"The Stationmaster": the basic idea of ​​the story.

The famous boldins 1830 ASPushkin 11 days written wonderful work - "Belkin" - includes five separate stories told by one person (his name is rendered in the title).In them the author managed to create a gallery of images of provincial, truthfully and without embellishment to show the life in modern Russian writer.

special place in the series takes the story "Postmaster".That it laid the foundations for the development of the theme of the "little man" in Russian literature of the 19th century.

acquaintance with heroes

History stationmaster Vyrin Samson told a Belkin I.L.P., titular counselor.His bitter thoughts about what attitude to people of rank, from the beginning to set up the reader is not very cheerful mood.Anyone stopping at the station ready to curse them.That poor horse, the weather and the road is bad, if not spirits went wrong - and to blame the stationmaster.The main idea of ​​the story - to show the plight of the common man without rank and high rank.

All claims Pass quietly endur

ed Samson Vyrin - retired soldier, a widower, was brought up fourteen daughter Dounia.It was fresh and vigorous man of fifty, sociable and sensitive.So I saw him at the first meeting of the titular counselor.

The house was clean and cozy, the windows grew balsams.And all the staying gave to drink tea from a samovar Dunya, soon learned to farm.She views her gentle smile and humbles anger all the discontented.In a society Vyrin and "little coquette" time for the adviser has flown by.Guest goodbye to the hosts as old friends: so nice it seemed to him their society.

How has Vyrin ...

story "The Stationmaster" continues the narrator's description of the second meeting with the main character.A few years later, fate once again threw him in those regions.He drove up to the station with anxious thoughts: everything could happen in that time.Premonition really not deceived: instead of the cheerful and cheerful person appeared before him grizzled, had not shaved, bent old man.It was the same Vyrin, only now rather taciturn and sullen.However, a glass of punch made his, and soon learned the story of the narrator Dunya.

three years ago drove past the young hussar.The girl he liked, and he pretended to be ill for several days.And when she got on the mutual feelings, taken away in secret, without the blessing from his father.So had fallen trouble changed long-established family life.Heroes "Stationmaster", father and daughter, no longer meet again.An attempt to return the old Dunya came to nothing.He got to St. Petersburg and was even able to see her, richly dressed and happy.But she looked at her father, fell unconscious, and he was simply expelled.Now Samson lived in anguish and loneliness, and his main companion was a bottle.

story of the prodigal son

Even during his first arrival narrator noticed on the walls of pictures with captions in German.They display the biblical story of the prodigal son took his share of the inheritance and squandered it.In the last picture a humble young man returned to his home simply to its parent.

This legend is very similar to what happened with Vyrin and Dunya, because it is no accident included in the story "The Stationmaster."The main idea of ​​the work connected with the idea of ​​powerlessness and helplessness of ordinary people.Vyrin familiar with the foundations of the high society, and could not believe that his daughter can be happy.Not convinced, and the scene, seen in St. Petersburg - everything can still change.He was waiting for the return of Dounia the end of life, but their meeting and forgiveness did not take place.Maybe Dunya just long did not dare to stand before his father.

Return daughter

In his third visit to the narrator learns of the death of an old friend.And accompanied him to the cemetery the boy told him about his mistress, has come after the dead stationmaster.The content of their conversation makes it clear that everything goes well Dunya.She arrived in a carriage with six horses, accompanied by a nurse and three barchat.That's only the father survived Dunya is not found, and repentance because "the lost" daughter became impossible.The lady was lying on the grave for a long time - since the tradition asked for forgiveness from the deceased person, and all said goodbye to him - and then left.

Stationmaster: main idea novel

Why happiness daughter brought unbearable suffering endured by her father?

Samson Vyrin always believed that without the blessing of life and as a lover - a sin.And wine Dunya and Minsk, probably primarily in the fact that their departure (the superintendent himself persuaded the daughter spend hussar to the church), and incomprehension at a meeting in St. Petersburg only strengthened him in this belief that, in the end, bring the hero to the grave.There is another important point - the incident has undermined faith in the father.He genuinely loved his daughter, who was the meaning of his existence.And suddenly such ingratitude: for all years Dunya never gave itself felt.She struck out like the father of her life.

Plotting a poor man of the lowest rank, but with high moral values ​​and sensitive soul, ASPushkin's contemporaries drew attention to the situation of people who were on the lowest rung of the social ladder.Failure to protest and resignation to fate makes them vulnerable to life's circumstances.Such are the turns and the stationmaster.

basic idea, which wants to convey to the reader the author - you need to be sensitive and attentive to every person, regardless of his character and social status.Only this will help change the prevailing indifference of the world's people and anger.