Mikhail Bulgakov - a favorite Russian writers, not one generation.Bright and versatile writer, who is good in all its genres.Everyone remembers his famous novel "The Master and Margarita" and "The White Guard", the novel "Heart of a Dog" and "The Fatal Eggs".Bulgakov's works can be disassembled literally quotes.

story "The Fatal Eggs" Bulgakov wrote in 1924.And next year, she was already published.What it tells summary?"The Fatal Eggs" - a work that even in terms of the brief narrative can surprise anyone.And especially those who lived in those years.

"The Fatal Eggs": analysis

source for writing this fantastic product became an English science fiction novel by HG Wells' Food of the Gods "(1904), which describes the miraculous food, accelerating the growth of human and turns it into a giant, anddeveloping his intellectual, spiritual and physical abilities."The Fatal Eggs" Bulgakov did more exotic and in his plot to use aggressive reptiles and not the giant human individuals.

And poet Maksimiliyan Voloshin, vacation in the Crimea, Koktebel, sent Bulgakov clipping from a local newspaper from 1921, which stated that in the area of ​​Mount Kara-Dag appeared a huge reptile, and his capture sent soldiers of the RedArmy.

Artwork "The Fatal Eggs" recalls and second novel Wells' War of the Worlds "(1898), where Martians conquer the earth, killed by terrestrial microbes.Bulgakov also its exotic reptiles victims fantastic summer frosts.

Summary."The Fatal Eggs»

all started with the fact that in 1928 the Soviet professor of zoology and director of the Moscow zooinstituta Peaches Vladimir Ipatievich once made an unexpected scientific discovery, which was of great importance to zoology.

working with a microscope, with a random offset mirror he saw in the eyepiece "ray of life", as he later would call an assistant professor, a scientist Peter S. Ivanov.

essence of scientific discovery was the fact that single-celled organisms such as amoebas when exposed to this beam began to be very confusing and strange way.Their behavior is contrary to all the laws of nature.Amoebas suddenly begin to multiply, pounce on one another and the bitchiness to tear one another.In this struggle, the strongest wins.All of these surviving specimens are terrible and restless in his peculiar playfulness and malice.

dangerous experience

After some time, an assistant scientist Ivanov uses several cameras, creates a powerful beam and is to experiment with the frog eggs.For two days we have grown very greedy and evil cold-blooded animals, which also began to devour each other.And those who survived began to multiply in countless.

In general, all of these unique experiments Professor Persikov could not leak to the press.However, not only the news brought scientists crazy, but also that of the country for some strange circumstances began to spread quite unknown to science chicken disease.And so the professor Persikov invited to head the newly created special commission, which was to expand its activity in the fight against the epidemic of chicken, after just two weeks in the country, all the chickens died out.

Eggs tropical animals

And the study came Persikov scientist Alexander S. Rocco.His only recently appointed chairman of the state farm "Red Ray", where he received a letter of special importance from the Kremlin.It proposed to use the pass Rocca designed cameras that would help to raise the chicken breeding in the country.But Peaches chairman warns that this unique device is not yet known.However, Roque confident that in a relatively short period of time it can increase several times the number of chickens.

It seems to be very simple twists summary."The Fatal Eggs" Then, however, are truly spectacular.

Rocca assistants take all three installation of cameras, in addition to his very first small chamber, which has remained a professor Persikov.He also has continued his study and from abroad, he received a commission in the form of eggs tropical animals, pythons, anacondas, crocodiles and ostriches for their experiments.


In turn, Rock Same abroad for the purposes of its state farm for breeding chicken farm chicken eggs writes.And here is something terrible, as it turned out later, the road messed up orders, and eggs creepy animals fall under the experiment Smolensk farm.

unsuspecting Rock strange-looking egg placed in a special pressure chamber.And surprisingly, after a while the farm suddenly fallen silent frogs, flew all the birds, even the sparrows, and began howling dogs everywhere.

Terrible attack

After a while, the light begin to appear snakes and crocodiles.One of the snakes has reached epic proportions and attacked the Manu - wife Rocca.All this happened in front of him, and from what he saw, he just froze in horror.Rock immediately rushed to the Department of the GPU to talk about their troubles, but no one believed his stories and all felt that he was haunted by hallucinations.But when the experts still come to the farm, they saw with their own eyes a myriad of huge and terrible animals.Two employees of the GPU die.

Across the neighborhood of the fire artillery battle, shelled the forest, where there were deposits eggs.And near the town of Mozhaisk were fighting with huge hordes of reptiles and ostriches, which all sides approached Moscow.Human sacrifices were growing by the minute.In the capital, began the evacuation.Refugees from the Smolensk region, too, arrived in Moscow.The city was placed under martial law.

poor professor Persikov literally tore a crowd of angry people who felt that he was the originator of all troubles in the country.

all very bright and impressively describes the summary."The Fatal Eggs" Bulgakov ends up saving the catastrophic situation of hard frost, which in the end of August reached minus 18 degrees Celsius.He stayed in the capital for two days and thus helped to overcome this looming horror.


Then all fields, forests and swamps scattered eggs from which the shell was covered with some very strange color and pattern that resembles the embryos, only to have harmless.In all the land were the corpses of huge snakes, crocodiles and ostriches.

spring of 1929, the military cleared the area, burned the corpses, in general, everything was put in order.That happened a long time spoke and wrote all over the world, but to get this "ray of life" and no one could fail, and even the assistant to Peter Stepanovich Ivanov.

And so it ended, "The Fatal Eggs" Bulgakov, which for fans of science fiction will be a pleasant surprise.