and tailored bosoviki of his material, not boots.When Simon saw this, he nearly fainted with horror was about to chastise the wizard, when there was a knock at the door.It ran a servant his master to announce that the day before he died, and now need bosoviki, not boots.They immediately and gave Michael.

elderly merchant's wife tells about himself

He lived in care and work for six years in the house of the shoemaker.Once a merchant's wife bestowed him with two daughters, one of whom was lame.The woman told her story that she was not the girl's relatives and adopted.They lived with her husband of 6 years in the peasantry, and they had a little boy.At the same time the two girls were born at the neighbors, but soon their father died, and then they buried the mother, so she decided to take the orphans to themselves.Boy it was dead, and there were only the two girls.Michael looked at them and smiled.

Angel talks about who he really is

Once the employee took off the apron and explained why only three times in 6 years smiled.He told Simeon that was an angel in heaven, and one day God sent him to pick up the soul of a young woman.Michael flew to her and sees that two of the newborn girl.The woman asked to leave her alive to take care of children.Angel took pity, and came back without a soul to heaven.He enraged for evermore him Lord, ordered to take away all the soul of this woman, and ordered an angel to go to the ground to understand that there are people that are not given to them, and the person is alive.

Leo Tolstoy continues the story of Michael.Hero says that since he was at the church, where he found the cobbler.When Matrona began to swear, Michael felt that now this woman die in anger, but she came to herself, and the angel smiled as he saw it and understood God that is love in others.

When he looked at the rich master, saw the angel of death behind him and saw what people know is not given.And when he saw a woman, orphans grow up, he realized the third truth - people love alive.God has forgiven angel wings at that, and he ascended to heaven.

brief analysis

So, what man alive?Leo Tolstoy said that people love alive.This story shows in the first place that feeling.Shoemaker takes to his beggar woman - two orphans.Beggar this is an angel, and the girls - the daughters of the best for this woman.Not only the external behavior shows in the story "What Men Live By" Tolstoy, analyzed and the souls of men - what is happening in them.Do not committed to work extraordinary feats and sacrifices.And the characters of the story "What Men Live By" (Tolstoy), a summary of which is presented in this article do not have anything heroic.Simon - a simple small, though kind, loving sometimes drink, as well as all members of his profession.Matrona - talkative, shopping, a little quarrelsome, curious woman - like everybody else.Merchant's Wife is also a gentleness and kindness differs from the other characters of the story "What Men Live By" (Tolstoy).

Summary of the work and its analysis suggest that it makes us a little better.It opens our eyes to many things.Makes reflect carries the eternal ideas - good, love for one's neighbor, compassion - the story "What Men Live By" (Tolstoy).Analysis of the product was carried out by us briefly - we have identified only the main points.You can complement its own, including quotes and his own thoughts.